Tulsa, the second largest city in Oklahoma, has a full range of comprehensive health care facilities and hospitals.
Hillcrest Hospital South is a 180-bed acute care medical center located in South Tulsa, at 8801 S. Hillcrest Medical Center, one of the older hospitals in the city, has been open since 1923.
The OSU Medical Center is the nation’s largest osteopathic teaching facility, which trains residents and also provides care for the community. Parkside is a specialized hospital that began in 1959 and serves the community by offering comprehensive mental health care with both inpatient and outpatient services.
Saint Francis is the largest hospital in Tulsa, with 918 beds and more than 1,100 physicians at its location at 6161 S.
These hospitals serve a variety of health care needs, and the following list describes only some of them.

Garnett, is a mental health hospital that focuses on services for people suffering from behavioral health problems and addiction.
The 249-bed hospital is home to Oklahoma’s top-ranked wound care clinic and has high ratings for emergency care. Parkside, which is a private, not-for-profit 71-bed facility, began as an outpatient clinic but has been a full service hospital since 1971. John’s is a large Catholic, nonprofit health system dedicated to holistic care for its patients and community. It is noted for its treatment of depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, schizophrenia and other personality and psychotic disorders. The hospital has a residential treatment program for adolescents, plus acute hospital services and treatment.
It is a comprehensive hospital with several locations in and around Tulsa, but the main facility is located at 1923 S.

The hospital also has a drug and alchohol treatment program, in addition to a program on eating disorders.
It is a full-service hospital with both inpatient and outpatients services and includes a maternity ward, along with cardiology, orthopedics and surgery. 9th St., trains more than 150 residents each year and also offers a mobile cardiology unit to rural communities. Also, a smaller version of the hospital, Saint Francis Hospital South is located at 91st and Garnett. The hospital has been recognized for its nursing excellence and is also a leader in neurosurgery, oncology, bariatrics, radiology, urology and women’s health.

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