Native range: Known as Louisiana crayfish, crawdad, and mudbug, Procambarus clarkii is native to the south central United States and northeastern Mexico.
Invasive range and pathways: The red swamp crayfish is the most widely introduced crayfish in the world, found on every continent except for Australia and Antarctica.
Habitat: The red swamp crayfish is found in calm freshwater such as ponds, swamps, marshes, irrigation systems, rice patties, slowly flowing rivers, and lakes. Description: The red swamp crayfish is typically dark red in color with raised spots along the body and a black stripe across the back.
In 1765, after refusing to swear allegiance to the British Crown, the French Catholic settlers of New Acadia (Nova Scotia) were exiled by the British. For more on this invasive species, including a recipe for crayfish etouffee take a look at News From Sparkling Lake. Native range: The rusty crayfish, Orenectes rusticus, is a native of the Ohio River, in the states of Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, and Indiana. Invasive range and pathways: The species is invasive in many states from Maine to New Mexico and all of the Great Lakes. Habitat: The rusty crayfish is a generalist species that inhabits permanent streams and lakes.
Description: Dark rusty spots are typically found on both sides of carapace, though they may not be apparent in all populations or individuals. Impacts: The rusty crayfish has displaced local crayfish in numerous waterways throughout its invasive range.
Gretchen Hansen, who has worked to remove rusty crayfish from Wisconsin’s Sparkling Lake, told us that they used minnow traps (above) with expanded openings to catch crayfish. Louisiana crawfish, also known as crawdads or mudbugs, are usually boiled in a large pot with heavy seasoning and potatoes, corn, and onion.
For a charming alternative, with the essential ingredient of relaxing with company, see, Nola Cuisine.
See News from Sparkling Lake for recipes for a low country boil and crawfish etouffee, adapted for northern, invasive climes.
My son and I have been catching crayfish all week in Arizona, at a river called San Pedro.
Lamb’s quarters was a popular spring tonic in the South—an early season edible green—but its leaves are good throughout the summer. When the temperature starts climbing, one of the things that many Paleo converts miss is ice cream. Today I am going to share a couple of recipes with you that are cool, delicious, and yet again another great way to use fruit in season.

Both of these ice cream makers have great reviews online as well, but there are also many others to choose from in various price ranges.
While your ice cream is making, saute a cup of chopped pecans in a skillet with a teaspoon of butter. Add a few drops of mint extract and a few drops of green food colouring (optional) to the cooked custard base before freezing. Use maple syrup as your sweetener and add a tablespoon of maple extract to your custard base. One of the best ways to serve your french vanilla ice cream is with chocolate sauce as I mentioned in my post on chocolate. You can also just melt some dark chocolate in the microwave and pour this over your ice cream. This is, of course, incredibly rich, and not the sort of thing you want to eat more than a couple of times a year. If you're having problems finding some of these ingredients locally, you can get them on Amazon.
Once I have peach ice cream in my freezer then I'm just a few steps away from having my favourite summer dessert - Peach Melba.
Valid comments are always encouraged and welcome, but please remember this is not a platform for self-promotion. The kids woke up an hour early, meaning you didn’t get to work out or take a shower or get anywhere near enough sleep. You forgot to run the dishwasher last night, so now you have no baby-sized spoons, no bowls to eat breakfast out of, and your child’s very special I-must-drink-milk-out-of-this-cup cup is too dirty to drink milk out of.
This is a great, stress-free way to get a hot meal on the table at the end of your out of control day. Print Slow Cooker BBQ Country Pork Ribs   Ingredients 8 bone-in country style pork ribs 1 bottle barbecue sauce Salt and freshly ground black pepper Instructions Place ribs in a single layer on a large baking sheet. We include details for the red swamp crayfish (Procambarus clarkii) and the rusty crayfish (Orenectes rusticus). It is widespread in the United States, from Arizona, California, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Indiana, Maryland, North Carolina, Nevada, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Utah, to Virginia. A recent paper in PLoS ONE noted that crayfish may be moving out of ponds in the footprints of hippos, where perhaps they’re being harvested.The result of all this interchange? In many areas, peak season is from March to July, though they can be caught any time of the year. The methods are varied, but the crawfish boil is a Southern tradition that would do well just about anywhere crayfish have invaded.

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There they discovered the red swamp crayfish, sweet reminder of the lobsters of the north and of the ecrevisse, the native crayfish of France, as Cajun folktales and recipes reveal.
The ultimate irony: Louisiana crawfish production has decreased in recent years due to increased imports of Red swamp crayfish from China so cheap they undercut the native ones.
We are still looking for crayfish (Procambarus Clarkii) so if you still have crayfish available we would love to purchase from you. Unfortunately ice cream is one of the worst offenders when it comes to being full of sugar, bad oils, and everything un-natural. Add more or less sweetener to taste, and if the sauce is too thick, add a little more heavy cream to thin it out.
Research and strong policies are needed to help prevent the import of invasive crayfish and control, eradicate, and prevent the spread of established species.
They spun a tale of how the crayfish came to Louisiana: The lobsters were huge up in Acadia, as big as a man. China, where rice-fish companion farming originated long ago, is now the world’s leading producer of North American red swamp crayfish.
Natural fish baits and formulated baits, which are some of the most costly aspects of production, are needed to lure crawfish into traps.
We are looking for another source for our lab and figured us buying them for research from someone trying to rid the environment of an invasive species would be good for everyone. Once your ice cream is made, mix in the nuts and the sauce, put into a container, and store in your freezer. Return to the broiler for another 15 minutes or until fat is rendered and ribs are browned. The distance between rows is based on the density of traps, but a spacing of 40 to 60 feet between rows and individual traps is most common.
Keep the ribs whole or shred off the bone, moistening with the crock pot juices as necessary.. The last reason is to make sure your sweetener is dissolved properly throughout the mixture.With saying that, I can totally get why you would want to preserve the nutrients if you have access to good raw cream and milk. I have seen recipes where all the ingredients are added without cooking, so as long as you combine everything really well first I'm pretty sure it will work.

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