Manuel Villacorta, author of Eating Free, wrote an article for Huffington Post to teach readers about an ideal breakfast. Read Manuel’s article to learn more about the benefits of breakfast and the best breakfast for you!
Spiralized, soup-ed, sometimes sauteed, and always mixed with amazing and healthy add-ins, zucchini noodles are a great alternative to pasta when you’re looking for something lighter. Though special spiralizers are the easiest way to get your zoodle on, you don’t need fancy kitchen tools to create veggies noodles. The recipe creator isn’t kidding when she says the flavor will “make your heart swoon.” Full of all the amazing ingredients that make carbonara so decadent (and delicious), the zucchini is a perfect way to lighten up the rich classic.
Though this recipe is relatively low-carb, it’s as filling and satisfying as a dish with actual pasta.
When cold season rears its germy head, few things sound better than a hot bowl of noodle soup. Light, healthy, and a good source of lean protein, this zoodle dish is an easy and delicious lunch or dinner option. Every week, the Greatist Team scours the Web for tasty, trendy, and (mostly) healthy recipes to help open both minds and palates to the wonders of food.
July 20, 2016 These simple, delicious dessert bars are made with banana nice cream and homemade granola. Early mornings at practice and evenings at meets, playing cards on the pool deck while waiting for our races — these are some of my fondness memories. While it probably wasn’t beneficial to my performance (I can recall numerous occasions where I cramped up mid-sprint), one of my favorite things about swim meets was hitting the snack bar.
What I haven’t lost my taste for though is cold, melty, sweet treats in the summer time. I recommend a homemade batch though like my Cinnamon Blueberry Granola (crush the almonds or leave them out) or my Dark Chocolate Cranberry Granola — again leave out anything chunky like whole nuts or dried fruit that won’t stick well.
If you have kids (or you’re a kid at heart) and you enjoy a sweet treat in the summer, these crunch bars are a fun, nutritious option. I make nice cream but wouldn’t have thought to use it this way, this looks fantastic! This post talks about some of the cutest and most amazing fruits fancy dress costume options for kids in India. Make your kid look all the more adorable with this exceptional red colored fancy dress designed around strawberry fruit theme. Another choice of fancy dress is this pretty watermelon costume which comes in green colored bodice and hat.

Pink & Blue Baby BoutiqueA one stop shop for your kid’s trendy, stylish and versatile clothing. I thought all tires were similar (I mean they basically look the same, right?), but quickly felt like a man in the tampon aisle. Do they have a rim protector? The pieces of carb-rich heaven that serve as a vehicle for sauce and cheese… Yes, those noodles.
Made with homemade pesto, antioxidant-rich cherries, lemon zest, and raw zoodles, this simple dish brings summer flavors back to your mouth any time of year. With the best of Thai flavors (peanut butter, cashews, chili, and cashews) and a refreshing touch of basil, mint, and cilantro, you may break up with delivery for good.
Made with fresh figs, arugula, basil, pancetta, and pecorino Romano cheese, it’ll be hard not to demolish the entire bowl.
Though it uses homemade pesto, it tastes just as great with store-bought varieties, taking the prep time to less than five minutes. Though avocado and corn are best during summer months, it’s easy to adjust the flavors for any season. Made with the same amazing flavors of the Chinese favorite (like peanuts, scallions, and ginger), this recipe adds a veggie base and sticks to homemade sauce to keep things healthier. An easy and healthy option, homemade lentil marinara is a delicious alternate that provides more protein and fiber. My sister and I were on a swim team and most of our summer activities revolved around the water. Pickles were my favorite pre-race fuel and ice cream sandwiches were my dessert of choice should my parents decide we deserved a celebratory treat. We didn’t have much junk food in the house and my mom always pushed the fresh produce, but we were also allowed to enjoy the occasional indulgence, and at swim meets I took full advantage of that.
Antioxidant-packed blueberries add a pop of color, while oats provide heart-healthy, gut-friendly fiber.
I'm an Entertainment Reporter turned Healthy Living Blogger, CPT & aspiring RD, here in the heart of Los Angeles. So leave all your worries aside and dress your kid in the best fancy dress so that he shines bright at the competition at his school. This is truly an awesome idea to make your child a hit at the school fancy dress competition. With this beautiful yellow colored fancy dress costume, you can actually make banana go live on the ramp. Dress your kid in India in this amazing fruit by making him wear this red and green colored fruit costume which comes with white polka dots and green collars.

The center of the outfit is red in color along with black seeds which impart a perfect fruit look to your child. Check out this blog to know about latest arrivals, exclusive offers and other exciting fun stuff that we offer. I just needed something to eat my oatmeal with, not serve Thanksgiving dinner to a small country. Served in the form of fettuccini, linguini, spaghetti, orecchiette, and more, pasta is one of those easy, comforting dishes that pleases almost every palate.
Though the dish is awesome as is, it also tastes great with an added protein like chicken or tofu. Easy, inexpensive, and perfect for leftovers, this Asian twist on zoodle soup will have you feeling healthier in no time. Made with herbs, lentils, diced tomatoes, garlic, and a hearty pile of zoodles, spaghetti will never be the same. Yoni Freedhoff gave a presentation illuminating the irony of how we are desperate to fight pediatric obesity, yet we still use candy and junk food to reward children and raise money for children’s charities. When you eat a predominately whole foods diet, that kind of stuff just doesn’t hold the same appeal. In fact, my little girl was offered a piece of chocolate muffin the other day and elected to have fresh fruit over that! This comes in combination of red and green where green colored leaves are placed around the neck. Use this theme to dress your baby for the event and make him win this competition with your creativity.
You have to visit various shops to find the perfect outfit for your child and sometimes you have to look for ideas for easy homemade costumes as you have not been able to find what you want. Milk of choice (almond, coconut, etc) Instructions Line a baking dish with parchment paper.
Combine blueberries and granola and cover the bottom of the dish in a single layer of mixture.

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