Defending the Early Years (DEY) seeks to rally educators to take action on policies that affect the education of young children.
To mobilize the early childhood community to speak out with well-reasoned arguments against inappropriate standards, assessments, and classroom practices.
To track the effects of new standards, especially those linked to the Common Core State Standards, on early childhood education policy and practice.
To promote appropriate practices in early childhood classrooms and support educators in counteracting current reforms which undermine these appropriate practices. The site contains an early childhood activist toolkit that parents will want to access for handouts and information on why Common Core is not appropriate.  From DEY Position Paper – Standards and Testing for Young Children. The following letter illustrates the concerns about Common Core for young children in March 2010 and details how the CCSSI adoption circumvented process for public comment.  To give you an idea on how rushed this process was, the draft proposal for the standards was released on March 10, 2010 and comments were to be received by April 2, 2010.
Be sure to visit Defending the Early Years website for early childhood educators’ research and findings on why the Common Core State Standards for young children is developmentally inappropriate and harmful. Missouri Coalition Against Common CoreVisit the Coalition Website to see the latest activity to oppose Common Core and student data gathering in our state. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Building Bright Futures Council March 16th, 2012 Nicole Mondejar, MHAAdministrator of Early Childhood Programs WCMHS, Inc. Trauma is defined as a physical or psychological threat or assault to a child’s physical integrity, sense of self, safety orsurvival or to the physical safety of another person significant to the child.

Contrary to popular belief,young children living in highly disadvantaged environmentscan be protected from serious emotional or behavioral consequences.
VT Child Trauma Collaborative (VCTC) ? 12 community-based mental health treatment centers serving all regions under the DMH. The Albany County Community Action Partnership is now enrolling children ages 3-4 for their Head Start program. Head Start is a free program for children and familes with low incomes that provides preschool education in center and home based settings. According to ACAP Director of Early Childhood Education Terry Kimball, Head Start provides children with quality pre-k education, in addition to health, dental and nutritional services.
Series of Good Practice Fact Sheets for promoting, exploring and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture whilst implementing the outcomes, principles and practices from the EYLF. This series of Good Practice Fact Sheets is designed to give educators ideas for promoting, exploring and celebrating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture whilst implementing the outcomes, principles and practices from the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This is a general guide however, our schedule is always flexible and changes to accommodate special situations as well as special events. School Closing Policy:  We close school upon recommendation of the Washington Township Department of Transportation and the St.
Delayed Opening: When there is a delayed opening it is based upon the recommendation of the Washington Township Department of Transportation and the St.
We may have a delay opening independently of Washington Township Schools as deemed necessary by the St.

Please contact Susan Keating, the Director of the Program, with any questions, concerns or comments at 908-876-3515 ext 41. Their parents should require them to learn how to quit throwing temper tantrums, stop slopping food all over the floor, and to use the toilet. Exposure torepetitive versus varied stress during prenatal development generates two distinct anxiogenicand neuroendocrine profiles in adulthood. The ideas and examples are designed to share and build upon the learnings and ideas from interviews that SNAICC conducted with 14 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander early childhood education centres and six Indigenous Professional Support Units across Australia in early 2012. SNAICC hopes that the fact sheets will be valuable to all early childhood services – both those with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and those without.
The children participate in activities that promote the development of large motor skills, fine motor skills, cognitive skills, social skills, emotional skills and spirituality. We are strongly encouraging all of our parishioners who presently use the very costly paper envelopes to switch to our very secure online bill pay. Any questions please call our business office at 908-876-3515 ext 20 and they will be happy to step you through the process – thank you for your continued generosity and support. Let us know if you are interested in touring the facility; we would love to show you around!

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