When using this DP 1.1 Single Stream Transport (SST) adapter, the computer will view all connected monitors as one monitor.
Connectors: Built-in 45" locking DisplayPort cable (to video card) 3 DVI-D Single Link outputs (to monitors) - DVI cables not included, Built-in USB cable for power. The DP 1.1 Single Stream Transport (SST) adapter works with all DisplayPort enabled computers including notebooks, desktops or workstations. As with an SST adapter, the monitors will share the maximum resolution between all connected monitors.

Note: Can be powered by a USB AC Adapter providing a minimum power of 500ma (not included). If different size monitors are used, the adapter will use a resolution common to all 3 monitors. View one application across three DVI monitors, perfect for graphics design or spreadsheet analysis. To dedicate a monitor to a specific application, the application is simply dragged to the desired monitor.

You can also choose to dedicate each monitor to a separate application, providing the efficiency and productivity of multi-tasking. The adapter delivers outstanding graphic quality and near zero latency, supporting 3 DVI-D single-link monitors and their resolutions up to 1280x1024 (3840x1024).

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