It’s a Grady Powell Dual Survival update of massive proportions today, as the noted adventurer recently took to Facebook for yet another extensive fan Q&A! First off, a quick look at what little we might know about the relationship between Grady–whose presence on social media has made him a definite favorite among fans of the show–and Bill, who lives as close to off the grid as possible, and has no such connections. During the recent Grady Powell Dual Survival update and Q&A, though, the co-host did make it a point to stick up for Bill. Who picks the locations where you go to do a show, and how much input do you get to put in before filming? What’s it like trying to work with someone whose survival strategy is so drastically different than your own? No comment on tonight’s episode–just want to say if that is your girlfriend, she is a fox, and you’re a lucky man! It wasn’t that–it was cold, but I was so sick and hot I went into shock, and started puking. Can you say yet whether or not you & Bill will be returning in the next season of the show? There might still be time for you to snag a bottle or two before the next episode of Dual Survival airs tonight at 9 PM EST on Discovery. Former Dual Survival hosts Joseph Teti and Cody Lundin have a long history of disagreements, but Cody is now suing the Discovery Channel for pairing him with Teti and making it look like Cody was the one who cracked under pressure. However, it’s worth pointing out that there might be an inconsistency with that part of the report.
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Ever had one of those days when you are hunting for squirrel with a .22 and then run across a wild hog or coyote that is just begging to be taken off the food chain and wished you brought your shotgun instead? Savage had been (and still is) the parent company of Stevens since 1920, making it easy to see the import of the Savage 24’s concept.

Savage over time improved the on-frame barrel selector and moved it to the hammer to make it more reliable, dropped the tenite moldings in favor of uncheckered walnut, and added other chamberings. But beyond these simple offerings, in the 60-years of production from 1950-2010, the Model 24 came in more flavors than Baskin Robins ice cream.
Incidentally, Savage just introduced the Model 42, which is a dead ringer for the 24 except using much more polymer along with a few other improvements.
San Francisco cop arrested for possessing ARCalifornia gun control repeal initiatives green lighted, adding 'Ghost Gun' measureDIY gun designer attempts to make an scary Mass.
Finally, a brand-new write-up by The Source appears to confirm both the new city and the bulk of the initial Love & Hip Hop Houston cast.
Spray tans, flippers, and cheating allegations are apparently just the status quo these days as pageant moms and coaches have stepped up their toddler glam game with meditation classes, private jets, and…collagen?! Stevens put the handy little marvel into production in 1938 with the appropriate moniker of the Model 22-410.
Taking the Stevens combo gun, Savage retained the concept of a standing breech, break open rifle over shotgun combination gun, which utilized a rebounding hammer and rear pushing extractors.
There was a high-end version, the 24V, with case hardened steel, factory scope dovetail grooves, and high finished walnut stocks with deep grains. They allow fast interchange between calibers in a single platform for a decent and attainable price.
Just days after current Atlanta cast mainstay Stevie J accidentally spilled the tea on the newest city to get a LHH spinoff, a handful of independent sources appear to have verified most, if not all of the new show’s cast members. And that update came just a few weeks after Scott-Young herself confirmed that at least one new Love & Hip Hop city was coming, and that it would almost certainly be in the south. And, since leaving, Cody has amped up his successful survivalist and outdoorsman business, Aboriginal Living Skills School, drawing in legions of new devotees via social media.
This groovy little game getter came in a variety of flavors though with one unifying feature—they were a rifle and a shotgun in the same platform.
The Army Air force ordered 15,000 of them for use as aircrew survival rifles with a Tenite (an early thermoplastic) stock.
Well-used but still functional rifles tend to go in the $200-$300 price range with higher calibers being on the more expensive end.

In Ark: Survival Evolved players must survive in a world filled with roaming dinosaurs, natural hazards, and other human players. A handy added feature on some models included a compartment under the butt plate that securely held a handful of extra rounds for both barrels.
Nicely preserved versions of the 24V that closely approach a field grade rifle in quality go for twice that amount. My first store bought rifle was a Mauser that I paid a whopping $12.00 for at a Yellow Front Store in Arizona. The Kodachi may be used after a katana is compromised in battle or just for the samurai to practice seppuku.
Simply designed and with only a few moving parts to break, they are ideal for low maintenance storage as a truck gun. When I was a freshman in High School I won a Winchester 190 at a school raffle, took the gun home on the bus.
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