With More than Half of All High School Students Abusing Drugs, Should Parents be Using More Drug Tests? A new report by the National Institute on Drug Abuse shows that the percentage of American high school students smoking marijuana is slowly increasing while the use of alcohol and almost every other drug is decreasing.
The use of marijuana is growing among teenagers due to the relaxation of restrictions on the drug — now it can be sold legally in 20 states and the District of Columbia. According to study, more than 12% of eighth graders and 36% of senior students at public and private schools around the country said they had smoked marijuana in the past year. According to analysis, the concentration of THC in marijuana has tripled since the early 1990s.
A new study by scientists at Northwestern University showed lasting brain alterations in people who smoked marijuana as adolescents. Scientologists on five continents work in their communities throughout the year to empower others with the facts about drugs. The volunteers of the drug education and prevention initiative supported by the Church of Scientology of Tokyo have just accomplished a milestone: They have now reached 50,000 people with drug education.
Youth, educators, law enforcement officers and concerned community leaders have attended these lectures based on The Truth About Drugs curriculum. According to the National Police Agency of Japan, the most widely abused drugs in Japan are stimulants, with crystal methamphetamine the primary drug abused.
The Church of Scientology supports The Truth About Drugs initiative, one of the world’s largest nongovernmental drug education and prevention campaigns. It has been conclusively proven that when young people are provided with the truth about drugs—factual information on what drugs are and what they do—usage rates drop commensurately.
The Church of Scientology has published a brochure, Scientology: How We Help—The Truth About Drugs, Creating a Drug-Free World, to meet requests for more information about the drug education and prevention initiative it supports. Volunteers from the Church of Scientology distribute The Truth About Drugs booklets on the streets of Tokyo and other cities in Japan to raise awareness of the harmful effects of drugsDrug abuse prevention lecture at Haijima High School in Tokyo conducted as part of the drug education and prevention initiative the Church of Scientology supports.Drug education lecture conducted at Sheishin Daini Junior High School as part of the drug education initiative the Church of Scientology of Tokyo supports. Reach out to the author: contact and available social following information is listed in the top-right of all news releases.
Random Drug Tests for High School Athletes"Advocates of random drug testing policies believe they will minimize the use of drugs and alcohol.
The percentage of high school seniors reporting they could obtain drugs fairly easily in and out of school.
A report called a€?Americaa€™s Children: Key National Indicators of Well-Being, 2009a€? has been issued by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development.

Some of the findings include tobacco exposure, which after successful campaigns is down 50% in 2008 from its peak years of 1996 and 1997.
From Mexico City, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stated that decades of US anti-narcotics policies have been a failure and have contributed to the explosion of drug violence that has flooded Mexico and threatens the US southwest. In the Teen Drug Abuse website, we attempt to educate people about why teens begin using, what they are using, and how those drugs are affecting teens physically, socially, and mentally. Health officials are worried about the use of marijuana by young students and say that adolescent brains, which are still in the development phase, are susceptible to subtle changes caused by marijuana, writes Anahad O’Connor of The New York Times. Also, around 60% of high school seniors said they did not see regular marijuana use as harmful, up from about 55% last year. According to the report, drinking was steadily declining with about 40% of high school seniors said they have used alcohol in the past month, down from 53% in 1997.
For the first time since the survey began, the percentage of students who smoked a cigarette in the past month fell below 10%.
The scientists used brain imaging scans to compare young adults who had never smoked marijuana and those who used it daily for about three years as teenagers and found differences in the thalamus, globus pallidus and striatum.
Methamphetamine offenders accounted for 86.1 percent of all drug offenders arrested by the Japanese police in 2011. Ron Hubbard wrote, “The planet has hit a barrier which prevents any widespread social progress—drugs and other biochemical substances. A little more than four years ago, New Jersey became the first state to test high school athletes for performance-enhancing drugs. In a 4-1 vote, the Board of Education adopts a policy calling for mandatory random drug tests of high school athletes.
The report looks at a variety of trends in issues affecting children and teens, such as preterm births, exposure to tobacco, and drug use. 3% of 8th graders, 6% of 10th graders, 12% of 12th graders reported using cigarettes in 2008. This is a surprising turn of events, as past politicians have blamed Mexico for not doing enough to staunch the traffic of illegal drug trafficking. Department of Justice has issued the National Drug Threat Assessment report this month in which it makes a clear case for cocaine being the most-pervasive drug problem. Over the given period that the Report has been issued, Cocaine use by seniors has been through a rollercoaster like decline. But finding the opportunity that best suits your skills and expectations can make all the difference in your experience.

Volkow noted that marijuana might affect cognitive function in adolescents by disrupting the normal development of white matter through which cells in the brain communicate.
The report also found that cocaine and heroin use decreased and was at historic lows in every grade.
Volkow said the rising use and increased potency could affect the likelihood of car accidents and could lower school performance.
Established by the Clinton Administration in April 1997, the forumA now comprises 22 Federal agencies as well as private research organizations, collecting and reporting on a large number of issues. Also, in 2008, only a quarter of High School students drank alcohol heavily as opposed to one-third in 1998. The Obama administration has announced it is seeking $66 million in new funding for extra helicopters for the Mexican Police. Marijuana is the most commonly abused illegal substance along with Heroin and Methamphetamines. Random drug testing of student athletes could be coming to a second Davidson County high school. The Forum also calls attention to needs for new data about trends affecting children and teens.
Clinton also stated that equipment promised under the Merida Initiative, a 3 year $1.4 billion package of anti-drug assistance to Mexico and Central America, will be a top priority. Profits from these drugs and others amount to $18 billion to $39 billion for trafficking groups out of Mexico and Colombia.
Each report has highlighted critical data gaps and challenges Federal statistical agencies to do better.
Currently, illicit drug use reduced to 8% of 8th graders, 16% of 10th graders, and 22% of 12th graders. This meeting will precede the visit by the Secretary of Homeland Security, the US Attorney General, and later President Obama ahead of the Summit of the Americas in April. In recent years, the forum has focused on areas such as disability, the mental health of children, and environmental quality.

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