In the end, the Bowen’s family benefited from the final as both drivers donated their checks. I've always been a gearhead by trade, which is why I'm now a full-time mechanical engineer.
As I neared the end of high school my buddy Kenny Jisser showed up in a new '92 E36 BMW 318is with a big smile on his face. Typically, I started out saying I'd leave it stock and appreciate the OEM German engineering. In the early stages I cycled through three sets of wheels before finding the right set, finally settling on 18" Schnitzer Type 3 wheels. To improve handling in the twisties, I fitted Racing Dynamics sway and strut bars, K-Mac adjustable camber plates and urethane offset control arm bushings. In the pursuit of power, most would toss the four-banger in favor of a throaty six, but I decided to go the supercharger route. After enjoying the supercharged five-speed for a while I eventually wanted more power, but that required more boost and more fuel. On the flip side, the ODB1-governed M42 motor has forged internals, which is a darn bulletproof powerplant. Although the car ran well up top, the higher boost brought pre-detonation issues in the SoCal summers.
Given that the car was my daily driver until recently, this configuration has proven reliable and given consistent power. To monitor the engine I installed an A-pillar pod with VDO gauges for fuel pressure and boost, along with an AEM wideband O2 sensor gauge.
I then sourced a set of used M3 Vader seats on eBay and had them reupholstered in the same OEM vinyl used for the rest of my interior by Manhattan Auto Seat Covers in Manhattan Beach, CA.
I also updated the rest of the interior, but one of my better accomplishments was integrating a three-spoke M3 steering wheel with M5 controls.

We appreciated that the enthusiast had expended so much time and effort to transform the neglected four cylinder 3-Series into a performance machine. My passion for cars started in high school after blowing the engine on my '85 Toyota truck.
I took the insurance payout to a BMW dealership to ease my pain and drove away in an 18-month-old '95 CPO 318is automatic with 25k on the odometer. I then wrapped them in Toyo T1-S - 225 in front, 255 in the rear - once the rear fenders were rolled with a specialized tool I rented via mail order. This launched the exterior mods and I sent the car to Ron's Auto Body in Torrance, CA for a facelift. I sourced a used Downing Atlanta blower and after a weekend in the garage, the car had 7.5 lb of boost available.
The problem was that custom programming for the OBD1 ECU was non-existent and Downing Atlanta relies on a rising rate fuel pressure regulator for the additional fueling. I was then able to swap my restrictive vane airflow meter in favor of an MAF from a '99 M3. Using some of my engineering knowledge, I adapted the controls to interface with my Blaupunkt head unit.
With the lightweight engine and performance mods, it's amazingly nimble and handles better than many newer cars on the market. At the green, both cars left, but Travis was victim of a purge malfunction and lifted, but not long after this it was Tommy’s turn to slow and the race became a pedal fest.
We met with Dave at his home in Hermosa Beach, CA where he built the car in his crammed one-car garage. But it was after I started full-time work that the cashflow increased and the mods started to arrive. To improve the suspension, I sat the car on Bilstein shocks coupled with Eibach Pro-Kit lowering springs.

A stand-alone computer was out of my financial reach, so I opted for a piggyback fuel controller. Of course, additional fueling was beyond the stock injectors, so I got a set of 28 lb injectors.
To clear the larger calipers, 45mm spacers were used on the front to give the wheels a nice tuck in the fenders. Through the forums I got my hands on an adjustable front splitter and height-adjustable rear wing. He was so passionate and knowledgeable about his project that he wanted to write his personal story and we offered to publish it. I spent most of my money and high school years turning this truck into a customized show vehicle. Mark Amarandos at Split Second came to the rescue and I opted for their ARC-2A dial-controlled unit so I could make adjustments on the fly without integrating a laptop.
Although the system requires frequent refilling of the reservoir, it does cool the intake to prevent pre-detonation.
I also added a Euro rear foglight switch, allowing me to connect the Euro city lights on a separate circuit so I could turn them on at will. I also sourced LTW door sill plates but color-matched most of the exterior trim in BMW Schwartz II black. It's also a rare sight at shows, probably because most people don't have the patience to build a 318i, but I guess I've always enjoyed the road less traveled.
And every rip of the throttle sings the supercharger song, reminding me of the hard work and detailing that have made my years in the garage worthwhile.

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