BURTON, Michigan -- Bendle High School students are getting more for their good grades than a place on the honor roll -- they also get a discount in the costs of putting them behind the wheel. While many drivers in training countywide are charged $300 or more for driver's education, Bendle students could pay as little as $100 if they have a 3.5 grade point average or higher. That held true for Laurie Smith's daughter, Stevi, when she signed up for driver's education last summer. The discounted driver's ed is unusual among other Genesee County school districts that have continued to raise the cost of classes in order to maintain them.
On March 3, the Davison Board of Education raised the cost of classes from $200 to $250 and last summer the Grand Blanc School District raised the cost from $355 to $370. Bendle schools began offering the discounts four years ago when it started putting some of the cost of classes on students, with hopes to keep interest in district-offered driver's education while improving grades, Parish said. Keeping good grades allowed Lisa Wineman, 16, and two of her friends to take the classes for $100 last summer. But the incentive also creates an added stress on the district, which has to put about $19,000 into the program a year to make up for the cost of maintaining it.
About 60 students took driver's education at the school last year, and Fox said the number likely would be about the same if there were no discount.

The school's GPA requirement eliminates a number of students who might be willing to take classes through the district, but must go elsewhere, Fox said.
Check out our news section with news for teen girls, funny online news, and funny pictures, photos & videos. BURTON, Michigan - Bendle High School students are getting more for their good grades than a place on the honor roll - they also get a discount in the costs of putting them behind the wheel. Last year the Swartz Creek School District looked at eliminating its program, which officials estimated would save about $12,000. Those outside the district must pay $259, which is the estimated cost per student to run the classes.
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