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What is drip-edge roof flashing, and why do I need it?ANSWER:A proper drip-edge roof flashing should be installed across the roofs bottom edge by the roofer before the shingles are installed. A secondary function is to seal the gap from the roofing shingles to the gutter, so the rain water does not dribble behind the gutter. Home Improvement Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for contractors and serious DIYers. Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged roof roofing or ask your own question. Is there a case (besides light speed in any given medium) where speed is experimentally measured rather than theoretically calculated? What can a company do against insiders going rogue and negatively affecting essential infrastructure? When building an addition on the home, roof flashing must be installed in the roof valleys and to connect the old roof with the new one. Step 1: Measure the amount of flashing needed for the new roof and purchase the desired type of flashing. When calculating measurements, allow for an overrun of 10 to 15 percent and some extra in case a measuring or cutting mistake is made.
Step 2: If a repair is being made in a roof valley, remove the roofing materials down to the planking prior to installing the flashing.

Step 4: Install the flashing where it is needed, aligning the middle of it with the grove in the valley. Step 6: After installing flashing in a roof valley, the roofing material should be replaced to create a waterproof barrier.
All you need to do is remove the drip edge, slide out the old rubber sweep, slide the 10-313 in, and then reinstall the drip edge. In this particular image, it looks like the channel is pinched closed, which would explain why you can't slide it out. The primary functions of the drip edge flashing is to keep water from wicking back under the shingles and to protect the fascia boards from the water dripping off the roof. Proper installation of flashing permits rainwater to run off the roof of the house in the correct manner. The most popular material used for flashing is aluminum but sheet lead, premium copper, galvanized metal, and 20 to 40-pound tin are also available. If you are connecting two roofs, bend the flashing in the middle, using the metal break tool to correspond with the angle of the joined roofs. Staples should be inserted down each side of the flashing, one inch from the edge of the material. Before installing shingles, apply roofing tar to provide additional protection against water backing up on the roof.
Most homeowners don't spend a lot of time thinking about their gutters, but understanding their importance may prevent you some costly home repair bills in the future.

On a shallow pitched roof, water will wick back up under the shingles and drip behind the gutters, leading to rotted roof sheathing and fascia, stained siding.
Aluminum flashing should not be used when soldering multiple pieces of flashing because it cannot be soldered.
You can use shorter pieces of flashing rather than a single long one if you overlap the shorter pieces by two inches.
If a room addition is being attached to an existing roof, remove one or two rows of shingles from the original roof, keeping the felt paper and tar intact. Flashing material usually has a width of eight inches so each roof should have four inches of flashing.
The problem can be fixed by installing sheet metal drip edge flashing, which is available at most all lumberyards and home centers. In addition, you may want to remove top siding from the addition or the home prior to installing the flashing. Drip edge flashing usually comes in 10 foot sections and is available in a variety of different profiles.

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