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You pull into a gas station late at night, tired and in need of fuel for both yourself and your car.
If you've put the wrong fuel in your car, don't turn on the ignition or start the engine as this could compound the mistake by circulating the contaminated fuel and increasing the risk of damage to your car. On discovering you have put the wrong fuel in your car, the first thing you should do is check with your local dealer on what action to take (if your car is still under warranty). Assuming your car is out of warranty or you have been given the go-ahead by your local dealer, here is what to do next. If you've pumped more than 10% of your tanks capacity with the wrong fuel (Gasoline in our example) you will need to drain the tank and refill it with Diesel. If you've added less than 10% Gasoline then top up with Diesel and run normally unless you have received advice to the contrary from your local dealer or manufacturer.
The main damage in mis-fueling cases is caused, not by the act of pumping the wrong fuel into the tank, but of starting the engine and driving away. Putting the wrong fuel in your car is not an uncommon mistake and certainly not uniquely American.
As a matter of fact, it is an uncommon mistake to fill a wrong fuel into your vehicle tank.
Usually, some drivers are gdug adict, so they easily loose there senses, the aldo fail to obserse traffic rules and contribute to traffic scratches on the road.

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You grab a coffee from the machine and proceed to fill up your gas tank to get you on your merry way. This is because the Diesel nozzle is much bigger than Leaded Gasoline nozzles which are thus unable to fit in the gas tank of most cars (with the exception of some older models). The dealer may advise towing the car to a garage and having the tank drained and the seals and filters changed.
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The random picking of a person to try to quickly switch the vote and losing 2 players in the process. Birdy to pay the salary within 7 offer office offset overtime paid pay payment payout penalty performance . While pumping the fuel into your car you take a gulp of the coffee to waken the senses but disappointedly realize that you have pressed the ‘decaf’ button in error. The Unleaded and Leaded Gasoline nozzles are also different sizes with the Unleaded being the smallest - the use of the wrong fuel in an Unleaded car is therefore the least likely scenario to come across.
If you take action yourself or even start the engine after using the incorrect fuel, you may invalidate your warranty. The solvent nature of Gasoline can strip out the lubricant and cause metal components to grind together. A bit of an inconvenience but this mistake is only going to cost you the price of another cup of coffee.
This is where the damage can become very expensive if you accidentally put Gasoline into a Diesel car.

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