BioWare announced today Mass Effect 3: Extended Cut, a downloadable content pack due this summer that adds cinematic sequences and epilogue to the arguably lackluster ending of the popular space-bound role-playing game. To further sweeten the deal, BioWare will give away the enhanced Mass Effect 3 ending free to gamers on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3 consoles until April 2014. You might be hearing reports of Mass Effect 3 being free on the PlayStation 3 for PlayStation Plus members. We already know a new Mass Effect game is in development, presumably for Xbox One and PS4. On N7 day (November 7th) gamers got their first, very small glimpse at the next Mass Effect game. Here at Mana Pool we have a strong focus on indie games, be it news, reviews, interviews or otherwise. Now I don’t need to say that Mass Effect is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, franchise of our time. There are plenty of longer franchises such as Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, or Halo. All that being said, Bioware has announced that a new game in the Mass Effect universe is in the works. There’s only a couple very specific things I want to see noticeably different with the next game. My biggest issue with the current protagonist development trends in the gaming industry is that it’s almost always a 30-something white male. Allow the player to create his own character just like you can in the other games, but let us pick race and background as well. Honestly this is my preferred idea of the 2, but with today’s costs and corner cutting in the industry, I know that it is the least likely scenario. While I still think that Assassin’s Creed currently holds the trophy for most innovative multiplayer, I believe that Mass Effect 3 had the best overall multiplayer system.
As an example I think the Paragon system is an absolute joke that results in an oversimplified dichotomy that is (somehow) almost less compelling than something we had ~ two decades ago in the Baldur’s Gate franchise (also of Bioware pedigree) where you were free to create your own narrative along the way. Bioware has been responsible for some of my most treasured moments in gaming, but I really hope they break with tradition on their next title and give us something we’ve never seen before. While I think that 3 was managed quite well as far as money is concerned, I will agree that it was the weakest game in terms of writing, but at the same time it delivers you superior gameplay in a number of respects and to be fair the game has to close the stories of more than 20 different characters spanning back 2 other games. While I am looking forward to another Mass Effect provided it has nothing to do with Shepard, I would gladly trade that for a KOTOR 3. Like DJMMT mentioned in the above comment, it would be great to see fleshed out stories and unique endings for all of the characters, but then devs run the risk of encountering the tree of death. Nahere Informationen entnehmen Sie bitte der Standardausgabe des Galaxie-Kodex der Allianz. Wahrend Commander Shepard uberall in der Milchstra?e nach Hilfe sucht, organisiert sich der Widerstand der Menschen unter Leitung von Admiral Anderson und fuhrt jeden Tag erneut Offensiven gegen die Reaper. Verstarkungstruppen von au?erhalb und die lokalen Widerstandsnester konnen in und um London kurzzeitig Erfolge erzielen, sowohl Shepard als auch Anderson erreichen die Citadel unter gro?en Verlusten. Actually, according to the Kasumi DLC, integrating Canada and Mexico into the United States to form the UNAS was opposed violently by enough people that the Second American Civil War broke out in 2096. Most of the things that have changed were already mentioned, but I once made a world map with Photoshop (was meant for a little story I thought up.
Yes, it is rather meant to show that Switzerland is an associate member, not an actual state within the EF (European Federation in my idea). We know since the Kasumi DLC, that the US, Canada and Mexico are combined in "one" country, but good catch.
So, would the EU have state borders, like the state of France borders the state of Germany, or would they do away with those? Also note that unlike the Soviet Constitution, the Russian Constitution outlines (sec 1 Article 4) that no-one may quit. Heh, there probably still are some faults in my backstory (better won't post it here, as it wouldn't be appropriate for the question). Mass Effect 3 is the third game in the popular Mass Effect series, and is rumored to be the final installment.
If you’re an indie developer and you wish to share something, please be sure to contact us! In fact, a great franchise is either short or consists of a number of different stories that compose a number of smaller franchises under one larger, but well organized umbrella.
And there are a number of arguably better standalone games than any one game in the Mass Effect series. The excessive amount of at cost DLC and the horrible ending of the third game are fine examples of that.

I don’t want to see anything about Shepard in the next game except a memorial and possibly some recurring characters from the first 3 games depending on the timeline.
I love the presence of a romance system, but honestly I don’t think it was pronounced enough. Now, I don’t have any problem with 30-something white males, but am I really supposed to believe that anyone else can’t save the world?
Run it as an RPG like in Dragon Age Origins where the start of the game differs slightly for each character depending on their race, social status, class, and early life experiences. All unlockables were free but could be acquired faster through real world currency so the noobs would feel better. It may not be my favorite multiplayer game, but I have clocked more hours on that than any other online multiplayer because of how entertaining and well-made it was. The community event thing has become huge in multiplayer and the ones in Mass Effect 3 were excellent. By day, DJMMT is a struggling college alum surviving by making pizza in Wisconsin and looking for better work. A really easy step they can take to breathe new life into a franchise they stretched a bit too far. I actually thought the franchise was managed incredibly well from #1 to #2 and then a HUGE slap in the face to the fanbase in #3.
I think we as gamers have definitely lowered our standards in some places and been spoiled in others.
While I would love to see a complete ending for each of them, we know that AAA devs today just aren’t gonna fork over the cash.
Especially in moments like when you kill Kai Leng where you can not press the Renegade command, but the outcome is exactly the same. Der Erdorbit ist voller Trummer aus der Raumentwicklung, der Einsatz kinetischer Barrieren wird nur empfohlen ab einer Hohe von mindestens 85 km. Der Orbit der Erde ist infolge der sehr langwierigen Entwicklung der Raumfahrt voll mit Trummern. Einige von uns sind geblieben, um zu schutzen und zu verteidigen um das, was von der Erde ubrig ist, frei zu halten oder beim Versuch zu sterben.
Kurz vor dem Ende der Mass Effect 3-Handlung bringen die Reaper die Citadel in den Erd-Orbit und verbinden diese mittels eines "Transportstrahls" mit London. If you refer to the human nation borders on planet Earth, there has been no pictures or information on the topic.
We do that the United North American States is the amalgamation of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Other maps usually give Switzerland the color of the EF, but their borders remain to show that it's not actually part of it.
If so then yes, I thought that the former states like France or Germany retain their borders, but that they are no nation states, but rather a state in the Unified Europe, much like a US-State, here's a map of Europe I made along with the others I already posted:? In my little backstory Kaliningrad Oblast declared itself independed from the RF and joined Europe sometime later.
Anyway, the idea was that a reasonable series of civil wars and collapsing governements in Europe (and in the rest of the world) would lead to the maps I've posted, they're set in a post WWIII (not nuclear, a la EndWar) world, where most nations dissolved and reimerged in some capacity sometime later. In it players continue the adventures of Commander Shepard utilizing extreme character customization which is the hallmark feature of the series. Now before you click away because you feel that I’m some fanatic, wait and hear me out. Good franchises show improvements with each consecutive title, but at the same time do not stray too far from the formula.
But overall I do believe that, at least in recent times, it’s been a much better franchise than many of the others. So what I wanted to do for this post is just give some very general ideas about what I do and don’t want to see in the next and possibly future titles of the franchise.
I didn’t even realize you could have romances until I had already beaten the first game and started the second one for the second time. Or in this case the galaxy which has a bunch of different, much more advanced races to boot? Eventually the paths can all meet at a specific point in the story, such as the Grey Wardens joining ritual, and then the game can continue on from there into the main crux of the story.
It’s an amazing game, but one of the most amazing and relevant parts of the game is the protagonist(s). And the online community for the multiplayer was awesome as well and a big part of that was the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer website that went with the game.
I would like to see the addition of PVP team matches of up to 8 players total as an extra game mode, but not at the expense of the current wave system.

I truly loved the Mass Effect series and I am looking forward to the next game, but it is with great fear that I wait for this next tile because I don’t want to see a franchise of such high quality go the way of many of the other franchises today – selling out and building too many titles, yearly releases, and an over-abundance of DLC. After completely exhausting the first two games of content I didn’t event make it past the first act of ME3. When it comes down to it, I think these games were pretty lacklustre in terms of innovation but were absolutely incredible in terms of delivering rich and imaginative worlds. Presumably there has been no big changes since 2nd world war aside from few peaceful nation integrations. It's possible, though, that those countries had changed beforehand somewhat (such as Puerto Rico becoming a U.S. The indeginous German population constitues neatly 0.8% of total, whereas the rest is Russian average. Please note that while some of these ideas are completely original, a number of them have been put forth en masse by the gaming community. But what I do know is that the game should be similar to the first 3 games in that you have a large cast of characters that all interact with each other at multiple points. But honestly a straight rehash of the original Mass Effect 3 multiplayer would still be better than what a lot of games running multiplayer currently have.
Whether these ideas are used or not I hope, no I pray, that the Mass Effect name remains one of integrity.
Sorry, basically I'm into this too (Check in on the EndWar wiki, which I almost hijacked for that), and Kaliningrad happenned to be a thorne in the side of the European Federation in my scenario. Kaliningrad Oblast left took the chance to secede from Russia when it was locked in a civil war that split the country along the Ural mountains. There is as little superfluous content as possible, barring DLC and the DLC does not affect the core story in any noticeable way. You have to force it out of the characters in a way that just didn’t flow naturally with the conversation. You actually get to play as 6 different characters (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, E-102 Gamma, and Bigs) all with their own plot lines in one large, interconnected story. How cool would it be to be able to play through a story from the points of view of 6 or more different characters with different points of view, offshoots, and ideas? Because later DLC introduced a number of new types of classes and characters that sort of threw out the original limitations of each race, I’d like the ability to create fully customizable characters where I can pick the race, class, skills, strengths, and quite possibly weaknesses, but only if weaknesses are a mandatory setting in player creation. What I’m saying is that the Mass Effect franchise as a whole meets a number of criteria that make it a power house franchise among its peers. Good franchises have strong character development both for the main protagonists and other supporting roles on both sides of the conflict. And the best part is, Bioware made Dragon Age Origins so they already have experience doing that sort of thing. Now, in that game you are limited to only using characters after they’ve been unlocked through progressing in the plot with currently available characters. Currently, that's Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. It’s very obvious when characters are giving you the option to flirt with them and you can also deflect them.
A really nice, but simple rewards system that was introduced later than initial release to reinvigorate the game. But what I am saying is that at its core, the Mass Effect multiplayer system doesn’t need to be changed any time soon. Croatia is supposed to join next year while Iceland, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Turkey could potentially join in the near future. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that the humans were the least used characters in the multiplayer until the special ones were introduced later. That’s becoming the new thing and I think the gaming community could create some real beauties in a Mass Effect multiplayer scenario. After 3 games of being a human, albeit the most badass human ever, it’s time for a change. I have 2 proposals for what I would like to see as far as protagonist in the next Mass Effect.

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