Here is a video tutorial to make the job even easier for those trying their hand at a paracord keychain for the first time. The multicolored paracord and the solid orange one are really working together, as the blue-gray pattern is adding some extra texture to the whole keychain. For those paracord experts finding the above patterns a bit too simple for their taste, here is a twisted one to make things a little more interesting. There is no end to the creative patterns you can come up with, choosing different colored paracord, using this basic tutorial for key chains.
How cool would it be to keep all your keys on a paracord keychain that you made yourself, and that resembles a grenade! Yet another tutorial for a simple paracord keychain, you can try new things with this one as soon as you get a hang of the basic method.
A simple yet creative keychain made using the cross weave method, this one looks best when worked with two contrast colors that would complement each other.

Another monkey fist tutorial, this one has a more traditional look with a long string of paracord that can be attached to a key ring or a carabiner depending on your preference. Here is a way to make your paracord keychain a little more useful: make it with a secret compartment.
With these twenty fresh paracord keychain patterns, you must have found what you were looking for.
Make this DIY water filter for about half the price and get the same water purifying properties as the real Berkey water filter.
Check out the full tutorial from our friends over at Instructables and save a lot of money by making one or even two of these awesome homemade water purifiers. A desire for discretion, and limited access to the rear of our property meant that the entire demolition would be done by hand.
With the countless different knotting techniques, there is no limit to the patterns and designs to try, while you can make anything from a bracelet to a belt and even a creative dog collar with paracord.

You can attach the cross to a key ring and it will turn into a cool keychain, while you can also wear it as a trendy pendant that you made with your own hands. So, it is time to get some 550 cord (and the other necessary supplies mentioned in your instructions) and start working.
Based on current prices, you should be able to put this DIY Berkey water purifer together for less than $100 (using the white filters) and for far less than the cost of bottled water.
Keychains are a popular paracord project as they let you keep your keys in order, also coming handy when you are out backpacking with your friends.

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