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American Preparedness 2-Person Starter Rolling Cart Backpack features numerous kits including: Ration, Hygiene, Sanitation, First Aid, Warmth, Light and more.
The Department of Public Safety at California State University, Los Angeles in Partnership with the Los Angeles City Fire Department is proud to present a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) Training during July and August. The training will take place Friday mornings from 9:30am to 12pm, and a firm commitment to all 7 sessions is required for certification. These funds were used for the purpose of planning a coordinated response by regional hospitals in the event of a disaster and to establish regional medical surge capacity. Gathered insights to develop messaging strategy and anchored the campaign around three key questions which were connected to three basic actions.
The Regional Catastrophic Planning Team (RCPT) of Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin funded and executed a citizen's preparedness campaign with the objective of educating and compelling households across 19 counties in the region to take preparedness action in the event of catastrophic event. Through our path to insight process, we identified key strategic considerations that led to the development of the message strategy and the structure for the campaign which would be executed during a 3a€?montyh period across 19 counties.
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If you need to leave your home (bugging out), you will want to keep your data secure while you are traveling. If your home is robbed or if your laptop is stolen, you might want to have your computer data secured, so that a stolen computer is merely a lost object, and not also a wealth of private information. A long-term disaster might necessitate the secure storage of your files, so that when the disaster passes, you can again use that data. Fourth, on the question of power outages and surges, I use an interruptible power supply (UPS).

The goal was to reach over 100,000 households and empower them to take a preparedness action.
The small window of the campaign required an overarching message which was communicated via TV, Radio, and Digital billboards; which was then brought home through on the ground face to face interactions with individuals, families, communities. Instead, the topic is how to secure your data if some type of short or long-term disaster strikes.
If you do any kind of online banking, or use PayPal, or have your credit card stored at one shopping site or another, your computer and your browser may have stored passwords and other information. You might want to have multiple secure backups of your files, with at least one off-site secure location, in case your home is severely-damaged (e.g. You can backup data in one of two ways: individual important files, or an image of your whole hard drive.
Literally, you will have no way to gain access to that data or your computer without the password.
Even the smallest and least expensive bank safety deposit box is large enough to hold all of your data on an external hard drive or a USB stick.
It not only protects against power surges, it also keeps your computer running for several minutes during a power outage, so that you can shut down the system without losing any data.
Campaign resulted in a record 130,000 plus households taking preparedness actions and total impressions of over 15 million in a 2 month period. Then, we posed three compelling questions to make the individual think: What will you need? There are several different problems that might affect computer security, and are related to emergency preparedness. Not too long ago, there was a brief power outage at my home, and (unknown to me at the time) my surge protector had previously died.

USB drives have reached the point where you can get 2, 4, or 8 GB of space for a relatively low price. However, the ATV is also more expensive than the fast but non-rugged JumpDrive FireFly from Lexar.
Banks are generally more secure against natural disasters than your home, and so the data is safer. It can encrypt a set of files, an entire USB drive, or even the main hard drive on your computer. So either use a password that you can’t possibly forget, or write it down and keep it in a safe, or in a safety deposit box. Also, having data in more than one location is inherently safer, since any one location might be compromised. So if the power is out for an extended period of time, you can still boot the computer and use it briefly. If you lose your USB drive or your external hard drive, at least the data will not be accessible to the person who found (or stole) it. The software is also backed up, so that you could restore the whole system on a new hard drive, if the old one crashes.
I have been able to access the internet during a power outage by plugging the cable modem and router into the UPS, so that the computer can access the internet even though the house and the neighborhood has no power. Purple Group reviewed national campaigns and developed the following key insight: individuals must be given specific actions to take and those actions should require a low level of resources.

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