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After One Direction interrupted my Big Brother watching time last night by randomly releasing a new song and album details, more has begun to emerge about what one might be able to expect from Four when it comes out in November. The track appears on the guys’ – Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Niall Horan – upcoming new album Four, which drops on November 17! You may recognise her face from Ed Sheeran's 'Drunk' music video, but as anyone who has heard 'The Apple Tree' EP will attest, it's Scottish singer-songwriter NINA NESBITT's spellbinding voice that ought to be her true claim to fame.
We can’t talk about singer-songwriters without a shoutout to our awesome cover star for this issue! Ed Sheeran is one of the best singer-songwriters out there at the moment, and he absolutely loves writing music! Ed says… “Writing a new song, finishing a new song, is the best feeling in the world. JT has been in the music industry for a long time, and he’s managed to create quite an impressive back catalogue of songs, most of which he’s written himself. Taylor says…“It [songwriting] drives creative ideas about what the music videos are going to be, it drives the production elements that are going to be on tour and the stories I want to tell. The track The 1975‘s Matty Healy wrote, which we were told not to talk to the band about when we saw them a couple of months ago but did so anyway, has made the cut.

I like to listen to artists such as Eva Cassidy, Nirvana, The Weeknd, Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, Ellie Goulding and more. I write about real situations so it's always nice to hear people experiencing the same thing. It's one of those songs I just stumbled upon writing whilst sitting in my kitchen with a guitar in a sad kind of mood. But it was another one of those tracks I stumbled across writing in my bedroom, I really feel that's where my best songs come from. NINA: Haha, it's funny you should say that, I often make a really odd facial expression and my friends say it looks like a princess. Don’t worry if you’ve ever shed a tear listening to one of her songs, because she admits that has too! Fun fact: her third album Speak Now, a personal favourite of mine, was entirely written by her, how amazing is that?
I also love when people say that they are inspired after hearing some of my songs, it's a great feeling.
However, it was put in the studio two months ago and I really just clicked with some production ideas I had and it came to life.
I'd never been in a music video either so it was really interesting to see how it was all done. I once broke my arm [while] rollerblading down a steep hill, getting pulled by a skipping rope, shouting faster.

But did you know that she not only co-wrote her entire new album Thank You, but that she has also written songs for Fifth Harmony, Jennifer Lopez, Rascal Flatts and Hunter Hayes? When he's not making groundbreaking #webcontent he runs Night High Records, does radio & makes videos.
It's got a stomping kick drum similar to 'The Apple Tree' but it's a bit darker and bigger. Mob member A$AP Ferg tells Billboard that the hip-hop troupe has "a bunch of videos we're going to be dropping" as the weather stays warm, and will be on tour -- which included a recent stop at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago -- for the next two months. It was a really, really random day, but I'm really thankful for his support and him taking me on tour because it was such an amazing experience and he's a lovely person. Although, as myself and fans like the stripped-back tracks there'll also be a plain guitar and voice take on the single bundle. 5 start on the Billboard 200, but he wants to let fans in on the fact that he's basically got a whole new album written. One performer he suggests watching out for is Michael Falk, the frontman of Canadian alt-rock band Les Jupes, who Walla met in Austin during SXSW 2012. That was exciting." They have been trading emails and talking about making a record "or something," Walla teased.

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