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Learn here how to obtain clean, potable water using natural filter making techniques.Make A Solar Still For an Emergency Water SourceIn a Desert finding water can be a real task, and near the ocean finding fresh water can also be difficult.
In most survival situations it would be a good idea to make as many of these as possible, because this does not produce a lot of water. Using this method you can not only convert your own urine into potable water, but you can actually desalinate saltwater for drinking.
This will be where you will deposit your urine (if the ground has little to no moisture content).A  You would also pour saltwater into this trench. The sun will extract the moisture from these plants as well.How to make a Water Filter TripodIf there is ever a time where you are in a survival situation and you need water, this is a great way to make pure clean drinking water out of easily found materials.

Filter water with just sand, charcoal, grass, and a few pieces of cloth or towelsA You will start by making a tripod out of three logs or large sticks. Tie your towels or cloth material in three layers on the tripod.A The first layer will be grass, this is used to remove the largest material.
The water will quickly move through this layer.A The second layer of your home made survival filter is sand. This will remove the smaller impurities in the water.The third and final layer is charcoal from a recent fire. This layer works to remove any final impurities that are in the water, also will improve the taste and odor of the water.This will remove most problematic things from the water, but you will still need to choose your water sources carefully. Anywhere there is vegetation, it can be done.As you can see in the image it is a very simple procedure.

The condensation should begin to accumulate in the bag shortly after the sun starts to beat on it. This will encourage the water to all end up in one corner and make it easier for you to extract. You can either run a straw or a reed through the top of the bag down into the water, or you can cut a corner off the bottom of the bag and let the water pour out.

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