9 Military Poncho Survival Shelter Confirguations: How To Set Up A Military Poncho ShelterAn essential item for ANY outdoor outing and certainly in every Survival Kit and Bug Out Bag is a good quality Poncho. How To Tie A ShemaghThe Shemagh (pronounced "Schmog")(also called a Keffiyeh and Ghutrah) originated in the Middle East.
4 Reasons To Add a Pellet Air Gun To Your Survival Gun ArsenalYou read the heading correct - I said Pellet Gun. Marvelous experience full of real practice, clear, easy to follow, very good and personal attention from Creek and Clint, good stuff, excellent tips for real scenarios. There comes a time when you realize that you’re not getting back home or to civilization in one day. If you don’t have time to make a proper shelter and need to get out of the elements quickly there is a shelter called a debris hut. So in a nutshell these are the basic survival shelters that you’ll need to learn how to make in order to live to see another day healthy and ready to push on. Finding BaitPhoto by Barbara EpsteinFor bait, dig around a pile of leaves or look under a rock and find worms or nymphs, or even catch a grasshopper or cricket.
Only in the dimly lit past did our forefathers have to endure true survival as a given reality, the life situation of living the savage way.
Simple tools can be quickly crafted with virtually any sharp fixed-blade or folding knife, which everyone should carry when they venture out into the deep woods. The World Book Encyclopedia notes that 90 percent of the world’s population subsists on the protein of fish, specifically the carp, of which there are more than 500 varieties in the world. The experience and knowledge of how to obtain safe, protein-rich fish (and other water creatures likes frogs, turtles and snakes) can help sustain you indefinitely. If you’re lost in the wilderness without the necessary gear to catch fish, think improvisation. Where there are salmonoid fish such as trout and salmon, you can chase down and hand scoop a fish as they are heading upstream in shallow waters to spawn. If you have nothing but a knife, you can create a spear, cut saplings for an emergency shelter, use it as a weapon against critters, cut firewood and a myriad of other chores needed to survive in the woods.
As an adventure and hiking junkie you very well know that the least possible gear you have to carry around during any grueling trip, the better it is. Now the paracord can be useful for a number of things like shoe laces, weapon sling, repairing equipment, fire bow, shelter, animal snares, bottle holder, emergency stiches, dental floss or anything that might cross your mind when the there is an emergency and no one is around to help. The Re Factor Tactical Survival Band and Tactical Operator Band will cost around $50 and you can purchase it right off the product website. Hailing from the northern region of India, Gaurav has a profound liking for everything upbeat in the cloud and vision to acquaint readers with the latest technology news. You will get the necessary information to apply in different survival adventures or emergencies.
My name is Brian and as of right now I have more than 20 years of survival experience whether it's deep in the woods, out in the snowy fields, on a tropical island, the desert or even in the barren bad lands.
When that time arrives you need to know how to build a survival shelter to get out of the elements. Make four supports 6 feet apart and at least 4 feet wide to create your frame like the illustration above. Igloos are great but they take a long time to build plus you need the proper snow to make one. An uncomfortable shelter can and will lead to fatigue and it will ultimately crush your morale if you are uncomfortable.
Carry A Knife!Photo by Bob EpsteinSimple tools can be quickly crafted with virtually any sharp fixed-blade or folding knife, which everyone should carry when they venture out into the deep woods.

When and if this occurs, and it happens to hundreds of people each year, the very first tip is not to panic. You can survive for up to a month without eating anything, but only about four days without water. Besides carp, the tilapia family, eels, catfish, the entire salmonoid families of fish (trout and salmon) and the perch and sunfish clans make up most of the varieties of fish that people boil, poach, roast, broil, fry, smoke or steam. The shirt’s sleeves will protect you somewhat from mosquitoes, sunburn as well as chilly mornings and evenings, and the camouflage pattern will make you less likely to be seen by the fish. He likes to observe nature, write thought provoking quotes, travel places, drive cars and play video games when things get too boring. Just waiting for the opportunity to get back to Willow Haven and participate in other trainings or courses.
You don’t need to know how to make all of these types but knowing how to make at least one of each will be a huge asset in your survival. Always remember that there is a right way of building a shelter and the incredibly dumb way to make one. For a basic non-mobile system you can take three large poles and line them up on the ground.
Lay two 8 foot poles length wise and two 6 foot poles width wise and you’ll have the frame all done. I’ve made quite a few snow shelters in my day and my only advice to you is that you make one on a hill very much like the above illustration. And never give up the opportunity to find a shelter that nature made like a cave (after you checked for bears or other predatory animals) a natural burrow in the ground (after you checked for dangerous bugs, snakes or predatory animals) or an abandoned man made structure.
Luring In DinnerPhoto by Barbara EpsteinThere is no reason not to carry gear like a handy survival knife or a compact survival kit with some line, hooks, weights, lures and flies.
They were completely responsible for themselves and their families just to stay alive in a hostile, lawless and predator-filled world.
To survive, you need energy to burn and to stay healthy enough while working towards getting out of your predicament. Not panicking and thinking out all predicaments kept me in good condition during most of my years of traveling in the outdoors. A small fish trap can be crafted from fresh-cut willow branches and put in a stream with the open end facing into an upstream current. A good lightweight backpack will allow anyone venturing into the deep woods to carry all of the above and more. The hat will save some of the heat you’ll lose through the top of your head and the bill will allow you to see clearly.
It can steady you in rough terrain, it can be used as a defensive weapon and crossing a swift stream without this third foot can be dangerous. For such times a wrist band that doubles as a survival accessory comes very handy as it solves dual purpose. The Boy Scout motto of “Be prepared” is crucial to be able to survive in the alien world that our modernity has put behind us.
Today, millions of American outdoor recreationists still enjoy a bit of that fending for themselves away from the TV and AC by fishing, hunting and camping. Without the energy and stamina to be mobile and have your wits about you, you’re in danger of ultimately not surviving. An 8-inch trout roasted over a flame or eaten raw provides about 200 calories, while a sunfish of about the same size offers about 275 calories. You can catch a fish with a pronged spear made from a tree branch, or you can make a net from willow branches and grass.

However, there is no reason not to carry gear like a handy survival knife or a compact survival kit with some line, hooks, weights, lures and flies.
The Survival Bands by Re Factor Tactical are special operations gear for adventure seekers who like to carry minimal weight with them. From there you just add more and more branches and poles to the outside and fill in the gaps with moss or something similar. Just make absolute sure that you’re no where near a cornice that can fall and create an avalanche. A few fish per day will not stop you from losing weight over time in the wilderness, but you may still keep your muscle mass and mostly burn just fat reserves.
Featuring a can opener, fishing line, fishing hook, flint starter rod, 12 inch of 550 Paracord, handcuff key and a buckle with built-in whistle; this Survival Band is a must have for hikers and people who like to explore deep woods for days or even weeks. It’s amazes me how strong these structures are in the high winds but be warned it does take a lot of time to build one.
Dead and rotting leaves work best if you have any cause for one thing it keeps the mosquitoes out and will settle in nicely onto the frame plus it will be a better insulator. The swamp bed is common in areas like the jungle, rain forest, or even when the only place you can build your shelter is next to a river. On a very important side note if you can make your shelter far enough from the river so that you don’t end up in the river. What he was doing with video tape in the middle of the forest is beyond my own comprehension. Just add mud on top of the shelter and create a burn perimeter by causing another controlled fire around your shelter to ensure that when the fire reaches you that it will eventually pass around you.
But if you have no choice then make absolute sure that your swamp bed is lashed together in case it becomes a raft. Anyways once your center pole or roof pole is in place begin to add more branches or poles on one side to the center pole to create a 45 degree angle slope.
The last thing you need to do is suffocate cause you didn’t have the proper breathing hole(s).
There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep and having a cold breeze hitting you in the face making the night uncomfortable.
After your lean to is done, use grasses, spruce branches, leaves or anything else that can be considered insulating to the ground. One it will keep you from losing more body heat to the ground and two it’s just much more comfortable. Once this is all setup make a fire pit that is length wise to your body and build your fire. Just don’t put it too close cause you might just either burn yourself, roll into the fire or worse, burn your shelter down. If you were fortunate enough to have a space blanket handy position that on the inside of your roof.
If you don’t have that then construct a firewall on the side that you are not facing.

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