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The strange thing is, this game surfaced 6 months ago, in a much earlier state of course, but it was playable for free, and it was fun. It seems the developer, in cooperation with Bohemia Interactive has turned it into a fully fledged and officially licensed Mini DayZ game. Mini DayZ replicates the details of survival in Chernarus pretty well, you constantly need to keep an eye on your hunger, thirst, blood and heat values.
Blood can be replenished automatically by keeping your other stats above 50%, or you can manually replenish it via a blood bag or a saline bag. Heat can be replenished by staying inside, staying out of the rain, and staying in proximity of a fireplace.
Military style encampments and helicopter crash sites will provide you military grade loot. While this game is still a lot of fun played as single player, the developer is focused on bringing multiplayer to Mini DayZ. To that end, a veteran of DayZ named oscc has compiled a host of tips and tricks (via reddit) useful to newer players.

Increasing the gamma and brightness from the settings will also help you see better at night time. An important part of survival is knowing your bearings, there are ways to do this without a compass. To survive out there in DayZ your going to need something with a bit more power than that flashlight in your bags.
Don’t waste your time there, there will be to many zombies and other dangers you wont be able to deal with.
These are usually found outside towns, look for farmland and you should find a barn soon enough.
It’s better to wait it out or crawl to avoid detection rather than to blast away and giving away your location. There is no point to waste valuable ammo with noisy guns on zombies if it isn’t an emergency. DayZ is a simulator, and your ammo is dependent on your magazines, not a total pool of ammo.
Ammo is plentiful, the gun is fairly quiet, but it comes with the downside of requiring more than a few bodyshots to kill your average Z, requiring you to carry more ammo. Ammo is much harder to find, though per bullet, it hits harder, and you’ll have one less round in the magazine. The double barrel spawns frequently, and ammo can be found for it in virtually every area in the game.
While ammo for it is relatively plentiful, it’s slow to fire and has a massive audible radius.

Until then, the game can certainly replicate DayZ’s look and feel, but without the joy of player interaction, the uneasiness and unpredictability of making friends and enemies in Chernarus, this game can only go so far. With the game’s Early Access release, many players new to the franchise are learning to navigate the game, which is confusing to say the least.
Some of the tips are even new to the standalone edition of the game, so even players experienced with the DayZ mod can get some mileage out of it.
If you are unsure where you are, simply match the road sign name up with where it lies on the map. Putting large items in the main compartment and smaller things in the smaller pouches makes it easier for you to find things when you are in a hurry. We’re hoping the multiplayer lands sooner rather than later, and we commend both Bohemia and the developer for their great efforts in providing this fun little Chernarus experience to us for free!
There’s a lot to digest for players unfamiliar with the DayZ mod for Arma 2, whose first experience with DayZ is through the standalone version. They will give you the starting essentials for survival, and there are rarely more than three zombies around them. Imagine if you have to dig all through the things that are in your bag to get your medical kit.

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