Adriano Zandona (missionario da Comunidade Cancao Nova) celebra oito Missas pela Cura Interior e Libertacao dos Traumas e das Feridas Interiores, todas as segundas-feiras, as 19h30, na Catedral Maronita Nossa Senhora do Libano. I have been a Catholic all my life and attend Mass regularly – I honestly am starting to feel alienated as a woman from the religion I have practiced all my life and would appreciate any guidance you can give me.
Thank you – and Happy Pentecost – I think we should be hanging lights on our houses!!

The language of faith thus draws on the human experience of parents, who are in a way the first representatives of God for man. But this experience also tells us that human parents are fallible and can disfigure the face of fatherhood and motherhood.

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