Trekking poles can be plenty useful, helping you navigate rougher terrain with better balance and stability.  The Zubin Axe, however, takes the hiking stick up a notch, integrating multiple features that turn it into an indispensable outdoor multi-tool.
Each of the additional tools are cut in stainless steel, so they should be tough enough to withstand heavy, rugged use.  Granted, a long, thin, and straight stick doesn’t exactly sound like the most ideal handle for some of those things (like the axe or the saw), but something like this definitely sounds much more useful than a pocket-sized multi-tool. Slated for availability in October, the Zubin Axe will retail at $320 for the whole set.  Each of the items, from the staff to the add-ons, can also be bought separately.
440 – This stainless steel is most commonly found in low-end knives, although there are a few reasons why you might want it specifically. 8CR13MOV – This modern Chinese steel is alloyed with chromium, vanadium, and molybdenum which makes it just as corrosion-resistant as typical stainless steel, and slightly harder as well.
Spring Steel – As the name suggests, this steel was reclaimed from leaf springs that were originally in a car or truck.
Flat – The flat grind offers a good mix between edge retention, sharpness, and toughness. The tip of your knife can matter quite a bit, especially when it comes to specialized uses like combat and skinning game.
Spear Point – In the same way that tanto tips are optimized for slicing, spear points are perfect for thrusting. Fiberglass-Reinforced Nylon – One of the most popular modern materials for knife handles, fiberglass-reinforced nylon is practically indestructible. G-10 Composite – An upgrade from nylon, G-10 is the premium composite material for making knife handles. Titanium – Typically titanium grips are only available on high-end knives, although there are a few exceptions. Protective Coatings – Sometimes the blade of your knife will be coated in order to prevent corrosion and wear. Assisted Opening – For folders only, an assisted opening mechanism allows for a fast deployment of your tactical knife blade. About UsAt Team AR-15 our mission is to be the best AR-15 blog providing a vast array of knowledge, tactics, & skills in being a bad ass operator, to any and all who wish to become more prepared for whatever may come. Our goal is to be the ultimate one stop destination for anyone that has an interest in or questions regarding AR-15's. By creating an account at MCS USA you will be able to shop faster, be up to date on an orders status, and keep track of the orders you have previously made. RAP4 is proud to introduce the T68 M60, the paintball-only field machine gun that will revolutionize your game.
Rifle teams and patrol units count on GPMs for heavy cover fire, focused firepower on hardened targets, and defense against vehicles and multiple threats. That teamwork requires training and extensive drilling.which is prohibitively expensive for National Guard and Reserve units, and difficult to integrate into many training routines. Reloads are easily accomplished, and spare RAP4 Box Magazines or pods can be carried by the squad machine gunner and other squad members to replicate combat armament and duties.
When your unit needs to train like they're going to fight, they need the unparalleled authenticity of paintball-based combat simulation.and they need the unparalleled realism of the T68 M60 general purpose machinegun.
There are a lot of options to choose from, and knives have their own set of terminology which can sometimes make reading reviews difficult. Choosing a knife with the proper steel for the job is at the core of picking a tactical knife that you’ll be happy with. It’s relatively soft, but also very tough, and resists chipping and cracking better than any other knife-making steel. It’s used a lot by budget knife makers when they want to increase the hardness of the blade without switching to a more expensive material. It’s harder than 440, which means it will hold an edge longer, and in most conditions it resists corrosion just as well.

It’s a common alternative to AUS-8 and performs similarly, although its use is a sure sign that your knife was made in China and imported.
Its performance can vary depending on the manufacturer, although it can be extremely high quality in some cases. Hollow ground blades chip easily, since the cutting edge lacks the support of extra steel that flat and Scandinavian ground knives have.
It was popularized by Morakniv, and has a long and popular history in Norway, Sweden, and Finland.
It’s perfect for skinning game and slicing through material, since the curve of the blade tends to stay sharper than the working edge.
The spine of the blade, rather than running down the back edge of the knife, extends down the middle of the blade and ends at the tip. Although these materials aren’t nearly as strong as composite or metal handles, natural materials add a lot to the attractiveness of your knife. It’s used a wide variety of premium folding and fixed-blade knives because of its durability and feel. Titanium is lightweight and much stronger than aluminum, it resists scratches much better, and can be machined in order to provide plenty of traction in your hand. There are a few different kinds of coatings, but the two most common are TiNi and black powder coating. FourPen Gun That’ll Shoot Matchsticks – Step by Step Tutorial June 19, 2015 Have you ever wanted to shoot a match? We will take a logical, no nonsense, team approach to the knowledge, tactics, & skills without bias in hopes of dispelling the myth that anyone who owns an AR-15 is crazy or paranoid.
We strive to maintain a truthful and unbiased compendium of knowledge, both in original content, product reviews and tips, as well as curated articles from other top AR-15 websites.
With the exact look, feel, and ergonomics of the popular M60 general purpose machinegun (GPM), the T68 M60 is ready to make your scenario gaming incredibly realistic. That's why we're proud to introduce the new T68 M60, the ultimate training arm for simulating the role and responsibility of a general purpose machinegun (GPM) in field maneuvers.
The role of the machine gunner is highly specialized, and requires teamwork between the machine gunner, an ammunition bearer, and tripod bearer. RAP4 proudly supplies Marine and Army units with paint marking guns that replicate the M4, so personnel receive force-on-force training against role players and other personnel.with the kinetic feedback of getting hit with non-harmful projectiles.
Personnel can drill in the proper deployment of the machinegun and the proper manning of that crew-served weapon by carrying extra paintballs or non-marking ammunition, the bipod, and the T68 M60, bringing them together under fire to establish an effective machinegun position.
These revolutionary magazines hold the paintballs or non-marking rounds under constant pressure from an internal feeding device for positive feeding regardless of cyclic rate, replicating the reliability of the belt-fed M60.
Before TeamAR makes our recommendations for the hottest tactical, survival, and combat knives on the market we’re going to do our best to educate our readers on some of the ins and outs of knives. Knife makers are using a wider range of steel than they ever have, so it’s really important to learn about the different sorts of steel that are commonly used. It also repels corrosion better than nearly any other type of steel, and is perfect for use in and around the ocean. Knives made with AUS-8 also sharpen more easily than other, harder, steels with only a small decrease in edge retention. This is the first of the truly high-carbon steels that we’re covering, so you should be aware that it will corrode unless it is oiled and maintained. It’s typically sandwiched between two layers of softer steel in order to prevent corrosion. The sintering process involves taking metallic dust and heating it until it welds together. They’re relatively easy to maintain, falling in the middle between the difficult to sharpen hollow grind and the easy to hone Scandinavian.

Although they can be sharpened in the field, for best results they’ll need to either be sharpened by a professional or an electric knife sharpener. The outdoorsmen in those countries are well known for their fireside carving and bushcraft, and as a result the Scandi grind is perfect for working with wood. Drop point knives can be thought of as the default, since so many fixed and folding survival knives make use of it.
Since it tapers down from the spine in a curve there is less drag between the meat and skin, making it ideal for the job. Some knives use a titanium frame with G-10 or nylon grips in order to offer the best of both materials.
TiNi, or titanium nickel, is a tough alloy that all but stops corrosion on the blade of your knife. Modern assisted opening mechanisms make use of either levers or springs in order to help you flick your knife open quickly and easily. He's an avid forager who never misses a morel season, as well as being an accomplished campfire cook. Together, these three personnel transport the machinegun into action and keep it loaded and ready throughout the engagement.
It takes and holds an edge extremely well, although knives made with it are prone to broken tips and chipped edges. Sandvik 13C26 is said to take a finer edge than other steels that we’ve covered so far. This process eliminates the tiny imperfections that contribute to brittleness and breakage. The flat grind is used by any number of knives, although if you have a Swiss army knife or an old-fashioned pen knife you can bet it has a flat grind. These knives are found in just about every kitchen in America, since they slice meat, vegetables, and other relatively soft materials extremely well.
It feathers more easily than a flat ground edge, and holds its shape better than a hollow grind.
One drawback of aluminum is its tendency to get slippery and turn in your hand when it’s wet. Hopefully this guide provided a good rundown of the technical details of modern tactical knives, but at the end of the day it’s up to you to find a blade that you want to use regardless of the specs. Aaron has been writing about wilderness survival and the outdoors for nearly a decade, his interest kindled in part because of an early start on the trail with the Boy Scouts of America. It can be difficult to sharpen because of its hardness, and it requires high-quality whetstones to maintain. Like Sandvik steel, the best whetstones and careful maintenance are needed to keep knives made with N690 in top condition.
Scandi edges are the simplest to sharpen, since the wide, flat edge makes it easy to match the angle of the blade to the whetstone. They’re also great for thrusting, although a bit fragile, since they typically have such a sharp, refined point.
Black powder coating offers a minimum level of protection against scratches and the elements, although it does stop the sunlight from glinting off of  your blade.

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