Our boutique class sizes offer you the best support and our course includes practical work, training with real patients in working vet clinics. We're a small friendly team dedicated to making you the best vet nurse you can be - and having a little fun along the way! Our Online Training offers something for everyone, with high quallity course content from leading industry experts - we've got something to fit your professional development needs. At the Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital, we encourage an environment of learning, continuing education, and hands-on experience. We always welcome pre-veterinary college students interested in the day-to-day operations of small animal medicine to inquire about volunteering or working as paid veterinary assistants with us, as our schedule allows. We also welcome high school students who are interested in a career in veterinary medicine to come and observe, and perform some menial hospital tasks to assist our doctors, technicians, and kennel staff. MM: I’m starting at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine this fall!
AT: I am excited to start at the Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine this Fall! I have a unique collection of experiences from marine mammal medicine to small animal medicine.
There was never one ah-ha moment that led me to become a veterinarian, but rather an accumulation of moments that have built a foundation for my affinity to the profession. No idea yet, and I am very open to any field, although I do see myself practicing small animal medicine.
KS: As an inspiring veterinarian with a subpar academic record, I have decided to follow a somewhat unconventional path to fulfilling my dreams of working with our furry friends! While the majority of my volunteer work has been with small animals, I am largely excited to explore the field of large animals in school and hopefully do some sort of work with them after veterinary school. Alternatively, I would love to explore the fast-paced arena of shelter medicine and contribute to the everlasting effort to help animals in those conditions. Having been exposed to human medicine throughout most of my life, the idea of veterinary medicine was new and exciting. I was exposed to desert tortoises (Gopherus agassizii, to be exact) through some volunteer work in Las Vegas and have since deemed them to be my favorite animal.
In the EU, about 50% of upper secondary students are enrolled in the vocational stream of education. According to the Bruges Communique, initial and continuing VET should appeal equally to women and men.
The table below illustrates enrolment in initial VET at upper secondary level of education. In 2009, in the EU, about 50% of upper secondary students were enrolled in the vocational stream of education. Among female students, enrolment in the vocational stream of education was lowest in Lithuania, Hungary and Cyprus.
Only in Belgium and the UK was the proportion among female students very similar to the proportion among male students, and only in Ireland was it higher.

In all other EU countries, the proportion of students enrolled in vocational education was lower among girls than among boys.
Trend 1: The proportion of students in VET increased among females (in percentage points) and more than it did among males (Belgium, Finland, Romania, Portugal and Ireland).
Trend 2: The proportion of students in VET among females increased but less than it did among males (Sweden, Malta and Spain). Trend 3: The proportion of students in VET among females was relatively stable but it decreased among males (Netherlands, Bulgaria, Latvia and Cyprus). Trend 4: The proportion of students in VET among females decreased and decreased more than among males (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Poland and Greece).
Trend 5: The proportion of students in VET among females was relatively stable as was the proportion of VET students among males (Austria and Estonia).
The data originate from the UNESCO-OECD-Eurostat (UOE) data collection on education systems and are subject to its methodology.
Facts about the SchoolSince 1948, the School of Veterinary Medicine has been serving the public through statewide teaching, research and service programs benefiting animal health, public health and environmental health in California and beyond. Applications welcome for the 2017 NZ Certificate in Animal Technology and the Diploma in Veterinary Nursing. Our senior doctors John Winters and Ford Suehiro have extensive experience working with new assistants. We want to give a shout-out to these fine animal lovers here on the BHSAH blog, and to publish some words directly from them about their love of animals and their interest in Veterinary Medicine.
The idea that I can dedicate my education and experience to bettering the lives of pets and their owners makes me really excited to attend veterinary school and begin practicing. I think it started when I visited a farmers market near my house and saw an adorable baby goat and his family. Although I am still undecided which part of the veterinary field I want to go into, I look forward to refining my interests in veterinary school. Whether it’s treating a wild sea lion with a gill net injury, or generating a differential diagnosis for a dog presenting with lameness, I enjoy the challenge and adventure.
I will be attending University of Pennsylvania in the Pre-Health Specialized Studies Program. It was both the undying passion and unwavering love for his occupation that my uncle exuded whilst shadowing him that incited a dormant desire within me to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. While they appear to be quite intimidating animals with scaly skin and an obtrusive outer shell, their truly docile dispositions and voracious appetites make them a formidable force in the animal kingdom. However, among male students the proportion (55%) is significantly higher than it is among female students (44%).
The indicator considered is the number of upper secondary students enrolled in the vocational stream of education as % of all upper secondary students. The proportion among male students (55%) was significantly higher than it was among female students (44%).

In those countries, less than 20% of girls in upper secondary education had opted for the vocational stream.
Particularly in Malta, Italy, Poland and Estonia the proportion of students enrolled in VET was much lower among females than among males (by more than 20 percentage points). This led to an increase in VET participation among females and reduced the differentials with males. This led to an increase in VET participation among females but did not reduce the differentials with males. This did not lead to an increase in VET participation among females but it did reduce the differentials with males. This led to a decrease in VET participation among females and to increased differentials with males. I also respect their outlook on life: eat everything and don’t take anything too seriously. I was working on a project in the pastoral hillsides of Merced, California when I encountered a 1500 pound mama giving birth!
I have the appearance down, so I just need to work on my veterinary skills and knowledge, haha.
This program serves to bolster my academic portfolio through achieving stellar grade (hopefully!) in upper level biology and physiology courses. This desire has since been fueled by the amazing work of the doctors and my peers at the Beverly Hills Small Animal Hospital. I am largely attracted to the oxymoronic idea of a tortoise: a Bowser- like fierceness presented by their superficial characteristics alongside a gentle nature. It is calculated generally (total figures) and specifically (separately for male students and female students).
The highest proportions (65% or more) were found in Belgium, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Finland and the Netherlands.
I will begin the program this upcoming May and complete it in May of 2016 with both the resume and confidence to apply to veterinary school that same year! In addition, I am forever thankful for the doctors and staff at BHSAH for helping me solidify my decision to go to veterinary school. More information on each country’s VET system can be found in Cedefop’s VET in Europe database.

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