When you go to the emergency room, you expect the doctors and nurses to have the latest information and skills available.
At the same time, continuing education protects clients by making sure the professionals they hire are proficient, competent and familiar with the latest advances in their fields.
Advancements would work their way into the mainstream much more slowly without continuing education, and both professionals and their clients would suffer consequently.
Nursing school is a difficult experience for many and the mere thought of any continuing education courseĀ is enough to make someĀ nurses shudder. Even without obtaining an advanced degree, many certifications and other continuing education programs can help nurses to attain higher paid positions that can raise their salary and increase their marketability. Disclosure: We strive to provide information on this website that is accurate, complete and timely, but we make no guarantees about the information, the selection of schools, school accreditation status, the availability of or eligibility for financial aid, employment opportunities or education or salary outcomes. Welcome to CEConnection – the largest collection of nursing continuing education activities available online. Nursing continuing education activities organized by specialty, clinical category, topic, journal, and collections.
Activities for nurses in all practice settings, including acute care, critical care, home care, long term care, and rehabilitation. A special CESaver Collection, which allows you to take as many continuing education activities in the collection as you want, all for only $39.95 a year or $59.95 for two years! State-specific lists of CE courses to assist you in meeting CE license renewal requirements.
Earn continuing education contact hours on the go with our easy-to-use Nursing CEConnection app.

You will always find content relevant to your level of nursing practice including: licensed practical nurse (or LVN), registered nurse, case manager, clinical nurse specialist, nurse practitioner (including pharmacology hours), nurse educator, nurse manager, quality improvement nurse, staff development nurse, and more. If you need a lawyer, you want that person to be up to date on precedents, case law and trends. But, Lawyers, doctors, nurses, architects, teachers and many other licensed professionals must complete a certain number of credit hours to maintain their professional certification. It protects professionals by ensuring they keep their skill sets current, preventing those skills from becoming obsolete.
Doctors, for instance, might be required to take a continuing education course on advancements in antibiotics, increasing their knowledge about specialty drugs they might need to prescribe. In recent years, the growth of the Internet has resulted in the availability of online courses, which makes it easier for professionals to acquire this valuable training. However, nurses owe it to themselves and the patients they serve to continually work to improve their skills and knowledge about patient care. Nurses can go back to school to advance their degree with a Master’s degree in nursing focusing on administration, education, information, and several other specification.
As more evidence is gained and new advances in technology emerge, there are more ways that patients nurses can help to improve mortality and quality of life.
CEConnection offers more than 1,300 continuing education activities, including your own CE Planner tool, right at your fingertips. Change is a certainty, especially in professional fields such as medicine, law and finance. Licensing boards, often set up by state government agencies, set standards and ensure that individuals comply.

Dentists, on the other hand, might learn about advances in pain control so that their patients can undergo more pain-free procedures.
There are also options obtain certifications in almost every nursing specialty including informatics, gastroenterology, med-surg, and peri-operative nurses. The cost of the nursing program will likely be reimbursed by a nurse’s employer and they will receive an increase in pay after they have completed their degree. Continuing education gives nurses fresh information that can be implemented to improve patient outcomes. You will find high quality CE resources that meet your license-renewal needs and continuing education certification requirements.
The license holder is responsible for finding and completing courses -- and then providing proof to the licensing agency.
Continuing education units (CEUs) are required annually in many states and usually cover a variety of topics focusing on many nursing interests. Having a BSN can also give nurses an edge when attempting to rise in the ranks of healthcare.

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