You made it — you got through nursing school, and after celebrating your fantastic accomplishment, it’s time to start thinking about the future. You should definitely be extensively researching your job options, but also make sure to keep an open mind.
When first starting out, you might have an image in your head of who you’d like to be and what work you’d like to be doing. When choosing a mentor, make sure it’s someone who’s very experienced and very knowledgeable about nursing.
Once you have a mentor, make sure to ask questions and show that you have a lot of respect for what the person knows and has accomplished. Now that you’re out of school, you’ll face new challenges, but you’ll also encounter new rewards. There are dire times and so there are nursing tele-medicine careers that has been gaining popularity along with those doctors online. Soliant has earned the Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for excellence in healthcare staffing. The Oregon Sexual Assault Task Force provides annual Oregon SANE Training that meets the certification requirements. As of July 1, 2009 SANE trained nurses will need to apply for certification within 1 year of the didactic SANE training. Note: There is a $100 fee payable to the Oregon SANE Certification Commission for certification. Note: There is a $75 fee payable to the Oregon SANE Certification Commission for recertification. Instructions and forms for certification and recertification can be found in the forms section of this web site. Robin Olafson, SANE Program Coordinator, Oergon Sexual Assault Task Force, here or by phone at (503) 990-6541. Sickle cell anemia is an inherited disorder on the beta chain of the hemoglobin resulting to abnormally shaped red blood cells. Hemoglobin is a form of protein that contains iron which is responsible for transporting oxygen that is carried in blood. The more hemoglobin molecules the RBC contain, a higher amount of oxygen will they be able to carry.
Erythrocytes in sickle cell anemia contain abnormal hemoglobin that affects the beta-chain producing hemoglobin S or HbS. The abnormally shaped cells become sharp and spiky when the RBCs are discharging oxygen molecules and in cases where the oxygen content in blood is low such as performing vigorous exercise and being in high altitude areas. Sickle cell crisis refers to episodes of acute and severe sickling that blocks the circulation posing a threat of extensive organ damage. A condition called a sickle cell trait is identified by the presence of a single defective gene, instead of two.

Priaprism (males) – due to pooling of abnormally shaped erythrocytes in the blood vessels of the penis. Pain relief with Acetaminophen (Tylenol) or IV of morphine to reduce metabolic demand of oxygen thereby, terminating cell sickling. Hydroxyurea – antineoplastic agent that increases production of fetal hemoglobin in children. Obtain blood and urine culture, chest x-ray and CBC results if infection is the cause of sickling. As prepared as your education made you, nothing’s the same as actually working in the field. Your first job will have a huge impact on the what you learn and the experience you get, so it’s not a choice to be taken lightly. The position you’ve always dreamed of might not be your first, and if you want a job at the hospital you’re applying to, keep in mind that you might have to start doing something else and then work on switching positions.
However, it’s immensely beneficial to have a physical example of what you’re striving for, too. Don’t be afraid to get even more specific; if you have a certain specialty you’re interested in or a nursing job you’ve always dreamed of having, find someone who is an expert in your target area. Shifts can be long, and the problems can be plenty, so it’s easy to become consumed in your work. If you neglect your own desires to have fun and relax, your dissatisfaction will spread to the workplace, and your demeanor will suffer overall.
Even if you feel like you’re being productive at the time, you’ll start to stress, and the tension might end up decreasing your overall productivity. If you make good decisions, you’ll be able to learn all you can and advance in your career without letting stress overtake you. Extensions will only be given to those who have difficulty fulfilling the Sexual Assault Exam and Crime Lab Tour requirements for certification. It is recommended that applications be completed and submitted 3 months (and not sooner than 6 months) prior to the expiration date of current certification.
RBC’s assume a crescent or C-shape that decreases the cell’s life span and ability to function thereby, producing various complications. Severe pain is noted during these incidents caused by occluded vessels in the bone possibly resulting to bone necrosis. That’s why this article is full of advice from experienced nurses and even new nurses who learned what’s necessary to survive the realm of nursing. Having a mentor can really help you focus on what you hope to achieve and will also give you a better means to achieve it.
Your mentor will be able to tell you how he or she got that position and can potentially help you get there yourself.
Instead of asking, “What’s that?” ask about the specific issue and explain why you’re confused.

It’s extremely admirable that you want to help others, but you must make sure that you take some time out for yourself. It’s also important to exercise and eat healthy, because if your health is suffering, every aspect of your life will begin to suffer. Focus on your goals, how you can accomplish them, and how you can stay happy while you’re swamped with work.
These small cells are circular and flattened with depressed centers on both sides resembling to that of a doughnut when viewed under a microscope. A red blood cell is just a vessel; the one that performs the oxygen transportation is the hemoglobin.
Valine (an amino acid) takes the place of the normally appearing glutamic acid in beta-chains.
The deformed erythrocytes also rupture easily and they tend to be trapped in the microcirculation, obstructing blood flow and oxygen transport that might lead to painful episodes of ischemic injury. The crisis is triggered by hypoxemia, acidosis, or other conditions such as dehydration, infection, vigorous exercise, pregnancy or cold weather. Meaning two sickle cell trait carrier parents can contribute a defective gene to a child that will carry the sickle cell disorder. Hearing from someone already in the environment will give you amazing insight into the inner-workings and culture of the employer.
You can also consider a temporary or travel nurse position to test out different facilities and units before jumping into a permanent nursing position. If you really respect and admire a nurse, then asking him or her for advice and feedback will only bring you one step closer to success.
If you properly explain what you’re interested in learning, your mentor will be better able to help you. No one can function on a day-to-day basis without burning out unless they spend some time relaxing and doing things for themselves. You’ll have to find time for your work, your family, and yourself, and even though that may seem impossible, it’s definitely doable. Don’t spend all of your time at work — spend ample time for yourself to maintain your personal happiness and thus make your work experience even better, too. Their size and shape provides a large surface area for carrying oxygen in relation to their volume. Replacement of glutamic acid with valine causes the polymerization of HbS components to cohere forming long and insoluble particles. Heme molecules, which are only found in mature RBC’s, enables the erythrocytes to pick oxygen from the lungs and transport it throughout the body.

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