The Center for Professional Development at Rutgers School of Nursing offers cutting edge continuing education opportunities for registered and advanced practice nurses, nurse faculty, and other healthcare professionals to meet the demands of an increasingly complex, diverse, and dynamic health care environment.
Hollis Forster, RNC-NP received her RN in 1980 and her nurse practitioner license in 1982 from the University of California at Los Angeles. From 2003-2005, she served as the Executive Director of the National Cervical Cancer Coalition, drawing on her knowledge of cervical cancer from her twenty years as a provider of cervical cancer services. In 2006, Holly joined Affiliates Risk Management Services, a risk management organization that serves a national health care association.
Anyone who’s completed nursing school can tell you where they floundered in their education. Any experience you can gain in the field, such as through volunteer work, family or friends in the profession, etc., will help avoid major career disappointments. If floor nursing isn’t for you, or if you have your heart set on administration work or other avenues of nursing that demand a master’s degree, then apply to a program that will get you there directly.

If or when you change schools during your educational path, there will be classes that the new school won’t accept. She’s worked in intensive care units and ambulatory care centers, delivering hands-on women’s health care services to countless women. This experience enriched her knowledge of the administrative needs of health care services.
Forster has also served on the board of medical management for the Family Planning Funding organization in California and has been a visiting faculty member for the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals, delivering medical education to reproductive health care professionals across the U.S. When I finished nursing school, there was a couple in my class who graduated with wonderful grades, passed the RN exam, and within weeks opened a plant nursery in their community.
Online courses and other flexible alternatives are making it easier to complete a nursing associate’s degree and certification programs. Work experience that you might get credit for in one school may not be accepted by another.

During many of these years, she also worked as the risk and quality manager of ten women’s health centers, assuring compliance with local and federal law and managing the details of protocol development and implementation.
She also continues her hands-on work to stay connected with the most important part of this job- the patient.
This makes it possible to complete one rung of the educational ladder, then work while earning another degree to the next rung. And most schools (even if you’re two classes from your degree) will insist that you take a minimum amount of credits from them before you graduate with a degree in their name.

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