Any Waldorf courses may be selected from the catalog and course schedule to be used as electives, provided that they are not used to satisfy other program requirements. View gainful employment information including cost of attendance, on-time graduation rates, occupational opportunities, median student loan debt, and other information about this program. In fashion design college, students will learn a general history of the evolution of clothing styles from classical eras to present day.
Every fashion designer needs to learn how to draw their designs out on paper before they begin actually cutting and sewing material. Computer aided fashion design courses teach students about how to use software to design clothing and accessories.
Every student in fashion design school should graduate knowing how to sew garments by hand and by machine. A good fashion design school will teach students the underlying principles that make clothing look good, including color theory.
For students who wish to become costume designers for television, film, or stage production, costume design teaches everything from how to design historically accurate clothing for period pieces to unique fantasy and futuristic looks.
For students who want to create their own clothing lines, collection development teaches students how to create a whole collection of unified and signature pieces that will represent them as designers on runways and in stores. Fashion design college is an excellent career move for the aspiring designer, because upon graduation, students have a complete portfolio of their work to show to prospective employers. Many fashion designers are also aspiring entrepreneurs in that they hope to someday develop their own collections or run their own retail stores.
To earn an associate degree or a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, any accredited college will require you to take some general education courses.
Of course, not all fashion design schools will have the exact same classes, but the good ones will give you a well-rounded view of how to be successful in a competitive industry. Computers have now become an integral part of everyday life at home, work, school, and nearly everywhere else. Interior Designers are talented professionals who focus on designing and enhancing interior spaces. Topics covered include: Federal and State Regulations, Legal Concepts of the Insurance Contract, Life, and Health Insurance, Annuities, Health and Accident Insurance, Disability and Medical Reimbursement. To register for a course at Palm Beach State College please contact OnLine Training at 1 (866) 357-0841. After you have successfully completed the state required 2-15 Pre-Licensure course, register for this course which is designed to move the student, in a focused manner, through content that one must know in order to fully satisfy state examination requirements. Practice exams are an ideal way to evaluate your level of knowledge prior to taking the actual state insurance agent exam. After you have successfully completed the state required 2-20 Pre-Licensure course, register for this course which is designed to move the student, in a focused manner, through content that one must know in order to fully satisfy state examination requirements.
The Florida General Lines Agent (2-20) and the Personal Lines Agent (20-44) exams are very challenging.
Upon enrolling, you will be notified of course procedures by email within 1 business day after receipt of registration. January 25, 2013 Leave a Comment A new year and a new semester recently brought new leadership to three divisions at Vance-Granville Community College.
Gardner-Ragland earned a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice at Fayetteville State University and a master’s degree in criminal justice at North Carolina Central University. Thomas graduated with an Associate in Applied Science degree in Radiologic Technology from Pitt Community College and a bachelor of arts in Forensic Science from Guilford College, before completing a master’s degree in Health Care Management from Ashworth College. Fey holds a bachelor’s degree from Thomas More College, an MBA from High Point University and a master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from Western Carolina University. Over the past decade, advances in technology may have helped make online education an increasingly popular option for students looking to enhance their career prospects. Topping off the confusion, colleges and universities frequently offer 2 different kinds of certificate programs: for credit certificate programs and non-credit certificate programs. Below are some general facts about non-credit certificate programs versus for credit certificate programs. Online certificate programs are usually more specialized and don’t provide a broad overview of a field of study. At the same time, degree seeking students may earn a certificate (online or otherwise) by taking similar courses covering a narrow subject matter, or certificate programs can be taken independently. Generally, the biggest difference between Certificate Programs and Degree Programs is potentially the amount of time they may require to complete. The possibility that it may take fewer courses to pursue earning a Certificate doesn’t mean that these programs could potentially be any less challenging or demanding than perhaps some Degree Programs. So, Online Certificate Programs are sometimes available at a wide range of educational levels. Online diploma programs do contain the more general overview of a particular field, but it is not generally covered in the same length as graduate programs. Online Certificate Programs tend to be aimed at those seeking to enhance, rather than jumpstart, their career. At the same time, individuals who have not entered a career field yet may be able to jumpstart their career more quickly with an online diploma.

You might be wondering, what’s a common thread among Certificate Programs if it’s not the level of education they offer? Earning an online certificate from a college program provides a convenient, flexible way to learn, though the rigors of the coursework are certainly no less and no easier than the traditional classroom experience. When looking into earning an Online Certificate Program, you may also want to investigate the specific outcomes available from each program. Another possible outcome upon successful completion of a Certificate Program is that it might make you eligible to earn a national or professional certification.
Just because an Online Certificate Program may not offer credits or possibly eligibility for certification exams, though, doesn’t mean it may not be useful.
So now that you may have gotten some of the basics of Online Certificate Programs down, you’re probably interested in finding one that might help enhance your career and education. This might feel like a lot of information, so when looking into Online Certificate Programs, make sure to keep your field of interest and level of education in mind. If you’re not looking for the specific focus of a Certificate Program, but can’t invest the time it requires to earn a degree, there may still be an option for you. If you’re nervous about your dorm life, that’s good, you should be, it means you care about the experience you’re about to have.  Not to be the bearer of bad news here, but not everyone loves dorm life. There are however, things you can do to make your dorm experience a more pleasant and enjoyable one, so that you aren’t counting off the days until the school year ends.  College is too valuable a time to be spent dreading your time there, and you should do everything you can to make it an enjoyable experience. This doesn’t mean you have to be prepared to leave for good or go storming out of your dorm room in a huff, but sometimes things get a little wild in dorm halls.  A party atmosphere can either mean that you’re in amongst those that are having a fantastic time or gritting your teeth and stuffing tissue in your ears in a vain attempt to study. This foundation includes the Waldorf general education curriculum, numerous courses in the criminal justice arena, and courses in sociology and business.
Fashion design school is where clothing and accessory designers learn the skills they need to compete for these exiting and creative jobs. A good fashion designer knows how to incorporate both throwback trends and timelessness into her collections, so a well-rounded study of fashion’s long and colorful history is important. Often, designers show sketches to potential clients to sell their ideas or work with the client on perfecting a design before construction begins. In addition, they must learn construction, which is how to put all the pieces of a garment together. When fashion design students learn draping, they learn about how clothing hangs and fits over the body and how to use the flow of fabric to flatter a person’s figure.
Textiles courses teach fashion design students about the properties of all different types of fabric, from jersey to spandex and how to work with each one. Even conventional designers benefit from costume design, as this is a class that teaches how to be playful with different styles.
A portfolio preparation class teaches students how to put this portfolio together to highlight their unique vision, skills, and strengths. Management, merchandising, and business classes teach students what they need to be successful designers in the real world once they leave school.
The good news is that fashion design schools are career-focused and keep these courses both relevant to the field and at a minimum.
It is designed and taught to comply with the State requirements for Life, Health and Annuities education prior to State examination. Evaluate your knowledge and use of terms, and gain confidence in your ability to pass the state exam on the first try! You may want to use this course to review your knowledge of all sections of the manual or just concentrate on those sections where you feel you need more study. She started at VGCC as an instructor for the Criminal Justice program in 1997 and became head of the program in 2000.
Thomas started her association with VGCC as a part-time Radiography instructor in 1997 and became the program’s full-time clinical coordinator in 2000. He spent many years as a corporate executive, entrepreneur and management consultant in the Greensboro area. If you’re browsing options for online programs, you might be familiar with some of the different degree options offered: Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate. Remember, the various options aren't "better" or "worse." They just benefit different people in different ways. For instance, you may pursue a certificate in software engineering, but this study will not describe the broader aspects of computer science. Taken alone, online certificate programs are generally less time consuming than associate's degree programs because the general overview of the field is not required. While it’s not a hard and fast rule, some certificates may be earned by taking as few as three  or as many as ten courses[ii]. Often Certificate Programs focus on very high-level subjects, and students may need a Master’s Degree in order to enroll. To narrow down your search for a program that may be perfect for your needs, you may need to do a little research. They are lengthier and more in-depth compared to certificate programs, but typically not as long as an associate's degree program. The option is more specialized than a full-time graduate degree program and still contains the important overview, yet it will typically contain fewer courses in its curriculum.

Well, because they usually require fewer credits than a degree, these programs typically have a much more specific focus than a Degree Program would. Students can expect to spend approximately two and a half hours each week corresponding with instructors and classmates, as well as working on assignments.
Schools offering online certificates and diplomas also vary in their course requirements, such as class schedules, assignment deadlines, and classroom participation.
Some programs, in addition to offering a certificate upon successful completion, may also provide credits to students. The good news is that online certificates are typically available in a wide range of concentrations ranging anywhere from Business to Education [viii]. Try to find programs dealing with skills that may be relevant to your current career or the career you may want to pursue. Online Diploma Programs typically offer general overviews of certain fields, covering a broader focus than you would while earning a certificate, but typically in a shorter amount of time than it would take to earn a degree. The program provides students with the general education, discipline specific, and technical knowledge required to succeed in the criminal justice workplace. Here are some of the classes offered in fashion design schools and what students can expect to learn in each. Pattern making is also an essential, because designers make patterns of garments before they begin cutting into expensive fabrics. That way, students can put most of their energy into hands-on training that they will use in the workforce. Gardner-Ragland of Henderson was named VGCC’s Dean of Business and Applied Technologies, Angela M. Gardner-Ragland later served as interim Dean of Arts and Sciences and as Dean of Applied Technologies and Public Service. In early 2011, Fey became the Small Business Center director for Central Carolina Community College in Sanford.
Yet, it’s likely that you may also come across another, less familiar option for education: Online Certificate Programs. And some subjects — like Project Management, for example — can be studied within both kinds of programs. If you have specific questions about your education, the best idea is always to contact an admissions counselor at the school you're considering. For this reason, online certificates may be commonly pursued by professionals already in a particular field who would like to become more knowledgeable about a particular facet of their work. Ordinarily, diplomas are pursued by individuals after post-secondary school to obtain the education that may be necessary to pursue a profession at the entry level, or sought by current professionals looking to pursue a career switch. For example, certain Education Certificate Programs, because of the coursework they offer, require students to already have a teaching license and regular access to a classroom[vi]. For example, certain Education Certificate Programs, because of the coursework they offer, require students to already have a teaching license and regular access to a classroom [vi]. A range of portable media are used in online certificate programs, such as videos, podcasts, and ebooks. Since the focus of certificates  may often be so specific, there could be  a ton of possibilities! There, he assisted in the development of over 45 new small businesses and expanded the center’s training programs at three campuses.
Following the previous example, an information technology specialist - already having a broad knowledge of computers - may earn that software engineering certificate to enhance his career or pursue a different sector of his career.
To find out for sure if you could possibly qualify to apply for a certain program, you might want to request info from the schools you’re looking at. All programs  may not be so demanding, but some may ask that you have earned a few credits in a related field. Legitimate, accredited academic institutions offering these programs have been evaluated by either a national or regional accreditation agency.
Of course, these situations vary between schools and certificates, so you should request information from the school regarding the exact program you’re interested in.
Gardner-Ragland received the VGCC Excellence in Teaching Award in 2004, and is a graduate of the N.C. As Dean, Thomas leads a division that includes the Nursing, Human Services Technology, Medical Assisting, Pharmacy Technology and Radiography programs. At VGCC, Fey will oversee programs that respond to local employers’ training needs and support workforce development in Vance, Granville, Franklin and Warren counties. Both Gardner-Ragland and Thomas are familiar faces at VGCC as experienced educators, while Fey is a newcomer to the institution with experience in business and in the community college system. His division also includes the Small Business Center, personal enrichment and computer courses, prison programs, and occupational training in fields such as health care, law enforcement and Emergency Medical Services. Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) conducts a regular review of faculty, curricula, and administrative practices to ensure that schools uphold certain educational standards.

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