This page discusses multiple theories about what can be found under Edd's hat, with provided explanation. NOTE: This page originally featured the "mullet theory" by VampireMeerkat, therefore still does. Even though there are people who are supportive about this theory, it has been said that this should not be an honest consideration. The artist also stated that the long hair at the back is not an important element in this creation; and has only been added for a side story concerning Edd and his mother.
Even when Edd was a toddler his parents were absent and busy people and didn't always have the time to check on him. His parents did order him to go to the barber right after their own attempt, rightfully assuming they didn't do a great job, but Edd wasn't keen on the idea of going outside and showing his hairdo to anyone. Since Edd's mother was always fond of his long hair, unlike his father, Edd decided not to touch the long right half at the back his head (the left half was already cut off by his parents; these are the three hairs) and made his mother believe he was wearing the hat to hide his intact long hair from his father. VampireMeerkat's first uploaded drawing at Deviantart was titled "Show Yourself Edd", which was also the first drawing to show off this theory. In this submission Edd's Kevin-outfit from the episode "A Boy And His Ed" was mentioned, and shows what parts of Edd's hairdo matches to the extra hairs portrayed.
The submission was drawn before more decent "proof" was found to support and demotivate this theory. Unlike the first sketched down theory, this one uses Edd's hairpins from "Will Work For Ed" as proof and as Edd's way of fixing his hair into his hat, rather than his hair being just "hat-shaped". If Edd uses hairpins, it might be the case that they hold his hair flat down onto his head. But this also means that Edd can't store items in his mullet, instead of his hat, and it raises the question if it's really the mullet itself that frightens Ed and Eddy; or just the amount of hairpins.
Please note that the mullet theory is designed and altered based on these scenes, but that this theory should not be a honest consideration. Hairpins; a large amount of these shiny metal pins is probably needed to maintain his hair. The stiff, back vertical piece of his hairdo might escape the pins so now and then, which means the characters are picking him up by his hair. There is no proof that demotivates that Edd might be (close to) bald, though it is impossible to claim that this is the secret hidden under his hat. As most of the male characters in Ed, Edd n Eddy lack hair, it wouldn't make sense that Ed and Eddy would be scared or amazed by Edd's baldness. When winning the game as Edd, he would throw his hat in the air, showing the player a few strands of hair.
This theory is unlikely, as not only does it not explain Ed and Eddy's reactions, the game was made by Cartoon Network themselves, without the input of AKA Cartoon. This theory originated from an interview that was once present on the offline AKA Cartoon website; and in this interview two staff members were eventually asked for their opinion about what they thought was under Edd's hat.
Another reason for the existence of this theory is the blond wig Edd recieved from the Kanker sisters in the episode "Quick Shot Ed", which people either assumed to be his actual hair, or believed that the colour of the wigs matched all three the Eds; as Ed's wig was orange, just like his real hair colour. This theory lacks proof, as for a reason why it should be considered an (unsolvable) problem.
This theory is unlikely, as Edd is in love with Nazz and has been seen shirtless more than once in the series, and even pantsless by Ed and Eddy in the boomerang episode. Well first when Edds hat came off Eddy said "geez Louise"since it looked weird and Ed said "Cool" because he likes mutants and thinks itss cool.In the big picture show Eddy made fun of it by saying "my eyes there burning"! Edd's hat has been removed about 3-4 times, and the first 2 times Ed and Eddy seemed slightly creeped out. When Eddy wanted to play dodgeball with Ed, Edd and Jimmy in Ed in a Halfshell; Edd covered his head for a few seconds then started to cry a little.
In Take This Ed And Shove It Edd's hat seemed to have deflated as if a ball or something was under it and the air was released.On the ed edd and eddy the misedventures game manual,it said this theory. Edd is blonde, but his parents made him dye the ends black, because blonde hair looks "bad" according to them.
On the episode where Eddy gets a zit, Edd seems to have some sort of compassion for Eddy getting made fun of. Edd knows bullies look for a reaction and he tends to explode so he makes sure they don't know how to get a reaction from him. Edd yells at Ed and Eddy for saying those things on Big Picture Show as if nothing was so bad.
An brain expanding out if his skull would kill him, so would a dodgeball smashing into his skull. In Ed, Edd n Eddy's Big Picture Show, Edd's hat came off in the forest scene and Eddy said his eyes hurt.
He is being raised "as a girl", or to a certain extent, as his parents are still desperate for a daughter.
In A Fistful Of Edd, When Edd's Tongue had a Bite on it.His hat had a hole in it, If you look closely,You'll see a Stray curly line coming through his hat.
When Edd was real young, he found himself very interested in science so he took off looking around his house for something related to the subject.
It is very much so possible that Edd wears his hat in order to mask an oddly shaped birthmark or other condition that was present from birth. Full Video Movie Cartoon-conspiracy-theory-ed-edd-n-eddy-parental-neglect 4907566 and Full Free Online Supernatural 1572120 Save to drive 454148 times.
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Full Video Movie Ed Edd N Eddy Purgatory Neighborhood Theory 539439 and Full Free Online 9483089 Save to drive 4678049 times. Full Video Movie The Truth Behind Ed Edd n Eddy 4305712 and Full Free Online 2455787 Save to drive 4261841 times. Image Details 954 views (4 from today) Uploaded Jul 02, 2016 at 08:30AM EDT Origin Entry SpongeBob Comparison Charts Spongebob Comparison Charts are scene comparison charts in which various media are compared to scenes and screencaptures from Nickelodeon’s long-running animated series Spongebob Squarepants.
These are all interpretations by fans and artists, therefore should not be taken seriously. He was able to take care of himself at a young age, yet wasn't able, nor allowed to use any sharp or dangerous objects.
In the meantime, his father believed that the hat was his hair, since it was black like Edd's original hair colour. This drawing did not get any attention; but instead the Ed, Edd and Eddy Caramelldansen video at Youtube (originally uploaded 17 December, 2007) did and introduced the theory to most people.
Edd's Kevin-costume makes a return, and Sarah's lack of reaction when she appeared from under his hat in "An Ed Too Many". Though everyone's free to assume the hairpins simply belong with the other junk Edd stores in his hat; but then I don't want any comments about "how all that hair can fit in his hat", which I usually get, if Edd is able pull a whole toolbox out of there.
Even though it seems the most logical theory out there, it's not likely that "bald" characters like Ed and Eddy would be frightened by it. As the characters don't have any neck hairs, the question is where their hair starts; Edd may look bald whenever his hair is pulled back with the pins, making the left row pictures above irrelevant.
Though, if Edd's parents aren't aware of what is under his hat themselves, this could be ignored.
This scene may also apply to scars and extreme wounds, though the question is how serious it could be if Ed and Eddy end up grinning about their friend's pain. Please note that this list is different from the list below, where users can add their own ideas. This theory also lacks a reason why it should be considered a problem to Edd, not to mention Ed and Eddy.

One of the answers, "It's probably blond, curly hair to match his fangirl status", got misread and seen as the truth by fans. And Ed said "does it hurt double d"because he had the eye under that hat and it hurts when you get something in your eye. Danny Antonucci had complete creative control over this show and based the main characters off of himself. In an episode before this one, Eddy hid under Edd's hat for protection, so he might have actually seen the gills.other theories include big head, mutation, tumor, birth defect, lice, scar, scab, ticks, cancer, lab accident, and disfigurement.
Also In Honor Thy Ed Eddy said: "Double D, let me poke your brain!",meaning he is a mutant. Edd wears the hat to cover up the blonde hair in his hat, while the 3 hairs sticking out are the hairs dyed black.
His hair grew, but Edd couldn't cut any of it without hurting himself, so he combed the hair towards the back of his head.
Though, the version it supports it a alternate version of it that perhaps makes more sense.
Some of these jokes involve acting creeped out, saying things like, "My eyes, they burn" "Cool" "Geez louise" and "Does it hurt, Double-D", these each imply that he has a horn on his head, or in realistic thoughts an "alphalfa". The idea is that long ago Edd went to an run-down going out of business barbershop, his parents not knowing that there's a good reason. The hat symbolizes his mother who he loves so, he gets attached to it after a few years and even covers it with a shower cap. Boys usually have a fasination with scabs, scars, and the like and both would have been horrified if it had been something grotesque.
His parents don't let him cut his? hair, because maybe he was supposed to be a girl, but disappointingly enough he turned out to be a boy.
It explains Edd's second name, "Marian", which perhaps was originally for that daughter that never was.
If the birthmark was in an embarassing or unusual shape (that would get him made fun of, hence the other Eds' comments in Big Picture Show), he would, needless to say, want to cover it up.
Cutting his hair was something he didn't try and slowly it grew longer.When his parents noticed this, they decided to cut it before going to work, though in a haste.
Just like blond hair, a theory based on a misread interview (which was an opinion) that was present on the offline AKA website.
If dodgeball were to be removed, the hair would poof out and be a mullet which Edd might cut.
Not much is known about this version since it was only mentioned once but the concept will be explained more in the upcoming episode, Doomed Memories. Edd is so worried about getting picked on by having it, he hides it under his hat which lookes similar to one he had as a toddler.
It hurts because he loves it and can't have it off, the secret he wants nobody to know is that he wears a "security hat". He hides it for two reasons, one because he has blown it out of proportion and believes it makes him look deformed.
It would make sense as to why he's more soft and feminine than the other boys in the Cul-de-Sac. Edd opened it up and started playing with the chemicals and test tubes but when he put just the wrong combination, an explosion happened that drew his parents' attention. A strange shape would also explain why Ed and Eddy were impressed with it when they first saw it.
After they left, Edd noticed the damage and so he decided to fix his hair himself, without success. Danny Antonucci chose to give Edd a permanent hat based on the time he burned off the hair on the top of his head and hid it from his parents using a hat.
The barber cut Edd's hair all right, into an ugly, shaggy and gruesome looking bowl cut with spots shaved off and three stups of hair at the back.
When they came in, they found their baby son with the top of his head grotesquely burnt and hair dyed an unnatural color except for a few strands. His parents didn't care how weird and somewhat creepy their son looked but when Edd became smarter as a two year old, he realized his odd appearance. Due to where the shaven spots are, Edd's hair cannot regrow properly and he has to live with the same ugly hairdew forever. Eddy's eyes burned because of the gloom and anger Edd felt, it's amazing and cool because, how could someone be so loyal to a mother that's only around to rub his feet and give him milk before bed. He is trying to dodge as best he can, but the other team has the toughest kid in school who throws dodgeballs like cannonballs. After discovering they could not dye his hair back, they bought him a hat to cover the injuries up. He wears bandages that he thinks will ruin his image in the family, so his mother makes him a hat.
He had to move to Peach Creek (his home town's rival town) due to him being so ashamed and scared. To Double-D, the scar is a constant reminder of his parents' indiscretion that night and it still makes him ashamed to think of it.

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