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The recent spate of explosions a€” including eight deaths in a 2011 California gas main rupture and three destroyed homes in a 2012 West Virginia disaster a€” a€?has brought increased attention to the 2.5 million miles of pipeline that traverse the nation,a€? the NTSB warns.

Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, whose district includes the East Harlem disaster site, said the Council plans to hold hearings after the NTSB issues its findings on the cause of the explosion, and the need to upgrade 19th century gas mains will likely be a key focus. In New York City, where 65% of households use some form of natural gas to heat homes or fuel stoves, active cast- and wrought-iron pipes date as far back as 1870.
Between Con Ed and National Grid, the other gas utility servicing New York City, there have been 38 a€?incidentsa€? involving damages caused by gas leaks since 2011 that involved 12 injuries and three fatalities. Con Ed workers replaced old cast iron gas pipes in Inwood on Thursday, but there are hundreds of miles more to go.
With that record, the state Public Service Commission a€” which sets rates for both New York utilities a€” has in recent years pressured them to get aggressive about replacing older pipes.
Con Ed has targeted for replacement a total of 828 miles of cast iron and unprotected steel gas main the state considers a€?leak-prone,a€? records show. Seeking approval to raise its rates in mid-February, Con Edison agreed to replace 195 miles of a€?leak-pronea€? gas mains, including 30 miles of cast iron and 20 miles of unprotected steel, by 2016, records show. National Grid, which serves 1.2 million customers in Brooklyn, Staten Island and southern Queens, has similar ambitions. With 1,500 miles of leak-prone gas main systemwide, National Grid promised last June to replace 85 miles of pipe by the end of 2014.

How build selfhosted author website 30, Step by step tutorial: how to build your own selfhosted author website in 30 minutes. Using swift build imdb search app udemy, Please confirm that you want to add using swift to build an imdb search app to your wishlist.. Smith NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Saturday, March 22, 2014, 10:23 PM facebook Tweet email Officials believe a leaking gas main under two East Harlem buildings led to the blast that killed eight people on March 12. Con Edison a€” which serves Manhattan, the Bronx and northern Queens a€” has experienced 105,000 gas leaks since 2009, including 12,000 linked to corroded pipes. Upgrading that many miles of gas main will take upwards of 40 years and cost $7 to $10 billion, Con Ed says.
In the Bronx, for instance, the utility estimated it would replace 5 miles of cast iron mains in 2013 but managed to get to 8.13 miles.

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