Fill out the form below and the Energy Efficiency Team will contact you to schedule a FREE on-site energy efficiency survey. You will receive recommendations on how to save energy with more efficient lighting and refrigeration equipment. To qualify, your facility must have an average peak monthly electric demand of 300 kW or less. NEW YORK, NY -- With another New York summer in the books, it’s time for home and business owners to prepare their heating systems to run efficiently when winter’s cold hits. The utility will pay residential customers up to $1,000 for replacing old equipment with new energy efficient equipment or for taking other steps to save energy and money. Residential and small business customers with central air conditioning can manage their heating and cooling costs with a free smart thermostat. Con Edison will also pay $50 to residential customers who let the company pick up their old refrigerator or freezer. Owners of multi-family properties (five to 75 units) and large commercial and industrial businesses can get incentives for energy management control systems. Customers can also save money on heat by getting an early start on preparing their systems.
Talk of the Sound is a hyper-local news site, considered the source for news and information in New Rochelle since 2008. If you would like to become a contributor, suggest a story idea or have a news tip contact us. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. Energy service companies won their court battle against the state’s effort to effectively put them out of business. A July 22 decision by Albany Supreme Court Justice Henry Zwack, linked here, said the Public Service Commission didn’t give energy service companies a fair hearing before it decided in February to largely shut them out of the residential gas and electricity market. So Zwack’s ruling left the commission plenty of room to continue its push against ESCOs operating in the residential market.
Studies show energy service company prices in New York are far higher than the gas and electricity prices charged by Con Edison and other utilities.
New York officials are pushing ahead with their crackdown on energy service companies despite legal headwinds. In other words, this company promises to get a plumber or electrician to your house sooner when something goes wrong.
State government has put out a similar message. Statewide, wholesale electricity prices are significantly off their peak in 2008, the Public Service Commission says. To understand how much we benefit from lower natural gas prices, consider that nationally, electricity prices are not down as steeply as in New York. The state Assembly is trying again to set up a new agency called the Office of the Utility Consumer Advocate. Assemblyman Jeffrey Dinowitz, a Bronx Democrat, is this year’s lead sponsor of the bill. That’s as true now as it was when Albany first considered the idea several years ago. Dinowitz’s bill and its predecessors have had strong support in the Democratic-controlled state Assembly. Opponents of a consumer advocate office say that consumer advocacy is the Public Service Commission’s job.
Invariably, the PSC must weigh the needs of regulated utilities against the needs of ratepayers. But fairness and due process – as there is in judicial proceedings – requires that two sides debate crucial issues involving, say, utility rates, modernizing the electric grid, establishing the right level of capital investments, and storm hardening so the State is not penny-wise-and-pound-foolish when the next devastating Hurricane Sandy hits. Lobbyists do their all to keep New Yorkers paying some of the highest utility rates in the nation.

Somebody cut the cord to much of the Internet service in the New York region on May 9, knocking out phone service to 750,000 people, the state says.
New York state officials plan an investigation of the outage, which they fear affected 911 service.
The outage comes amid a state Public Service Commission investigation of telecommunications service in New York. Verizon has wrongly overcharged its traditional phone customers and spent the cash building out its FiOS and mobile networks, a consumer group alleges.
Though New York shows little interest in regulating Verizon’s prices, it does care about the quality of landline service. Customers are staying with Verizon despite evidence that the quality of its service is declining. New York and other states have had little interest over the last decade or so in the price and quality of old-fashioned telephone service.
Now we’ll find out if a state investigation can make the company care more about what it sees as obsolete technology. A state Supreme Court judge in Albany on March 4 stayed a Public Service Commission order cracking down on the companies. In court papers, the ESCOs gripe the commission’s February 20 order took them by surprise. Our goal is to keep our New York Ambit Energy Customers powered, from Long Island to Lake Erie.
Electricity supply to the 22-floor Nigeria House in New York was yesterday disconnected by Con Edison, the local company that is the main provider of power the city.
Ambassador Ogwu, in an astounding act of nepotism, went as far as awarding the contract for the cleaning of the property to her son, who lacked experience in the business, and without the competitive bidding required by law. The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bulus Lolo and a former Chancery officer, Ibrahim Rabiu, both visited the Nigeria House last Monday only to leave via British Airways on Thursday without solving the billing issue in the building.  Their departure followed a closed-door meeting with its maintenance engineers. Apart from the issues of unpaid bills, the Nigeria House has other issues relating to corruption on the part of Immigration officials seconded from Nigeria as attaches.
The 4th Floor used to be rented to the United Nations for a whopping $22,000 per month, but that those offices moved out due to poor building maintenance and the floor is now used as a lodge for visiting dignitary who mostly claims hotel refunds when they return to Nigeria.
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Residential customers who own or buy their own thermostat from certain service providers can receive an $85 rebate. Study after study has found that ESCO prices are much higher than the rates charged by Con Edison and other utility companies.
In February, the commission banned energy service companies from signing up new customers unless they guarantee their prices are equal to or lower than utilities’ full-service plans. Of those, 30% involved questionable marketing practices, 25% involved dissatisfaction with prices charged – or no savings realized, and 22% involved “slamming” – enrollment of customers without their authorization. One definition of such customers would be a family of four with income at 60 percent of the state median income, or $51,792 a year.
In return, he says, East Coast’s customers get quick service when their heat and hot water fail in winter. This chart shows the wholesale power price paid in July by a typical Con Edison residential customer.
The government says that nationwide, residential prices are down by 0.24 percent over the last year. As the state’s news release notes, the state hit its all-time record load a decade ago.
And Con Ed is looking to raise its charges for delivering power to your home and running the power grid in 2017.

But the idea of a consumer advocate office is not popular in the Republican-dominated Senate. It’s true that the PSC is charged with ensuring that utility rates are just and reasonable. An AARP study last year noted that more than half of New York City voters between ages 35 and 69 worry about their ability to pay utility bills. Another AARP study two years ago found that utilities spend $10 million per year advocating for their interests in Albany. People who buy the basic service actually pay around $30 after government taxes and fees are tacked on.
The Public Service Commission voted March 17 to investigate whether the company does enough to keep up its copper-wire network. The blue line’s gradual trend toward horizontal shows that fewer customers are giving up traditional phone service. The Ma Bell monopoly days have passed to history, and phone customers have plenty of choices. It has told New York regulators that it’s not interested in expanding its FiOS network beyond areas it now serves. That means ESCOs can continue to sell their products while their legal challenge is pending.
That will effectively shut many New York ESCOs that promise residential customers a better deal on their electric and gas bills.
That’s why Ambit Energy offers a Guaranteed Savings Plan statewide, and works with leading transmission and distribution companies in New York to deliver power and superior service. After she retired last December the son was kicked out as the contractor in charge of cleaning the building.
The theme also had built in markup for article post and breadcrumbs, responsive layout suitable for mobile viewing and fully compatible with BuddyPress, BBPress and Woocommerce. The PSC said its February ruling was built on a staff report and a case it was considering. The association’s statement was silent on the matter of what steps the commission might take next. Are their high-priced electrons and gas molecules better than the cheaper ones sold by Con Ed? On August 2, 2006, the state’s power plants and transmission wires delivered 33,939 megawatts of power. It’s also true that the PSC staff is dedicated to investigating utility operations and arguing for fair rates. CNN found a pizza parlor in Sunnyside, Queens that lost about $300 in business because its phone and credit card service crashed.
Charges for things like long distance service, an optional plan by which Verizon maintains the wires inside your home, and add-ons like call waiting and voice mail jack up the price even further. As rules and laws have evolved, the federal government has more responsibility for regulating Internet and wireless service. In other states, the company has sold its landline operations as it shifts focus to mobile service. The stay remains in effect at least until Albany Supreme Court Judge Kimberly O’Connor holds a hearing on the case, now set for April 14.
Several studies have shown that despite the promises, ESCO customers pay more than those who stick with their utilities’ plans. And for years, energy service companies ignored Public Service Commission efforts to make them more transparent about their pricing. Frontier Communications takes over Verizon’s landline and Internet business in Florida, Texas and California on April 1.

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