North Carolina's 63,000 life science workers, part of a growing and diverse population, will give your company a competitive advantage.
The state of North Carolina offers customized workforce recruiting, screening and training services and lifelong learning opportunities available through a coordinated network of workforce development agencies. The Medicine Wheel National Historic Landmark, named by white men who discovered it at the end of the 1800s, is located near the Bighorn River and east of Lovell and the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area.
Many Native American tribes consider the Medicine Wheel a sacred site and in 1996, following years of debate, Forest Service, tribal representatives and other government officials signed a Historic Preservation Plan intended as a blueprint for management of the stone structure.
The Wheel is said to serve as a type of landmark to identify the sunrise of the summer solstice.
We believe that spiritual understanding should begin early and be the foundation of child development.
The developmentally appropriate program utilizes informal situations to encourage each child to learn according to his own readiness. Our balanced curriculum includes teacher-directed activities and student-selected opportunities for listening and speaking which are necessary for later success in reading and writing. We hope that the children's experience at Covenant Church Christian Preschool will provide them with a strong foundation for later school success. Covenant Church Christian Preschool will hold an Open House for prospective students and families March 2nd - 6th.
FURTHER INFORMATION and REGISTRATION FORMS are available by calling the church office 724-238-3657, or the preschool 724-238-8228. The heat wave hitting metro Detroit has dozens of cooling centers open for residents across the city. DETROIT (WXYZ) - As the weather heats up across the area, cooling centers have started to open in metro Detroit.The air-conditioned spaces provide protection from the heat for the community. Cooling Center in FerndaleKulick Center - Open to the public Thursday and Friday, July 21 and 22, between the hours of 9 a.m. The mechanical engineering department is one of the largest programs on campus and has well-equipped laboratories. ECML ), where high-end workstations are available for pursuing research and design-in modeling. CAMP ), where research in advanced manufacturing, composites, and design methodologies is conducted. Other labs include the Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer Lab, which houses a Mach 3 supersonic wind tunnel, Vibrations Lab, Neural Networks and Controls Lab, Micromechanics Lab, Advanced Dynamics Lab, and a small Ballistics Lab. Graduate research laboratories also include equipment for modern digital controls and machine vision, thermal image analysis, high-speed imaging, and experimental mechanics.
The graduate program in mechanical engineering can be pursued using either of two equal options.

It is the belief and policy of the mechanical engineering department that these two options are equivalent in educational value to the student.
In addition to ME 673 and ME 773, the student must complete a course from each of the three areas listed below (or approved substations). Upon completion of the thesis, mechanical engineering graduate students electing this option will be examined orally over the written thesis and coursework as prescribed in the graduate section.
Mechanical engineering MS graduate students selecting a non-thesis option will be required to pursue a special investigation, under the direction of a faculty member. Our labor force is skilled, productive, dependable, hardworking and more than that, our workers are happy.
The plan required the Forest Service to consult with the Medicine Wheel Alliance and the Medicine Wheel Coalition, both Native American groups, and other agencies on projects planned within the roughly 18,000 acres visible from the Medicine Wheel. In its most simplistic definition, the Medicine Wheel is a symbol of ALL creation, of all races of people, birds, fish, animals, trees, and stones. Other activities which feature active involvement are experiences in art, music, health, physical education, premath, prewriting, science, nutrition and social living.
Even more, we hope it will provide them with the beginnings of a spiritual foundation that will bring happiness in life. A morning program for children from ages three to five is provided by certified teachers who are dedicated to the development of the whole child.
Signs of a heat-related illness include headache, dizziness, nausea, heavy sweating, confusion and pale or flushed skin. Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information.
The campus fosters interdisciplinary research and possesses state-of-the-art equipment, such as an electron microscope, atomic force microscope, x-ray diffractometer, Raman spectrometer, laser Vibration Pattern Imager, FADAL VMC40 Vertical Machining Center, Bridgeport Romi CNC lathe, Coordinate Measuring Machine, Injection Molding Machine, IBM 7540 Industrial Robot, and Universal Testing Machines.
Within the first semester in residence, each student is requested to carefully evaluate their preference after discussion with the mechanical engineering faculty, and a decision must be made shortly after the beginning of the second semester in residence. In addition to the candidate's major professor, the committee must consist of at least one other mechanical engineering professor and a graduate office representative. In addition to these core courses, the student must complete nine additional credits of coursework for the thesis MS degree and thirteen additional coursework credits for the non-thesis MS degree. A mechanical engineering graduate student with an accumulated GPA of 3.4 or better in those courses in their graduate program will have their coursework exam combined with the thesis defense. The report on this study will be written and formal, although not of thesis quality nor extent. That’s because they have the types of careers and opportunities available to them that help them succeed. Four and five year olds who will be attending kindergarten the following year may be enrolled in this program.

If you or someone you know is suffering from the heat, the American Red Cross recommends moving them to a cool place, getting them a cool drink, and applying ice packs or wet clothes to the skin. In either case, the student must, by then, choose a major professor, and with the major professor's assistance, develop a plan of study. The graduate office representative, whose appointment must be approved by the graduate dean, must be selected from outside of the mechanical engineering department.
For students having an accumulated GPA of less than 3.4 in courses in their graduate program, a separate focused coursework oral examination will be administered by the student's graduate committee. Upon the completion of the special investigation, and with the approval of the directing faculty member, the student will be given a formal oral examination over the investigation. Universities, community colleges and other training programs, coupled with our influx of new residents, provide a workforce with the skills that are in demand globally. According to tribal beliefs, the circular shape of the wheel represents the earth, the sun, the moon, the cycles of life, the seasons, and day to night. The plan is due by the end of the first full calendar month of the student's second semester (end of September or end of January) in residence.
Applicants who are graduates of institutions that are not accredited by the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) are required to sit for the Graduate Record Exam and have their scores submitted prior to consideration for admission.
The GPA will be computed using midterm grades for the semester in which the student is currently enrolled. Movement around the perimeter of the Medicine Wheel is in a clockwise direction, the rotation path of the earth. The coursework examination will examine primarily concepts and fundamentals of those courses selected, rather than the mechanics of problem solution and will, in general, attempt to establish the student's in-depth knowledge of the course content. At the center of the wheel, at the hub, is Cre [Medicine Wheel] ator, who sits in perfect balance.
The student's graduate committee will select specific courses from the student's graduate program in which the student has indicated possible deficiencies. Outside the center, there is an inner circle representing the Old Woman (the earth), Father Sun, Grandmother Moon, and the four elements. The major professor will inform the student no less than three weeks prior to the examination what courses have been selected; however, it is the student's responsibility to secure this information from the major professor. Four distinct rock mounds, set in the four directions, lay on the perimeter, separated by stones representing the moon’s cycles. Stones laid from the perimeter in straight lines to the center (the spokes of the wheel) represent spiritual paths, leading us to the center, to perfect balance, to the Creator.

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