Social behaviours will be demonstrated through sharing, inviting and including others to join in the play.
Language & communication skills will be evident as the play develops and becomes more complex. Feel free to phone for any product sale enquiries, advice on toys or to book a visit the shop. Assistance given to early childhood care and education providers with choosing a single item for a specialist area, or with building up resources for your centre. I bring years of experience in teaching young children as well as tutoring early childhood student teachers. If there are products you feel are missing I will do my utmost to source them for you at the best cost possible – without compromising the quality of toys that we stock! For more information and a full list of topics, please visit the Keynotes & Workshops section.
Professional Presence, by Peggy Noe Stevens, is a must read for all graduates about to embark upon their professional careers. If you are selected as one of our beta testers and meet all of the requirements of the program, you will be the first group of consumers to receive a production version of the component FREE of charge, along with our unadulterated appreciation and the personal satisfaction of knowing YOU helped bring another cool, industry-leading Castle product to market!

The information you include in your Beta Tester Application will serve as a database for possible Beta Testers. Students require knowledge and skills that will help them live a full life in the society of the 21st century, which is an information age. The appropriate use of information technology (IT) in mathematics learning should be emphasised. It is important for our students to acquire the foundations of knowledge and skill, to develop the capabilities for learning how to learn, to think logically, creatively and critically, to develop and use knowledge, to analyse and solve problems, to access and process information, to make sound judgements and communicate with others effectively.
Students should be enabled to build up confidence and positive attitudes towards mathematics learning, to value mathematics and to appreciate the beauty of mathematics.
This handy resource will help put readers at ease on how to handle a variety of business situations they will likely encounter. Depending on the product, beta testing can take a great deal of time and commitment on your behalf. Once we have a product approaching beta testing that aligns well with the vehicles and power supplies you listed, someone from the Beta Test Program will contact you to finalize your selection to the Beta Test Team.
Knowledge of Mathematics is a necessity for every individual if they are to contribute towards the prosperity of Hong Kong.

It is an integral part of general education and hence an important KLA in the Hong Kong school curriculum. High technology items like computers and calculators have profoundly changed the world of mathematics education. It is also a good refresher for seasoned professionals on the importance of manners and strong communication skills. It also requires above-average communication skills and the ability to provide accurate test data and findings back to the product development team. With the help of IT tools, meaningless drilling and obsolete topics are no longer essential and relevant in mathematics learning. Many of the developments and decisions made in industry and commerce, the provision of social and community services as well as government policy and planning etc., rely to some extent on the use of mathematics.

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