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Mount IT Grads: Where Are They Now?The Mount's BAA Information Technology program has prepared graduates for a variety of exciting career options.
Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Communication Styles (continued) Communication Nonverbal Behavior Verbal Behavior Style Description Pattern Pattern Aggressive Taking advantage of others; Expressive and self-enhancing at others’ expense. The Keys to Effective Listening Keys to Effective Listening The Bad Listener The Good Listener 1. The Keys to Effective Listening (cont) Keys to Effective Listening The Bad Listener The Good Listener 6.
Demonstrate an understanding of applying Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based Word Processing Application skills in the Workplace.
Demonstrate an understanding of applying Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based Presentation Application skills in the Workplace. Demonstrate an understanding of applying GUI-based Spreadsheet Application skills in the Workplace.
Demonstrate an understanding of applying GUI-based Electronic Mail Application skills in the Workplace.
Demonstrate an understanding of applying GUI-based Web Browser Application skills in the Workplace. Improve the application of mathematical literacy in the workplace, by better utilising End User Computing Applications. Clear business communication within the corporate structure is absolutely essential to the running of an effective, efficient and energised operation. The group communication programme allows the team to clearly define what the communication gaps are and how best to develop the team to strengthen those gaps.
Creating a respectful and co-operative work environment with the simple art of clear business communication among employees goes a long way to making a happy and motivated individual. We at Speak Easy Facilitators equip the individual with a business communication toolkit which helps staff to address their personal areas of weakness in communication.
It also serves to establish the work policy of the company, what they require from their employees and the image and vision they wish to project both internally and externally through their business communication and branding. Method: In these sessions we address the goals of the individual, as well as the foundations of good business communication. We also set group goals for the team and the service that they wish to give customers, as well as the environment they wish to create.
Each programme is uniquely designed with exercises, writing techniques, reading material and assignments that will address the individual’s areas of weakness and how it impacts on the group.
Time Duration: The workshops take place over a period of weeks and are divided mainly into 2-hour sessions, though the initial session may be 4 hours.
Final Assessment: At the end of the workshop there is a review of both the progress made and areas that still need to be further addressed with the individual and the group. Materials: Each participant is given a Communications folder and all notes during the course. Don't speak when you are angry, your thought process is blocked the moment anger raises.
You MUST become a riveting MLM Communicator, and develop a talking style that is Powerful, Magnetic, and is Effective. The program focused on technology, communication and life-long learning, giving grads the skills to succeed for years to come.

Capitalize on thought speed Tends to daydream Stays with the speaker, mentally summarizes the speaker, weighs evidence, and listens between the lines 2. Miscommunication often causes friction and festering grievances that manifest as blocks in the working environment.
It also allows the individuals to apply the practical skills of clear business communication and work to strengthen their individual areas of weakness surrounding this vital skill. We provide perspective and insight into how to overcome bad communication habits that have been reinforced over the years. Personal vision and a vision of how the individual may contribute productively to the company are also developed. There will be a session where video recording takes place, as well as a final presentation on the book chosen by each participant. It is important to note that sustained results are achieved only through thorough training and, while some of the goals will be met, further work may be required for others. The client will be required to purchase all books that are used as part of the prescribed reading section of the course. Circle breathing, where you take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth can lower your heart rate, help you think clearly and focus on the task at hand. Successful coaches are good at focusing on what is needed and preparing a plan to accomplish it. For the same reasons why athletes benefit from mental strength, coaches will benefit as well. Without considering all the consequences, words would be fighting to come out of your mouth without your consent. With over 25 years of Success and experience, plus a Billion Dollar Success story, his trainings and coaching have helped CEOs and Presidents of Home Business corporations to experience unprecedented growth. Supervisor’s power Increased distortion because employees screen out information detrimental to their welfare. Resist Distractions Is easily distracted Fights distractions and concentrates on the speaker 8. Once you have a focused, energised and committed staff, this will have an enormous impact on your Customer Service.
Please note that the facilitator may recommend an extra session midway through training if there is an area that appears to need more intensive work during the course.
The client will also be required to provide a television for playback during our video recorded session. Plans can include a slogan such as “Win the Day” (former University of Oregon and current Philadelphia Eagles football coach Chip Kelly) to motivate athletes and teams. Whether it is a season, practice, competition, individual athlete or overall team goal; document your goals, read them aloud and refer back to them often. If you want to help athletes improve, have more success in competitions, improve your self-esteem and self-confidence take time to practice the skills outlined above.
He has coached numerous organizations and downlines worldwide beyond their barriers and limitations, to a level of success they only once dreamed of. Find an area of interest Tunes out dry speakers or subjects Listens for any useful information 4. Hear what is said Shuts our or denies unfavorable information Listens to both favorable and unfavorable information 9. Investing in soft skills and business communication development also increases chances of staff retention, loyalty and counters the costs of retraining.
In addition to working on game strategy and skill development, coaches should focus more on proper breathing techniques, communication, preparation and goal setting. Coaches who make the effort to value athlete’s comments and provide clear and constructive instructions in return have greater success in achieving this goal. Knowing your athlete’s strengths and weaknesses is vital to preparing a successful game-plan.

Use trigger words to remind you of your goals and help you stay relaxed and focused throughout the season, practice or competition. Subordinate’s aspiration for upward mobility Less accuracy because employees tend to pass along information that helps their cause. Judge content, not delivery Tunes out dry monotone speakers Assesses content by listening to entire message before making judgments 5.
Challenge yourself Resists listening to presentations of difficult subject manner Treats complex presentations as exercises for the mind 10.
These areas of conflict and weakness can be replaced with improved systems and interpersonal skills, which serve both the individual and the business. How do successful coaches stay in the moment, be calm during tense competitions, make strategic decisions and clearly communicate to their teams?
In addition, coaching is about developing relationships and helping athletes grow and develop as people. This workshop would be aimed initially at the Publishers and would follow them through a process over several weeks of development and addressing areas of both group and personal interest.
The time and effort they put in way before working with their athletes will provide them with a strong base to rely on. When an athlete feels validated, they are more likely to increase their effort, “buy into the game-plan,” feel better about themselves and perform at a higher level. Subordinate’s trust in the supervisor Considerable distortion because employees do not pass up all information they receive.
She manages a team of contractors and civilian Information Management and IT specialists who work together to analyse, design, code, test, implement and maintain the MCOIN system.
MCOIN provides the Canadian Forces with command and control functionality that supports operational activities in Canada and abroad. He handles computer hardware and software troubleshooting, maintains office equipment, and oversees site security.
He analyses and enhances existing databases and develops new databases as required by unit staff. He is also the IT Coordinator for his unit, which makes him responsible for troubleshooting, equipment maintenance, etc.
She is responsible for the development and implementation of an Alternate Delivery Strategy for the School of Business. He researches and recommends innovative approaches to workplace issues, helps repair and recover hardware and software failures, provides technical support and performs upgrades and maintenance as required.
Although she has switched careers, she says she uses the skills she learned at the Mount every day. Her IT skills have translated easily to the computer systems used in police stations and police cars. She is responsible for responding to requests for information and ensuring that her department is in compliance with privacy-related legislation and policies.
She is the Lead Project Manager for the department's Technical Projects, including new system implementations, system enhancements and upgrades.
Her position draws on all aspects of project management, including budget management, project charters, project schedules, etc. She also develops and maintains classification systems for institutional records and personal information.

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