Bring your team together to experience the magic of synergy through music, boost morale and bring an element of fun to the workplace while increasing the bottom line. We will drum, sing dance and smile together as we explore the power of teamwork and community within your place of business.
Participants will feel more alive and ready to face day to day challenges as well as share a deeper sense of camaraderie among their co-workers. Get in touch with us if you need further information or a quotation for your upcoming event.
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British actress Kate Winslet has been Longines’ Ambassador of Elegance since 2010, but for the first time ever, the Oscar winner visited the Swiss watchmaker’s head office and birthplace in Saint-Imier, Switzerland. Her tour consisted of a visit to the work stations where Longines timepieces are born, as well as a trip to the Longines Museum that houses the brand’s history, as well as showcases its heritage, tradition and performance. The watch, which is to celebrate its 60th anniversary in 2017, has now been designated to be reissued next year. At the end of her day with Longines at Saint-Imier, Kate met with Longines employees and shared a few words with them. Enter your email to get the latest news from LifestyleAsia delivered weekly into your inbox! IT WAS heartbreak for DPMM FC as Albirex Niigata (S) FC became the first team to successfully defend their Singapore League Cup title with a 2-0 victory in the final last night.
All courses are approved by the Department of Civil Aviation Malaysia(DCA) and other Aviation regulatory bodies once all relevant audits are carried out.

The type rating course is intended to give participants the necessary knowledge and skills to master the airplane. To train others an instructor must possess A an insight and extensive knowledge of the professional requirements. CRM is design to provide flight and cabin crew with the knowledge about crew resource management and to learn the effective ways to use theoretical knowledge in everyday flying. Drum Circle Team Building Kuala Lumpur – Our program will demonstrate that when you come from a place of play, from a place of willing enjoyment you are more efficient and more productive!
We will bring a drum or hand held percussion instrument for everyone and facilitate a cohesive musical experience. We will talk about the metaphorical similarities between a drum circle and your work place by demonstrating how a group can come together to create one fluid experience with the sum being larger than the individual parts. The personification of the brand’s motto, “elegance is an attitude”, Kate was welcomed and accompanied by Longines president, Walter von Kanel, throughout the day. During her visit to the museum, Kate fell in love with one of the watches from the Flagship collection. Because Longines is a supporter of worthy causes, it decided that all proceeds from the sales of this Flagship collection reissue would go to the Golden Hat Foundation, a charity Kate Winslet co-founded in the same year of her appointment as Ambassador of Elegance. In her speech, she expressed her admiration for the art and work that goes into the creation of the watches, and her gratitude to the brand for supporting the Golden Hat Foundation. I’m pleased to say we have become better teammates to the point of seeing each other as brothers.”The inspectors attended various training and lectures which included issues of community policing, communication skills, personal awareness and leadership.
Participants are given an essential theoretical foundation that will be incorporated into their practice as instructors.( contact us for more information).

It is mandatory requirement for all pilots, cabin crew and staff associated with passenger and ground handling. You can expect an interactive teambuilding event that will energize and empower a group of professionals as well as promote a deeper sense of camaraderie. All events are tailored to your specifications including buzzwords and themes from your organization. We will also show the correlation between the need for respect, commitment, endurance and concentration as well as the need to let go and truly be in the moment. The non-profit foundation works with individuals with autism, giving them academic training, and the opportunity to learn communication and social skills.
They also received briefings from the Deputy Public Prosecutor (Criminal Justice Brunei) on the proper procedures and necessary skills needed to be a “better police officer”.The inspectors also spent two weeks at the Royal Malaysian Police College, Cheras, Selangor.
The crew members will obtain practical behaviour training and the skills to use the safety equipment. While in Malaysia, they also made study visits to the Kuala Lumpur Contingent Headquarters, Selangor Contingent Headquarters, the Royal Malaysian Police Training Centre (PULAPOL) and the Royal Malaysian Police Forensics Unit.
We visit children homes, old folks homes, helping out in charity sales and even collecting recycle item. Meanwhile, Course Coordinator Dep Commandant Mazalan Awg Yakop in his speech said, “The course was specifically designed to help (the inspectors) adapt to (the recent) socio-economic development and tackle policing issues like leadership, administration, investigations and community policing.”He also said, “I advise the officers here today to face the challenges they will face with dedication and commitment, and by applying what they learnt during the course in their daily routines and work.

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