With little fuss, parents and caregivers can teach, model, and facilitate social learning and participation.  Family time is filled with teachable moments to embrace and have fun with.  Most of the activities suggested here and many others can be found in my book, Make Social Learning Stick!  I encourage parents and caregivers to be both coaches and cheerleaders for their children and become the glue that makes the learning stick! A unique partnership with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) has given healthcare students real life experience during an innovative training exercise designed to equip emergency services staff with the experience needed to do their job.
The students (pictured above taking part in the training exercise), who study NQ Healthcare Level 5, posed as casualties during a simulated train crash at the SRFS College in Cambuslang.
The Oracle Database 10g Database Administrator learning path provides a comprehensive training programme focused on meeting the challenges faced by database administrators.
As well as providing the skills for individuals to perform their job role successfully, courses at the same time prepare delegates for the Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Associate (OCA) and Oracle Database 10g Administrator Certified Professional (OCP) examinations. Please click on the course titles in the following diagrams to be taken to the course outline. Public ScheduleView individual course outlines above to see the relevant dates and locations. I was thinking about adopting Prezi when I started this discussion with a client about “see page… oops!” I want the visual oomph, but usability triumphs. I can’t blame Prezi for not adding a numbering functionality, as it would detract from the cinematic experience of the presentation.

They volunteered to take part in the Heavy Rescue Training exercise as part of a unique partnership between Glasgow Clyde College and SFRS that is designed to give students a personal insight into what being rescued feels like. I was briefed on what injuries I was to pretend I had sustained during a train derailment but the emergency services staff didn’t know and had to figure this out for themselves. Successful and effective partnerships are key to the delivery of our service and improving outcomes for our local communities and this is a great example of that. With its robust animation and multimedia tools, it’s possible to create presentations that look like movies.
You have to approach each project with a solid foundation, whether it be an outline, a storyboard, or a script. Don’t get carried away with needless special effects and make sure your message is the most important thing that audiences get from your presentations. It seems that you’d have to say something like “Go to the beginning of the Prezi and click four times. In fact, I always counsel my clients not to put slide numbers on their PowerPoint decks for the same reason. With all of the whiz-bang effects that each tool offers, it’s easy to focus on the medium rather than the message, which is absolutely the wrong approach.

If you’re used to PowerPoint and can use it to create strong presentations, then PowerPoint is better.
You can output decks as video files or, using a site like Brainshark, create standalone presentations with sound and animation. Sometimes Prezi shows move so much I have to shut my eyes to keep from getting motion sick.
If the bold swoops, zooms and pans that are the hallmark of a Prezi show drive home your message, then Prezi is better. In the battle for the hearts and minds of the presentation community, perhaps there is no greater clash than PowerPoint vs.

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