In the corporate world, In order to boost the productivity of the workers, employers give incentive such as increment in salary and perks to employees to provide motivation boost but that does not mean only in terms of wealth but also health. On the 8th of November, we embark on a journey to help Tesco Malaysia to get fit and stay healthy. Tesco PLC is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer founded in 1919 by Jack Cohen.
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Circuit Training of 4 stations which involves all aspect of total fitness which includes cardiovascular training, total body strength and endurance, proper exercise technique, and team effort competition. There were 33 participants and we salute them for participating in improving their health and wanting to be healthy!
To end the day, we had seafood buffet dinner with Tesco Malaysia Commercial Director, James Padovan from UK and Janice at the hotel restaurant.
We and Tesco Malaysia are in the midst of planning a potential joint venture where it is necessary for all Tesco staff to get fit with us.
More and more we are relying on digital communication for both business and personal reasons.
Or once sent, we get a digital communication back, that makes us sit there and ponder how it could have been perceived so wrongly.
In business it can mean a deal going sour,  a business relationship ending, or perhaps a minor  molehill issue escalating into Mount Everest. For humans, our words are only a part of the way we communicate and only a portion of how we listen. So when you are communicating think about the medium and whether it best serves the intent of the message.
And when you think of what means to use, consider the potential ramifications of misinterpretation. This entry was posted in communication, miscommunication, misinterpretation and tagged communication, digital communication, message on February 24, 2014 by Patricia Moser.
You enter a room, establish eye contact with someone you are meeting for the first time, and whatever happens the next 20 seconds is going to have a large influence on your success.
While the four-times-20 rule assures a good First Impression, it is the 7%, 38% and 55% rule that assures the Lasting Impression – initially published by Dr.
The Presentation Skills Program offered by HWAO Consulting, aims to improve your presentation skills, for enhanced communication and increased persuasion power, through knowledge of body language, proper preparations and digital rehearsals. Use this link to learn more about all the popular training programs. Besides your usual focus on what you say, successful communication also requires conscious control of both how you use your voice and your body language, so that you deliver an unambiguous message. Do expand your next communication preparation in terms of assuring coherent words, vocal elements and body language. Choose your favorite post or article on this website and use it for internal training of your subordinates. HWAO Consulting offers Executive Training and Coaching, as well as Consultancy on various Management and China related issues.

We were delighted with the services of Henrik, who was instrumental in closing down our China factory.
We enjoyed Henrik’s great China knowledge and saved hours and potentially large cost, due to his insightful and professional performance.
Thanks Henrik for reminding us of the useful tips and best practices to make meetings efficient and enjoyable!
It is a known fact that interviewers pick up on your body language all the time and may even base their hiring decisions on your non-verbal communication.
It is important to look at all the signs positive and negative and respond quickly to them to ensure that you have a successful interview. When a person is healthy, not only are they productive but will also be at their optimal peak in brain function. Janice Chan, a fellow contender of Metcon X had presented to us the opportunity to make Malaysia a healthier country one corporate at a time Good job contender!
It is the 3rd largest retailer in the world measured by revenues and the 2nd largest measured by profits. Secure spy samsung phone software has piece frizz I’ve top spy monitoring complimented ever?
The coaches are currently drafting the program specifically for Tesco Malaysia and hopefully by God’s willing it would come to fruition soonj. We drop an email, we send a text, and we assume that the other party will be able to interpret our meaning, imagine our tonality, see our body language and thus figure out what we truly mean by what we’ve sent. Based on our past experience, and being in a hurry, we may jump to conclusions (often the wrong ones) based on what we believe a person is saying, writing etc. And what do we do when we get concerned about this potential misinterpretation of the message? The greater the desire to ensure that the message is properly received, the more important it is to be 3D.
Not only regarding your appearance and dress code, but also the first 20 steps, your top 20 centimeters (your head) and your first 20 words. Mehrabian’s findings, the literal meaning of words play a small importance of relative 7%, for the message in face-to-face communication, whereas the vocal elements accounts for 38% and the body language for 55%.
Regarding body language, you need to consider your gestures, movements as well as mannerisms, when you plan your communication. If your communication involves people who you have not met before, then also consider the four-times-20 rule in your preparation. Your “Understanding China” magazine is beautifully created and its flow compels the reader to read on. The guidance, recommendations and explanations were particular helpful, not to mention millions of yuan saved. It is of great benefit for middle management and all foreigners in China who wants to self-improve and be updated on the latest management practices.
Xiamen on Authenticity to my management team, which perfectly complimented our corporate value of Authenticity.

However, communication goes both ways, this article will give you insight into the subtle, unconscious signs that an employer might be interested in you, or worse loosing interest in you. A study done by University of Bristol shows that when a person exercises, they are more productive, happier and suffer less stress. It has stores in 14 countries across Asia, Europe, North America and is the grocery market leader in UK, Malaysia, the Republic of Ireland and Thailand.
But also when you are having a dialogue, do you really think it can be effective through digital means? His studies focused on ambiguous communication, as in when the spoken words are inconsistent with the vocal elements and the body language. Every part of your body can support or contradict your verbal communication, just as you know from when you listen to and interpret the communication of others, even though you might do this subconsciously.
This blog is Copyright 2013 – 2016 by Henrik Larsen, who is also an active board member and public speaker.
Even though I know some of this unconsciously, but I would not be able to address such a comprehensive article. They are able to improve on time management, increase in mental and interpersonal skills and manage their workload better. Silky nothing spy android phone using account for and Aveda recommended click hair my great on how to tracking a cell phone location Besides. Perhaps I am just of the old school, that still believes that although digital communication is a wonderful tool, we have come to rely on it too much. We all have some skills in reading the body language of others, but it is much harder to consciously control our own body language. Henrik was in all aspects well prepared and I would never hesitate to work with Henrik again. Not only does it make one improve oneself but also as a team player, when a group of people workout together, its a good way as an ice breaker and thus improve their communication amongst one another. Talking, listening face-to-face, or by phone, can better ensure that you don’t end up on the wrong side of misinterpretation.
It might sound a little strange, but consider how the seafaring explores of old times, who were shoring unknown lands with strange languages, could trade and collect information successfully while only depending on body languages and vocalization for communication. When having a true dialogue the back and forth parrying is important is determining effective resolutions. Personally, I remember my first years in China, where the correct voice control and some hand jesters could bring reasonable results regardless of my poorly spoken words.

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