The technology mission of Mesa View Elementary School is to provide equitable access for all students and staff to technological resources. Our purpose is to provide the students in our schools with the tools and diversified technical knowledge to enhance success.   It is our objective to continue implementing the State of Arizona’s Academic Standards for Educational Technology in order to provide necessary skills to our student population.
Technology is a vital source of information and communication linking school, home, community, and the world. According to Kurt DelBene, president of the Microsoft Office Division, as of July 2012 1 billion people worldwide use Microsoft Office (which, of course, includes PowerPoint). In our first scenario, Jayne Smith is the charismatic CEO of WooTech, makers of a wildly popular high-tech gadget. Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!

These resources promote the critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills that are required for students to become lifelong learners and productive citizens in a technologically complex, multicultural, and global environment.  This mission includes the use of technology to enhance, preserve and highlight Dine’ language, culture and traditional teaching philosophies.
We also will use our technological skills to stimulate curiosity and develop critical thinking skills in all areas of the teaching and learning cycle. With such market penetration, it is no wonder that PowerPoint has become the lingua franca of business communication.
She is giving the keynote at the annual WooTech Conference, which people have been eagerly anticipating.
I once attended a lecture by the Andy Warhol that, except for two nonsensical words uttered by the artist, proceeded exactly as in the first example. And why have a presenter at all if the PowerPoint deck includes everything the presenter will talk about?

Ongoing technology professional development will be critical in enabling teachers to enhance their classroom environments.
It sounds simple, and it is, but it’s surprising how many people lose sight of this concept. To give you an example of how these two elements must coexist for a successful presentation, let’s separate them and see what happens.

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