Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations! Take your students to Lough Crew Adventure Park where they can try out their Spiderman skills on the climbing wall or rival Robin Hood with an archery session, there is plenty to keep the kids occupied while you relax in the comfortable coffee shop or join in on the fun!
Educating children on their responsibilities as citizens of this planet cannot begin early enough. A visit to the Tayto Park with its fun atmosphere and action packed activity line up is a must for any school tour. Take the kids out of the classroom for a day of fun and games at the Clara Lara water park.
Enjoy a day of action packed adventure at the Gravity Extreme Adventure Park, home to one of Irelands largest adventure ropes courses.
You can even incorporate a bush skills session where the students will learn about what foods are edible and how to cook safely and hygienically, how to filter and purify water, where best to start a fire and some basic navigational skills. With a host of activities on offer such as horse riding, archery, ropes courses and orienteering to name but a few, your students will never have a dull moment.

The best way to do this is with a visit to Kippure Estate’s Environmental Education Centre in the beautiful Wicklow Mountains.
Enjoy a guided tour of the animal park and the Tayto factory and see how they make our favourite crisps. With a variety of activities there is plenty to keep the students occupied and entertained in a safe and interactive environment. Watch as your students challenge themselves and overcome their fears in a safe, fun and encouraging environment. Eco Adventure also excel at providing educational programmes with fieldwork which introduces pupils to the everyday realities of scientific research; not only in the field of geography but also in botany, ecology, biology, geology and all other sciences.
This is a multi-activity school tour that your students will never forget and one that you will all thoroughly enjoy! Their ‘Bringing Nature to Life’ offers children a nature awareness experience where they begin to make a personal connection to the natural world through playful investigation. Watch as your students conquer their fears and overcome physical obstacles to triumph over the various activities.

Our adventure tours are a great skills foundation for your students by developing their team building, communication, planning and leadership abilities.
School tours to Kippure Estate are very popular as they have a wide variety of outdoor activities here where children can learn team building and communication skills or just have some fun and adventure.
You will see their confidence grow and be amazed at the kids who really embrace the outdoors and often continue to show an interest in activities such as rock climbing and archery.
Bring the class together as a team and tackle the Aerial Trekking high ropes courses as one! Orienteering, archery and treasure hunts are also good ways to test their skills and exercise the body and mind.

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