Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Are You REALLY Listening?Of all the component skills of communication(speaking, writing, reading, listening), for mostpeople, LISTENING is the hardest skill to learn. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
13th July 2016 By kimberley Leave a Comment 001Shape and measure is an important aspect of mathematical development.
Shape hunt in the environment – Children are natural investigators and love to hunt for things.
Potato shape printing – This creative activity is a great way to get children talking about shapes. Size sorting – This activity can be adapted to use a variety of resources, for example shells, buttons or bears. Masking tape shapes – Masking tape can be used to mark out large shapes on the floor. Measuring jugs – Sand and water are a great way for children to experience early measure. Space collages – Shapes can be useful when creating space collages with the children.

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We are a very new site and we are constantly working to make the site better and to grow it. Spacing out occurs when we are so tuned out to what someone is saying it’s like we’re in another world. Selective listening means that the listener is only paying attention to the parts of the conversation that interest him. Word listening means that you pay attention only to the words that someone is saying, and not to their body language. Children need to learn about shapes in their environment and the concept of measure in order to gain spatial awareness and mathematical understanding. Simply place a long cardboard tube at an angle to provide a slope and measure out a long strip of paper to add to the bottom.
This activity can be carried out inside using large sheets of paper and pens or outside using the ground and chalks.
The children can then use construction items such as lego or wooden bricks to cover the tape and build along the lines.
Adults can provide measuring jugs for the children to transfer sand and water between containers using marker pens to indicate particular measurements that the children can try to meet.

The adult can cut out a number of different shapes from a range of materials and allow the children to use the shapes to create aliens and space rockets on their picture.
Using some large cut out 2D shapes explain to the children that you are looking for things in the environment that are shaped as a square, circle, triangle etc. Simple shapes such as squares and triangles can be cut into the potato and used to make marks with the paint. Encourage the children to take turns releasing small world cars at the top of the slope and watch them roll down the tube and out onto the paper. Children will gain an understanding of the different shapes and how they can be used together to create an image. Practitioners can add numbers to the paper for children to measure how far their car rolled. They can then use rulers or tapes to measure the different parts of their body such as their arms, legs, feet etc. The children will need to compare and contrast the items against one another in order to sort them into the correct bowl.

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