La communication, un levier La communication est un facteur essentiel pour le developpement de toute entreprise. A large area of concern for many Gartner clients is “How do I get a large organization to do new things, to collaborate effectively, and to improve overall delivery effectiveness?” This area is a huge focus for our Professional Effectiveness research – it not only applies to architects, but also to our entire constituency of IT professionals. Gartner’s Professional Effectiveness (PE) coverage provides detailed advice about developing non-technical skills – “how to manage, interact and work with people”. I spoke with a client who was given responsibility for an application portfolio rationalization project. At our Catalyst Conference (July 29 – August 1, 2013) Jack Santos, Jamie Popkin and I will have several sessions about improving professional effectiveness. Comments or opinions expressed on this blog are those of the individual contributors only, and do not necessarily represent the views of Gartner, Inc.
Here are a few personal tips on how to use your body language to assist you in communicating your message more successfully.
In any culture is one of the most important aspects when dealing with others, especially people we’ve just met. By allowing your gaze to drift away from the face some of the time, you won’t make yourself or other people feel self-conscious. This collapses the chest and inhibits good breathing, which in turn can make you feel nervous, uncomfortable, and low.
They are the furthest point away from the brain, and consequently, they’re one of the hardest parts of the body to consciously control. These are also important, even though, in general terms, most people can’t move them much. Practice these 10 simple ways to improve your communication skills, and you’ll reap the rewards in your personal and professional life. Check out some of our other blog posts about how to give the best first impressions and also some great tips for job interviews. Check out our advice on how to be successful in interviews and how to make the best first impression. A brief article to highlight how the word 'urgent' can bring a successful recruitment relationship crashing to the ground. Demand is extremely high for White-collar construction professionals and they have more opportunities in the current market than we have seen before. De nos jours, il ne suffit plus que l’entreprise ait de bons produits ou dispose d’un bon reseau de distribution. We focus on how an individual should develop themselves – how IT’s organizational and individual mindsets, beliefs, and actions impact what they do. Most business relationship managers (BRM) had failed to change their role from “IT problem go-to person” to being engaged in business planning discussions and planning IT service delivery activities. One such session is our workshop “Gearheads Guide to Your Future IT Career” based on our findings in our field research project “The Changing IT Career”. His research discusses what IT professionals need to know about transformation, innovation, human behavior, contextual strategy, collaborative organizational change, communication and influence, and cross-discipline effectiveness .
I’m also talking about the nonverbalcommunication, or body language, that goes on in every face-to-face situation. Instead, it will give them a feeling of comfort and genuine warmth in your company and will allow you to gather your thoughts. Good posture should be easy and relaxed on the spine, and there should be no tension in the muscles—just imagine a thread running through your spine and being gently lifted upward.
When you want to feel confident and self-assured, keep your head level, both horizontally and vertically.

We use them to hug and to push away, so keep your arms relaxed at the side of your body or behind your back.
When wanting to come across in the best possible light, a very simple rule is not to cross your arms.
They tend to move around a lot more than normal when we are nervous, stressed, or being deceptive.
Do you cross at the knees or ankles, or do you bring your leg up to rest on the knee of the other? We naturally angle ourselves toward people we find attractive, friendly, and interesting and angle ourselves away from those we don’t. If you move closer to someone and he backs away, you’re probably just a little too close to his comfort zone.
Le niveau concurrentiel est tel que toute entreprise qui souhaite reussir doit se demarquer des autres. I have had many discussions with clients relating to “How do I deal with humans?” piece – it is a different type of conversation, not so much about the technology as it is about how do you get buy-in, influence stakeholders and achieve lasting behavior change.
What this illustrates is that IT practitioners know that non-technical skills are always a factor in project success. It helps IT practitioners learn influence, collaboration, and communication skills that are traditionally weak and more centered on ‘telling and control’ than ‘engagement and influence’. We discussed the impact that businesspeople’s perceptions were having on these failures and discovered that the original implementation years ago failed at setting business expectations for the role.
His research can be read by IT professionals with access to Gartner for Technical Professionals (GTP) research. Readers may copy and redistribute blog postings on other blogs, or otherwise for private, non-commercial or journalistic purposes, with attribution to Gartner.
In the United Kingdom, Australia and United States  we tend to keep eye contact around 60 to 70% of the time. You can also use this straight head position when you want to be authoritative with people and you want them to take you and what you’re saying seriously.
This shows you are not scared to take on whatever comes your way and you meet challenges full-on. Obviously, if someone says something that you disagree with, then by all means, show your disapproval by crossing them, but otherwise, don’t. In most situations, especially interviews or work meetings, it’s best to keep them as still as possible.
This includes the way we lean in and out from people, as we will often just tilt from the pelvis and lean sideways or forward to share a bit of conversation.
Palm-down gestures are generally seen as dominant, emphasizing, and possibly aggressive, especially when there is no movement or bending between the wrist and the forearm. Nevertheless, it will probably be spotted by others, and although they may not know the comment, they will get a feeling you are not pleased. If you listen twice as much as you talk, you’ll come across as a good communicator who knows how to strike a balanced conversation without being self-centered or, at the other end of the scale, a wallflower.
La communication est un levier puissant et efficace qui donnera la possibilite aux entreprises de reussir.En general, les entreprises font la grossiere erreur de ne pas accorder un grand interet au secteur de la communication.
PE research helps the IT practitioner learn proven ways to communicate, influence and think through behavior changes. We discussed the approach described in the document “Developing Buy-in For Change” (client access only) and how to develop the necessary business stewardship.
We discussed how to reset perceptions and expectations, how to illustrate the problem “Why do we even need BRMs?”, and also how to engage differently with business areas (discussed in “Redefining Marketing IT from “Telling” to Engagement”).

Conversely, when you want to be friendly and in the listening, receptive mode, tilt your head just a little to one side or other.
In general terms the more outgoing you are as a person, the more you tend to use your arms outwardly and away from the body. This palm up, palm down is very important when it comes to handshaking, and where appropriate, you should always offer a handshake when meeting new people.
There are also different types of smiles, and each gives off a corresponding feeling to the recipient. You can shift the tilt from left to right at different points in the conversation as well as nod your head to encourage people to continue speaking.
In situations where there may be tension or stress it is better to approach softly from the side than straight on.
Gartner shall not be liable for any damages whatsoever arising out of the content or use of this blog. Pour qu’un travail professionnel soit realise, l’entreprise doit faire appel aux services d’une agence de communication. Cette agence de communication est la structure qui dispose des competences necessaires pour faire un plan de communication adapte aux reels besoins de l’entreprise.  Avec l’avenement du numerique, l’agence de communication est souvent une agence web que les entreprises peuvent facilement contacter sur internet.
Cependant, avant de contacter l’agence web qui sera chargee de mettre en place sa strategie de communication, l’entreprise doit d’abord definir ses objectifs et les moyens qu’elle est en mesure de mettre en ?uvre pour la reussite de son projet. La connaissance du marche vise et du type de public que l’entreprise souhaite atteindre est une etape fondamentale. Il en est de meme pour les informations qui doivent figurer sur ces supports de communication. Creer son site internet Par ailleurs, en matiere de communication, a l’heure ou le numerique a pris l’ascendant, la creation de site internet est devenue incontournable. En vue de faire connaitre l’entreprise et d’attirer de nombreux clients potentiels, il est necessaire d’avoir une plateforme en ligne. Grace a cette plateforme, les internautes pourront trouver toutes les informations concernant l’entreprise, les produits et services qu’elle propose.
Pour une bonne communication, il faut un bon site internet ou l’internaute pourra trouver en quelques clics ce qu’il cherche. Ainsi, la creation de site internet et les moyens utilises pour le faire sont essentiels pour une bonne communication. Strategie de communication = ROI La communication est fondamentale pour etablir la confiance entre l’entreprise et les clients potentiels. C’est un levier qui permettra a toute entreprise qui sait bien l’utiliser d’augmenter ses revenus. Une publicite bien faite aura un grand impact sur le public qui saura en meme temps qu’il a affaire a une entreprise qualifiee. Une bonne strategie de communication permettra a l’entreprise d’avoir un bon retour sur investissement. Par consequent, les supports de communication utilises par l’entreprise doivent etre facilement compris par le public auquel ils sont destines. L’entreprise doit aussi mettre le financement qu’il faut pour avoir un resultat de qualite. Avec les moyens financiers adaptes, elle pourra confier le travail a une agence web qualifiee et professionnelle.

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