You’ve probably heard it a million times, but start reading to your children when they are babies. If your kids seem to always be on the move too much to be read to, read to them when they don’t have a lot of other options.
There is a renewed focus on “first reader” books – a modern twist on Dick and Jane titles. Similarly, it’s not unusual for parents and their babies to develop their own personal language which combines spoken words with body and hand actions. This interaction continues and develops until they can learn to talk and make themselves clear. Supporters of baby sign language say that it offers a means of helping pre-verbal, hearing babies to communicate with their parents and caregivers. As a general guide; if you can get your baby’s attention and hold it for ten seconds this is a starting sign that your child may be ready. Remember to use the correct words such as hungry, thirsty and tired as you mime the actions. There are no rules about the form of sign language you can do, but whatever you choose needs to be consistent and work for you and your baby. Currently, a popular sign language is “Auslan”, the official sign language of the Australian deaf community. Sign2Me – Dr Joseph Garcia, another of the pioneers of baby sign language, offers some really neat baby signing kits.
My Smart Hands – Laura Berg (and daughter Fireese) have the biggest sign language dictionary geared toward babies on the web.
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In addition to offering a complimentary 'Trial Workshop' to demonstrate our relevance and value, we also offer a 100% Accountability & Satisfaction Guarantee when you engage our complete 'Effective Presentation Skills Learning Process'. The written word surrounds us every day, conveying stories, instructions, labels, directions, and everything in between. At very young ages it doesn’t even matter what the words are, but the rhythm behind the words that sooth and interest infants. Giving them tangible connections to books, even if they use them more for chewing, helps establish the foundation for reading.
Knowing the name won’t necessarily help your child learn to read – but knowing the sound the letter makes will be more valuable at first.

The idea is not that they will be able to read these books to themselves any time soon, but that they learn to get interested in characters and follow more complicated story lines. This shouldn’t replace daily reading, but it will still give your kids one more connection to the written word. My oldest is 15 and I still read to her (and sometimes she reads to me) – not because I still need to motivate her to read, but because reading has become such an important part of our lives and a great way to spend time together. Books like the Tabby Cat series and those from author Hans Wilhelm use short, repeating words and phrases. If one program does not work, it just means it’s not right for your child – not that your child can’t be taught to read.
She is also on an incredible journey as she home schools her 4 children, and is supported through it all by her husband of more than 15 years, Steve.
For example, waving goodbye, singing nursery rhymes with hand movements (such as incy wincy spider), pointing, and beckoning are all forms of signing.
So even if you aren’t subscribing to a sign language, you are probably doing a form of sign, just as your parents did for you. Starting before they are even born, babies are connected with the world through the sounds they hear and will often respond in the womb by way of movement (which parents can see in the latter stages of pregnancy). However, in the early stages, babies can become very frustrated in trying to get their point across.
Using many of the skills which have been designed for the deaf community, parents can teach their babies to convey what they want by using their hands.
The majority of programs state that there is probably little benefit to starting before six months, because before then, babies don’t have too much motor control of their hands. Gradually babies develop skills in their speech and language so they have no need to sign any more. Consistency and patience are the keys with learning any new skill and sign language is not exempt. You can always develop your own natural sign language, which feels right and is based on simplicity. Follow their lead but remember to speak verbally at the same time you are using your hands. Sign language relies on a baby’s growing understanding of their influence and interaction with the people around them.
However, there are literally hundreds of sign languages and baby sign programs that you can choose from. Laura also has some introductory videos for sale and a really cool baby sign language iphone App (which I’ve linked below).
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The process of teaching children to read involves helping them to interact with their surroundings and developing connections to words. My three sons like to camp out in one of their bedrooms a few times a week and fall asleep listening to a book on CD together – great bonding time for brothers and better than watching television. Reading even just 15 minutes together can open up paths to conversations we might not otherwise have, vitally important opportunities to have with teenagers. Even when kids don’t do much more than memorize what you have read, they are starting to form the foundations for independent reading. I used How to Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons with my sons with mixed results. So, far from being isolated from the outside world, babies want to interact from the moment they can move. They know what they want, but getting their parents to understand this clearly takes a mutual level of understanding.
Between six to nine months is seen as the optimum time to start, but there is no harm in trying earlier if parents are motivated to do so. There is no harm though in continuing to do it for as long as the baby and parents are happy to participate. Practice and repetition every day, at times when everyone feels fairly motivated will help.
If you want to teach your baby the sign for hunger for example, rub your tummy, thirst could be the motion of bringing a cup to your lips, tired could be placing your tilted head on your hands. It’s not an indication of intelligence or brain maturity and teaching baby sign language to your baby will not help him or her to become smarter. All of my children learned to read at slightly different ages, but they all seemed to benefit from some of the same basic principles. Just listen to your kids, keep reading to and with them, and don’t be afraid to set a program aside and try later – or forget it all together.
Essentially, baby sign language is designed to help babies use the skills they instinctively have to help their parents understand them. Their site has great baby sign language teaching aids, and a free Sign of the Week section.

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