The fundamental goal of Supplier Diversity is to include businesses owned by diverse people in the supply chain of Fortune 1000 companies to build wealth within those communities.
Over the course of the past ten years, I am happy to report that Fortune 1000 companies have consistently fulfilled their benchmark in increasing spend with diverse owned businesses and continue to do so. The Supplier Diversity process now has the opportunity to have positive impact on this trend by focusing their spend with truly diverse small businesses.
Another year of data collection from over 1 million small businesses reveals an even wider gap between supplier diversity goals and objectives and wealth creation in companies owned by diverse peoples.
The identification of the low hanging fruit (products and services offered by diverse owned companies) has become obvious to large procurement organizations. To make matters worse there is a significant number of pass-through and no-value added transactions and these commodities are at non-critical places within the supply chain. Another example, even though Staffing contracts result in the hiring of thousands of people, these positions usually require high technical skills, college degrees and subject matter expertise. As diverse companies become larger, their ability to hire employees like themselves becomes diminished because now they have to hire the best person in the marketplace to continue their growth and also to avoid any discriminating hiring practices. As we all know, the majority population in a few short years will be people of color and are very aware of the education, asset gaps and poverty levels that will be prevalent in our country right around the corner.
The ability for anyone to turn around this trend is strained by the lack of resources dedicated to the Supplier Diversity process at large companies and their limited empowerment within their organizations.
While strategic sourcing processes have made significant improvements on bottom line results these gains may have an inverse effect on long-term profitability.
So who is going to tell the C-suite we have wasted 20 years chasing the wrong diversity spend goals?
The Supplier Diversity professional has exceptional skills and motivation to make a system work. If we take the time to setup a new direction and forget about scoring points (by the way … no one is watching), our goal needs to have a real Impact on diverse communities.
Let’s take a serious look at where our country is and where we will be in a few short years if we do not include everyone in the fruits of economic success. Kenton Clarke is the Founder, President and CEO of Computer Consulting Associates International, Inc.
Heidi Richards Mooney is the Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of WE Magazine for Women, a Wordpress Web Designer, the author of a dozen books and a social media consultant and trainer. Capco’s structure and culture fosters flexibility, creativity and an element of risk-taking.
Subscribe to our newsletter for current business news including lesson plans and activity ideas. If you learnt more about Organisational structure in an innovative environment from this Capco case study, why not share it with others? This page and contents, ©2016 Business Case Studies, is intended to be viewed online and may not be printed. Welcome to the Marketo Blog!Be sure to sign up to receive updates on the latest trends, best practices, and strategies to turn your marketing into revenue. At least some of that answer is dependent on individual variables – your company size, your resources and budget, and the goals you want to accomplish.
Websense, a global leader in the data security industry, is succeeding in their usage of marketing automation due to a strong team structure and savvy manager.
Spear Marketing is a full-service, B2B agency specializing in creative, strategic demand generation and lead nurturing. A content manager is responsible for creating smart, compelling content that supports both strategic and tactical marketing and sales initiatives. A lead nurture manager is the person who develops communications to the customer throughout the entire customer experience.
Brian Hansford at Heinz Marketing describes the analytics role this way: “The analyst knows the right information to capture, analyze and report. Rarely does everyone on a team have the same understanding of who is responsible for what.  A RACI Chart, also known as a RACI Matrix, clarifies roles and responsibilities, making sure that nothing falls through the cracks. RACI charting is a straightforward process, and is best understood by studying one or more examples (if you are familiar with RACI charts and need a template, visit the RACI templates page).
The project manager is responsible (R) for meeting with the contractors and obtaining their quotes. Notice also how a RACI Chart encourages strong communication between team members with the Informed and Consulted roles.
RACI charts are simple yet powerful tools for assigning clear ownership and communication responsibilities for any situation – give them a try! An effective internal communications program is an integral component of any productive organization.
Look further down those lists and you’ll find companies that fail to implement internal communications programs that fully tap into the benefits of a well-planned system. Effective communications allow business leaders and company employees to share insights and knowledge in a two-way dialogue.
We’re seeing a similar scenario play out in the Flint, Michigan, water crisis, in which several high-ranking officials appear to have been unaware of a crisis brewing in the city’s water system for almost two years. My objective is to create a paradigm shift to ensure that small businesses are the primary focus of that process. The billions of dollars of new business opportunities created by large corporations somehow still cycles back and remain in the hands of majority owned companies. Digging deeper, we also find little or no jobs created within diverse communities from this commoditized spending because the systems, processes and administrative support already exist to execute the contracts.

These are not skills found amongst the unemployed, underemployed and under educated populations in our economically depressed communities. Our standard of living, global competitive advantage and world power status are simply in jeopardy if we don’t raise the level of economic participation within the African American and Latino communities that will dominate our population. Procurement with companies with revenues under $1 million annually and a major increase in investment in education.
The confusion over best practices only being common-practices and follow the flock mentalities continues to drive status quo benchmarking.
Mitigating supply chain risk have included factors such as financial, political and natural disasters but have not examined the long term scenarios of a less educated work force, higher unemployment, increased poverty levels and a lowered standard of living in the U.S.
That the money spent on events, memberships and staff has had no measurable impact on the populations we are trying to include in economic prosperity or gain as new customers. Who is going to report that in spite of our company spending over $1 billion with diverse owned companies, we cannot measure the number of new jobs or economic opportunities created for those less fortunate communities? All they need is the time to sit back and see where they really are and establish a new paradigm. Teamed with a long-term vision, its employees are able to meet the changing and challenging needs of the financial services industry. In fact, football teams are a lot like marketing automation teams – you need talented players, of course, but you also need dedicated roles, internal coordination, and sound strategy. We have six marketing ops people who serve as admins and handle analytics, and 10 people in paid lead generation programs – three work as event managers, one does webinars, and one focuses on lead nurturing and engagement. He or she will develop best practices and training, and work side by side with your marketing managers to achieve 100% adoption, and ensure that everyone is using marketing automation to its full potential.
This person works closely with design, lead generation, and product teams to generate marketing content and collateral that drives the highest possible impact and results. He or she will work with your content manager, mapping the right content to the right place in the buying cycle.
Also, the analyst can share insights and interpretations of marketing information that are meaningful to the executives at any level. Do you have any questions about improving your current structure, or creating one from scratch? When you subscribe to our email updates, you understand and agree that Marketo will send you email invites and updates, ranging from events, webinars, new content, and more, based on your settings. Look at any top 10 business list and you are almost guaranteed to find companies with robust internal communications programs and strong corporate cultures. Successful communication strategies encourage collaboration and teamwork, promote a company’s goals, provide education and motivate employees.
It’s imperative that organizations have an efficient, comprehensive and relevant communication program in place before a crisis occurs.
Clear communication between departments, team members, managers, executives and employees is difficult enough when an organization is in one building. If there is no internal communication plan in place, develop a strategy that meets the goals you want to achieve. Determining the success or failure of an internal communication program won’t happen overnight.
As you analyze the results and communicate with users, adapt your internal communications procedures to fit the needs of the organization and individuals. The rise and fall of Enron, an American energy company, is a prime example of what can happen when internal communications fail. Isn’t it time you reviewed your organization’s internal communications program? As an example, purchasing $10 million dollars worth of IT equipment usually turns out to be a drop shipment of items purchased from a manufacturer. When you add in the effects of crime, we are headed towards a third world environment in a few short decades.
The network (30,000 people at most) that takes part in the Supplier Diversity process is too small and has not grown since I became involved over 30 years ago and remains relatively insignificant to the 8 – 10 million companies owned by diverse people. Companies under $1 million in annual revenue tend to hire people that look like them, have between 5-10 employees and are from the same physical community. The limited research skills required to perform impact analysis would also pose challenges for a new direction in thinking. After all, we can show we have spent billions of dollars and provide numerous examples of successful diverse companies whose owners are willing to give great testimonials. Who is going to report that we continue to put most of our efforts into supporting diverse companies whose owners are already multi-millionaires?
These over worked and sometimes unappreciated professionals deserve a framework in which they can really make an impact on the economic prosperity of our under utilized diverse communities.
CCAii, of Southport, Connecticut, is one of the nation’s leading multicultural Information Technology consulting firms. These are influenced by factors such as its purpose, size, the complexity of the tasks it performs, the external environment and its culture. This means that the chain of command from top to bottom of the organisation is short and the span of control is wide. Cloning programs and templates allows small teams to accomplish marketing automation on par with much larger companies.
Marketing automation admins must have a deep knowledge of marketing automation, working to both improve and demonstrate marketing’s contribution to pipeline and revenue. This is a critical role – when done well, nurtured leads can produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities, compared to non-nurtured leads.

The analyst and marketing automation manager need to work closely together to review data sets, test hypotheses and ensure the marketing automation and CRM systems are capturing meaningful information for the CMO, CFO, and CEO. They help reinforce the “true north” of a company’s strategic plan and provide an important feedback loop from the bottom of the organizational chart to the top.
Add in factors such as field locations, mobile workforces and telecommuters and communication becomes even more complicated. Bringing employees, managers and leaders together in a relaxed, comfortable forum, whether it’s a chat channel or cloud-based service, promotes camaraderie and innovation and shows you care about what they think. Avoid overloading team members with too much information, too many emails or too frequent newsletters. Clearly, many factors played roles in Enron’s demise, but an academic analysis conducted by Matthew W. With the widespread knowledge that the majority population in the United States will shift to the current nations most uneducated, unemployed and crime filled communities much has to be done.
These transactions inflate diverse spend and create the illusion of progress and new economic development.
This sector of commodities has produced many companies with annual revenues of over $50 million. In most cases, this type of purchase requires less than a few hours of administrative support for handling purchase orders, invoices and managing delivery schedules. Increasing their business by a small $500,000 contract will not only result in job creation, but further promotion and goodwill among their employees.
There is no holding this train back because of our focus on financial reports measured on a quarterly basis. With fewer layers for information to be cascaded down communication channels are clear and effective. We also have a four-member creative services team supporting the marketing automation team. A strong background in lead generation programs, email marketing best practices, and inbound marketing is crucial, along with experience improving marketing and sales alignment through continuous business process improvement.
Your content manager should understand both content marketing strategy and the use of analytics to measure and optimize performance. The person in this role should understand your buyer and user personas, and should be adept at planning  workflows. Mike has held senior business development, strategy and media buying roles throughout over 18 years in digital marketing. Fortunately, there are new tools and tactics you can put into place now to connect with everyone, from the traveling sales rep to the off-site call center operator to the CEO.
Conduct an audit to identify how and when employees prefer to receive information and what they need to do their jobs well. Utilize cloud platforms like Google Drive to bring everyone in the company together, regardless of physical location. A newsletter is the ideal place for sharing motivational quotes or rewarding customer experiences, reminding everyone of the company’s goals and mission and offering praise. Indicators include changes in profits, sales and productivity, differences in staff retention rates and shifts in employee happiness and job fulfillment answers on surveys. Problem is, there are sets of Go to companies for these commodities that are safe, low risk and highly qualified. We have been running down a path chasing the wrong goals for so long that it is going to be difficult to slow the train down.
So there is no Einstein here, we simply have to manage the distribution of contracts among companies that will have an impact in the communities that need the help.
The structure chosen will govern the way in which the organisation operates and can have positive and negative effects.
Use online project management tools and a single platform for email, documents, files and calendars. Gauge your program’s effectiveness through regular, annual or biannual, surveys using your audit results as a benchmark. Ulmer of the University of Arkansas – Little Rock, placed much of the blame on poor internal communications. That also means non-diverse owned companies with high employment in the targeted communities.
This represents about 50% of the total spend large corporations report with diverse owned companies.
Keep in mind that high employee turnover, low employee morale, misunderstandings and lost revenue are intrinsically connected to a lack of or poor internal communication. Absolutely, the impact comes from employment and job creation not just wealth building for a few. This type of tall structure ensured effective command of the organisation because of the narrow span of control. Within Capco’s flat organisational structure operate matrix structures for specific projects that require a variety of skills.
Once the project has been completed these employees move on to another project with a different group of employees.This structure creates a highly motivated and empowered workforce with everyone having access to advice and coaching. All have open access, for example, to the UK Chief Executive Officer who sits in the middle of the office.

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