The first thing you should know is that using commercial washes often do more harm than good. Use a separate cleaning cloth for your tires, and avoid any cleaner that claims to work without scrubbing. Open the hood, trunk and doors and dry in cracks and crevices to avoid the development of rust.
Only wax your car every three months, any more will cause a build up and make the finish look dull. The very first TV commercial featuring the SSR which was shown on New Year’s Eve 2003. For example, the ones that use plastic brushes are essentially stripping your finish each time you use them.

Use a cotton towel and make sure you do not allow the shampoo to dry, as this will cause hard to remove spots. Make sure you apply in different motions for complete coverage such as up and down, side to side, diagonally and in a circular motion.
If you follow all the necessary steps for washing, drying and waxing you are sure to have a scratch and fade resistant finish that will repel damage.
A garage gives your car the much-needed protection it needs from the sun and it’s safer from other elements as well.
Using the proper steps and methods for care will ensure that your cars finish looks great for years to come. Small and sleek with design lines from the late ’40s, the Chevy SSR was sure to be a smash hit.

By following these tips you can ensure your car looks great and the finish lasts for years to come. An Atlanta garage door company can easily come out and build a nice garage for your home to house your car inside. There is no doubt you will want to brag about the great car you have when the finish looks great.

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