An ex-con named Wicks passes through Banshee and recognizes the sheriff from their time together in prison.
Hoping to use their shared history to his advantage, Wicks gets himself arrested so he can ask for the sheriff. Proctor meets with the ailing Benjamin Longshadow and requests that the chief's son, Alex, stand by the terms of their deal. Benjamin is more concerned about a hold-out who has refused to sell his land to the casino despite a generous offer.
As the Hopewell family deals with the news that Max will require extensive surgery, Gordon points out that Carrie has been on edge ever since the new sheriff came to town. She denies that there's anything between them beyond her gratitude for getting him Deva out of the rave.
When his luck takes a turn for the worse, Wicks lashes out and beats up two casino patrons before getting taken out by security.
Rabbit had hired a man known as the Albino to terrorize Lucas; Lucas was only safe in solitary and the prison infirmary where Wicks was working. The man's wife used to dance at one of Proctor's clubs and he has the pictures to prove it. He wants Lucas to employ him, in exchange for Wicks keeping his mouth shut about Lucas' past. To buy himself some time, Lucas took a shiv to Billy's face, landing in solitary for three months.
Lucas and Sugar have other plans, and send Wicks to the bottom of the lake behind the Forge. When the time came, Lucas knelt before the Albino, who was holding a razor blade against Lucas' neck. Before the Albino knew what hit him, Lucas used the razor to emasculate the larger man, and in the ensuing scuffle, broke his neck with a weight plate.

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