March 16, 2013 By Cheryl Leave a Comment Planning a co-ed baby shower can be a little tricky when you try to figure out how to include the men who won’t necessarily want to play games with diapers and take home candle favors. For more baby shower tips, theme ideas and free printable games, please see our Baby Shower page. Coed baby shower favors feature a unisex design making them befitting for any baby party or event.
We're your online destination for all things fashionable and fun for moms, babies and kids. Sona said her pregnancy has been “the the most There were mini teacups for favors and massive tea cups as flower pots. For unique baby shower favors and gifts, check out the adorable selection on Beau-coup (a Moms & Munchkins affiliate code).

A neutral departure from traditional pinks and blues, these are perfect for gender reveal parties and other themed celebrations. The Tom Sawyer-themed event was packed full of party favors As long as Kim gets her time to celebrate and feel special too then why shouldn’t he throw himself a party Kim favors naming their son Easton. Choose from over a hundred unique designs with classic or whimsical flair depending on your party motif and decorations.Whether you select custom wine glasses or cute little key chains, each will become a treasured keepsake to remind your guests of your baby’s special festivity or birthday get together. Fresh flowers arranged in tea kettles This sure beats the packets of blue jelly beans in a baby bottle that we gave out at our baby shower: these adorable party favors are too cute and are available on Elegant Child.
For assistance with any of our products, please contact us through our contact page or call us at 866-476-0213. Host a shower all around the “she’s ready to POP” theme, where lollipops or popcorn can be your motif.

Recently featured in Us Weekly, several celebs are fans of these items The gift table.Credit Evelyn Hockstein for The New York Times No baby shower. In response, she threw me a wonderful party with rubber duck favors, pink balloons and presents. The site offers a selection of party decorations designed for weddings, birthdays, graduations, baby showers, Luau, and many more special party favor tags and streamers; $100 from Fun Favors. I included food tents that matched the invitations that were sent out and food and snacks that were related to the theme.

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