Coed baby shower favors feature a unisex design making them befitting for any baby party or event. Coed baby shower invitations and favors are perhaps the biggest thing that will reflect the difference between a female only and coed party. About MeI'm Rachel here and I am not any expert or professional in baby shower favors ideas. A neutral departure from traditional pinks and blues, these are perfect for gender reveal parties and other themed celebrations.
Coed baby showers are becoming more popular as fathers-to-be are getting more involved with the pregnancy. Since most still see a baby shower as a female event it is very necessary to make sure guys know they are welcome too.

I am an ordinary mom blessed with 3 wonderful children (with another coming up) and I enjoy very much in organizing and making plans for baby shower favors. Choose from over a hundred unique designs with classic or whimsical flair depending on your party motif and decorations.Whether you select custom wine glasses or cute little key chains, each will become a treasured keepsake to remind your guests of your baby’s special festivity or birthday get together. Without proper wording the coed party may turn into all women, plus a dad who feels out of place. With coed baby showers becoming more popular there are sure to be coed baby shower invitations and favors popping up all over the place, so planning a coed shower will be easy. For assistance with any of our products, please contact us through our contact page or call us at 866-476-0213.
Fun coed baby shower invitations and favors are possible, but there are some things to keep in mind.

A good example would be to make the verse or wording on the invitation something that is friendly to both men and women. The hostess should take into consideration what favor items would suit both male and female guests. It is just another men are getting involved with the prenatal part of their baby’s life.
When it comes to planning a coed baby shower there are many things that must be considered.

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