Please note: Some medications may not be available in products sold outside of the US, additional items may be substituted.
SCS Comprehensive Wilderness Survival KitThis fully equipped wilderness survival kit contains everything you need to survive in the wilderness all neatly fit into our premium hiking backpack with plenty of room for additional supplies of your choice including a tent, sleeping bag, clothing, extra food and more.
Blades: Cut wood, hack through thick brush, catch prey, build shelter, and much more with this selection of bladed products. Shelter: Stay warm and protected from the elements with this selection of shelter related gear.
Fire Starting Tools, Food, and Water: Start fires, cook, purify, and store food and water with this selection of survival gear. Protection: Keep yourself protected from bugs and wild animals with this selection of survival gear. Signaling, Lighting, Navigation: Find your own way or get rescued with this selection of signaling, lighting, and navigational tools. This Wilderness Kit comes with a comprehensive selection of gear, supplies, and tools for outdoor use. I got this pack cuz the great value, the only critique is that as an actual survival pack, i dont think all the machetes and knives and axes and saws are necessary. Coghlans Fire Tinder KitA safe emergency fire starting kit that starts fires without matches. Maintaining the quality of your survival knife begins with proper use, but also proper sharpening.

But the Kershaw Bear Hunter 2 includes several key features that serious knife enthusiasts have to respect. Bear Grylls Survival Torch FlashlightA powerful and rugged flashlight with a water resistant casing made of a super grippy rubberized material.
Razor sharp stainless steel blade with super grippy rubber handle that has become a standard with the Bear Grylls Survival Gear. The 5cr13 blade features the Bear Grylls signature and Gerber logo, which is attached to the polypropylene handle. This is in my opinion the best type of cordage anyone can have, at least for survival purposes. Press the two ends that are not "fuzzy" together, be sure to leave the "fuzzy" ends upwards. Make sure you have gathered enough material to build a fire once you get the initial fire started with your tinder. You can damage your blade by not properly sharpening your knife and this pocket knife sharpener by Coghlans allows you to do just that.
The precision heat treating, optimal size, and 'handprint' handle design make it better than the average hunting knife, even with such a seemingly basic design.
The Survival Torch features a capsule that can hold other important survival gear or tools like matches or tinder. Remember, Survival Experts agree that you should have at least two main forms of fire starting!

Retains sharp edge and has a very grippy handle even when wet, making it the perfect outdoor knife for hunters and campers alike. A unique steel formula gives the knife great blade retention and strength, making it a great choice for not just hunters, but to take camping, backpacking, or emergency use as well. It can be a life saving experience to literally cut down on extra work by having the right tools.
Lightweight and durable, paracord was originally used by paratroopers but has been found to be of many other practical uses. Although tinder shouldn't be considered one of the 2 main fire starting tools, it greatly increases the effectiveness of starting a fire whether you are using a ferro rod, magnesium bar or flint striker. Lighting is a necessity that can save your life in many ways either by allowing you to complete important tasks in the dark like building a fire or shelter, or by aiding in sending out rescue signals.
Now used by the military for all purpose utility cord, as well as civilians and even NASA scientists.This cord is quick-drying and mildew and rot resistant. The size is just right for your survival needs, small enough to carry around without weighing you down, but large enough to do some serious cutting. This is the ultimate survival tool and can enhance quality and functionality in all your survival gear.We have temporarily reverted to offering this item in white only, until further notice.

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