Curricular Practical Training: CPT authorizes foreign students to engage in off-campus work, cooperative education, and internships. The Chronicle welcomes constructive discussion, and our moderators highlight contributions that are thoughtful and relevant.
Somerset Community College named a “2013 Great College to Work For” by The Chronicle of Higher EducationSomerset Community College (SCC) has once again been named a "Great College to Work For," according to a new survey by The Chronicle of Higher Education. The Chronicle of Higher Education provides the academic community with an independent, global hub for news, sophisticated analysis, opinion, and engagement.
I’ve been following a raging debate in The Atlantic over the pedagogy of writing, a subject dear to my heart but clear as mud when it comes to formulating a position. The follow-ups—more than a dozen as I write this—have been from people who have a stake in this matter of writing instruction. I recommend the series to Lingua Franca readers and hope that many will use this forum to articulate their takeaway from the debate; comments on The Atlantic site itself seem to be article-specific. I’m not sure we can take for granted that what inspires writers to write—it could be having a personal story praised, or diagramming the Gettysburg Address—are the same elements that will nonwriters to a plane on which they can pass the New York State Regents exam or find a job in a knowledge-based economy. That observation took me back to the original article, the only one that seems not to have been written by an advocate. What followed, after outside intervention and a lot of discussion, was a series of exchanges in which students used complex sentences with conjunctions like “if,” “because,” “although,” “unless,” “since,” and so on. Anne Curzan is a professor of English at the University of Michigan, where she also holds appointments in linguistics and the School of Education.
Lucy Ferriss is writer in residence at Trinity College in Connecticut and the author of literary criticism, a memoir, and seven books of fiction. William Germano is dean of humanities and social sciences and a professor of English literature at Cooper Union. Rose Jacobs is an American freelance journalist and English teacher at the Technical University of Munich.
Ben Yagoda is a professor of English and journalism at the University of Delaware and the author of, among other books, How to Not Write Bad: The Most Common Writing Problems and the Best Ways to Avoid Them. The results, released this week in The Chronicle’s sixth annual report on The Academic Workplace, are based on a survey of more than 44,000 employees at 300 colleges and universities.
The survey results are based on a two-part assessment process: an institutional audit that captured demographics and workplace policies from each institution, and a survey administered to faculty, administrators, and professional support staff.
Great Colleges to Work For is one of the largest and most respected workplace recognition programs in the country. Frontier Nursing University offers graduate nursing and midwifery education for nurses who seek to become nurse-midwives and nurse practitioners. In March 1965, policemen look on during a march for black voting rights in Montgomery, Ala.

Subscribe now for instant access to this article and thousands of others, data tables, and interactive charts — all available exclusively for Chronicle subscribers. A 138,000-square-foot Student Recreation Center has opened at California State University at Northridge. Lawrence Biemiller is a senior writer at The Chronicle who writes about facilities and architecture, and contributes to the Notes from Academe column.
Scott Carlson is a senior reporter at The Chronicle, covering architecture, sustainability, and energy. Results are reported for small, medium, and large institutions, with Somerset Community College included among the medium institutions with enrollment between 3,000 and 9,999 students. Our goal is to help our students succeed whether they are transferring to a four year college or entering the workforce. Through these programs, the firm has gained substantial survey and industry expertise, including specific insight into higher education. SCC has campuses in Somerset and London, and centers in Clinton, McCreary, Casey, and Russell counties. The leadoff to the online debate, which continues through mid-October, was an article by the education reporter Peg Tyre about a new approach taken at Staten Island’s New Dorp High School.
They range from the “Freedom Writer” diva Erin Gruwell to the president of Hampden-Sydney College. Thus far I have mostly noted a wide divide between those who argue for self-expression as the best “key” to unlocking the writing potential of underachievers and those who argue for giving priority to some form of skill set. And since, after all, jobs for self-described writers remain scarce, it’s hardly surprising that those who’ve found a gig that works for them, whether developing “core standards” for writing or running after-school programs in creative writing, will promote their approach as the best. Peg Tyre is doing journalism, and I fear that many of the advocates who have responded are missing some of her article’s more thought-provoking elements. They do not represent the position of the editors, nor does posting here imply any endorsement by The Chronicle. Her publications include Gender Shifts in the History of English and How English Works: A Linguistic Introduction.
Before moving to Germany, she worked for the Financial Times as a reporter and editor, in New York and London.
His new new book is The B Side: The Death of Tin Pan Alley and the Rebirth of the Great American Song.
We are constantly striving to make FNU a community which values the needs and contributions of every individual. The primary factor in deciding whether an institution received recognition was the employee feedback. Plus your subscription includes weekly print or digital delivery of The Chronicle and The Review and the Chronicle iPad® Edition.

Designed by the architecture firm LPA and paid for by student fees, the facility has a three-court gym, a pool, a climbing wall, an indoor track, a 18,500-square-foot weight-training and fitness area, and more. It certifies that a student is eligible to apply for a visa and is used for proof of a student’s legal, academic, and employment status in the United States. To obtain it, a student must have been accepted by an American college or vocational school and have been issued an I-20 form, be able to pay for his or her education, and show that he or she intends to leave the U.S. A student must maintain full-time status, and an undergraduate must complete a full academic year before receiving CPT.
It is gratifying to know that my fellow employees enjoy coming to work every day and that they feel valued as an important member of the SCC team,” said SCC President and CEO, Dr.
ModernThink knows what it takes to build a great place to work and shares that know-how with its clients. To me they all seem, variously, to be selling their products, and they read the original article like a Rorschach to discover the argument they can counter or agree with. But most competent writers are not particularly passionate about the act, or art, of writing. But almost none of the respondents to The Atlantic article dig deep into this question of sentence complexity and writing—or, to my mind, sentence complexity and thinking.
She talks about trends in the English language in a weekly segment, "That's What They Say," on Michigan Radio. He wrote (with Rodney Huddleston) The Cambridge Grammar of the English Language (2002) and A Student's Introduction to English Grammar (2005).
He is general editor of The Norton Anthology of Latino Literature, the publisher of Restless Books, devoted to contemporary literature from around the world, and co-founder of Great Books Summer Program. The ModernThink team of organizational development experts is dedicated to helping colleges follow through and capitalize on feedback from employees and benchmark data from peers to drive meaningful change at their institutions. It’s a volleyball match: two sides, many players, some who set the ball up for their teammates and others who spike it over the net, with a couple who keep insisting they can take the net down and create a happier game.
And it doesn’t speak directly to “the test.” All of which suggest to me that we need not more talking heads, but more research into syntax and synapses.
Some of his writing for Language Log is collected in the book Far From the Madding Gerund (2006). And we can’t expect the beleaguered, underpaid, avenue-of-last-resort teachers at failing high schools or elementary schools to take that one on. They need help from those who are able to research this stuff and don’t have a dog in the fight.

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