Professors at Ithaca College are paid less than their counterparts at similar four-year private colleges in New York state, according to data from The Chronicle of Higher Education. The largest income gap is between full professors at the college, who made an average of $100,368 during the 2014–15 school year, and those at similar schools, who made $119,020. Thomas Pfaff, a professor in the Department of Mathematics and director of the honors program, also said the comparison between colleges could be difficult due to the difference in standards of living in specific areas. Benjamin Rifkin, provost and vice president for educational affairs, mirrored these thoughts about the difference in cost of living.
Rifkin also attributed differences to the college not having certain higher-paying fields, such as engineering or nursing.
Peter Rothbart, professor of music theory, history and composition and chair of Faculty Council, said he recognizes the importance of faculty pay and its direct impact on quality of education. Rachel Kaufman, a lecturer and member of the bargaining committee for the college’s part-time faculty union, said she and other lecturers face hardship at the college due to their undercompensation. Reflected at the college, from 2004–13, the college’s number of part-time faculty increased by 67 percent, while full-time faculty only increased by 11 percent.
Ultimately, Rifkin said the college tries to find a middle ground between the cost of attendance and faculty salaries.
The Chronicle of Higher Education analyzed the salaries of 519 private college presidents for 2009-10 and found 36 of them earned more than $1 million in total compensation. The Chronicle analyzed the salaries of 519 private college presidents, including seven in Oregon, and found the median total compensation was $385,909 in the 2009-10 school year. A typical private college president earned 3.7 times the average full-time professor wage, but six presidents reviewed by The Chronicle earned 10 times what their average professors did. Among salaries for the seven Oregon private college presidents examined by The Chronicle for 2009-10, M. Phillip Creighton, former president of Pacific University in Forest Grove who has since been replaced by Lesley M.
A new report shows that more private college president than ever are making $1 million-plus salaries at a time when the expense of higher education is keeping many people out of school. The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that 42 private college presidents had earnings that topped $1 million in 2011, the latest available figures available.
Among public school presidents, only four college presidents had salaries that exceed $1 million, according to CNN Money. Despite the lack of presidents in the $1 million salary range, however, public schools have the highest median wage for presidents at $441,392.
Meanwhile, according to the report, colleges have been hiking tuition while incomes for families are shrinking.  Student loan debt has risen 6% annually from 2008 to 2012.

The answer for students is to find the degree programs and class schedule that fit their time and budget. Get Free Updates!Stay in the loop with a weekly newsletter, with all our news from the previous week. A new report from the Chronicle of Higher Education (CHE) has found that while the average salary for a president of a public college or university in the US is just under half a million dollars, the top nine highest-paid presidents in 2013 earn seven-figure salaries, and two of them are of Asian descent. Hamid Shirvani and Renu Khator are the third and fourth-highest paid presidents of US higher education institutions. According to the CHE report, Shirvani earned a base salary of $349,000 when his tenure with the North Dakota University system ended in June of last year. Prior to his time in North Dakota, Shirvani was also the president of California State University and the California State University Stanislaus, the provost and executive vice-president of Chapman University (a private college in California), a vice-president for graduate studies and research at the CUNY’s Queens College, and the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, among other positions. South Asian Americans have made quite a name for themselves in the arena of academic administration, particularly Indian Americans.
The world-renowned institution has two Indian Americans in key administrative postings: Nitin Nohria and Rakesh Khurana. Despite this data, some faculty and administrators believe it is not fair to compare these other institutions in New York state to the college. He said some schools similar to the college are situated in urban areas like New York City, which affects the pay rate.
He said if a college offers slightly below–median salaries, the institution will not attract or keep the top talent. Lee Pelton, president of Willamette University, drew the highest university president salary in Oregon for 2009-10 at $798,454. It also reported this week that it  found 36 presidents who earned more than $1 million. Lee Pelton, then president of Willamette University in Salem, was the top earner with total compensation of $798,454, nearly six times the average professor's pay. Thorsett, an astronomy professor and graduate of South Salem High School, replaced Pelton, who left to be president of Emerson College in Boston.
The Chronicle of Higher Education selected private, non-profit institutions that are among the 500 largest endowments, according to the U.S.
Graham Spanier, former president of Pennsylvania State University, topped the list at $2.9 million.
With distance learning becoming more commonplace, students have a wider variety of options when pursuing a degree. Shirvani was the president of the North Dakota University system, a network of six universities and five colleges throughout the state of North Dakota, until the middle of last year.

However, in addition to that salary, he earned a severance payment of $962,095, putting his total earnings from the job at $1,311,095.
She earns a base salary of $700,000, while other bonuses drove up her total earnings in the seven-figure range.
She is the first female Indian American to be the president of a major research university anywhere in the United States.
Several of the top-ranked US-based institutions have Indian American professors and administrators, most notably Harvard. The former is the 10th and current Dean of the Harvard Business School, while the latter is currently the Dean of Harvard College, the oldest (and arguably most prestigious) higher education institute in the entire country. Gordon Gee, the president of West Virginia University, was the highest-paid college or university head last year, having earned $6.1 million through a combination of his salary and a healthy retirement package when he left the position last June. He also said the difference in how long professors have been at the institution as well as how many professors there are, create outliers in the equation used to find these results. The salary is a substantial one for any high-ranking education executive, but is even more outstanding for the fact that Khator is both a woman and a minority.
She earned her bachelor’s degree in 1973 from the University of Kanpur, followed by her Master’s degree in political science in 1975 and her Doctor of Philosophy degree in political science and public administration in 1985, both from Purdue University. The widening economic gap between Wall Street and Main Street is reaching the campuses of private higher education, according to a study by The Chronicle of Higher Education. Papadakis, president of Drexel University in Pennsylvania, with a total compensation of $4.9 million. Diver earned a total $486,507, about 3.5 times as much as the average professor at the Portland school. William Beauchamp, president of the University of Portland, earned a total $374,613; Thomas L. Hochstettler, former president of Lewis & Clark College in Portland, earned a total $409,209. Baker, president of George Fox University in Newberg, earned $238,897, about 2.5 times what the average professor earned.
Barry Glassner, vice provost of the University of Southern California, replaced Hochstettler as president of Lewis & Clark last year.
Khator but we must fact check before we write an article that claims information that does not reflect accurate information.

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