For the last 14 years Charlene has helped countless people get out of the horrible cycle of pain, hormonal imbalances, allergies and food sensitivities and regain their health and vitality. Charlene’s belief, passion and love for acupuncture and herbs grows more and more as she sees it improve the quality of her patient’s lives.
Charlene now has a clinical focus in men’s health treating erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, prostate health, frequent, hesitant, urgent urination, stress, insomnia and anxiety. HOW TO BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENTHi I'm Dr Sharyn Allyson LAc I will be the one answering your calls and emails so please feel free to call in with any questions. She offers food allergy testing, heavy metal testing, and herbal supplements if needed to aid in your journey to health. Many issues that Mimi treats include: sciatica, headaches, migraines, stress, anxiety, muscular pain, sports related injuries, fatigue and low energy.
According to the American Urological Association 24-34% of men suffer from premature ejaculation. Western Medical approaches to treating premature ejaculation are anti-depressive medications, behavioral therapy and penile constriction rings.
In Chinese Medicine premature ejaculation is primarily viewed as a disorder of the heart, liver and kidneys. The kidney qi is responsible for sealing and storing the essence within the kidneys and essence chamber and also the ability of keeping the essence chamber gate closed. In Chinese Medicine we look as associated signs that appear with the main symptom to create the most effective treatment for you.
Premature ejaculation, hyperactive libido, readily-obtained erections, dizzy head and eyes, bitter taste in mouth, dry throat, yellow-red or turbid urine, heart vexation and propensity to anger, dampness and itching of the scrotum red tongue with slimy yellow fur, stringlike rapid or slippery pulse. Premature ejaculation, insomnia, readily obtained erections, frequent dream emission, soreness of lower back and knees, heat in the palms of hands and soles of feet, night sweating, small thin red tender tongue with scanty fur, fine rapid pulse. Premature ejaculation, dream emission and seminal efflux, dizziness and lack of strength, palpitations and fearful throbbing, insomnia, copious dreaming, thirst and heart vexation, red facial complexion, short reddish urine with a heat sensation, red tender tongue with a redder tip and fine rapid pulse.
Premature ejaculation, low libido, soft erections or erectile dysfunction, seminal efflux, less intense orgasmic sensations, clear dilute semen, long clear urination, nocturia, dizzy head and eyes, cold limbs, listlessness of essence spirit, pale tender tongue with white fur, sinking fine weak pulse. Rapid ejaculation soon after commencing sexual activity, fatigue and lack of strength, emaciation, lusterless facial complexion, loose stools and poor appetite, palpitations and shortness of breath, poor memory, copious dreaming, pale tender tongue with white fur, fine pulse without strength.
Therefore, it is necessary for the patients to get property assessed and examined for any underlying psychological and physical conditions before starting the treatment.

According to Herbalists consuming these herbs in the proper dosage can warm up the blood and trigger blood circulation all over the body, which also includes the penis. Scientifically known as Withania Somnifera, this herb is also sometimes referred to as Indian Ginseng. Chinese maidenhair tree, also known as Ginkgo Biloba is suggested for circulation problems. The ripe fruits of this herb were considered as an aphrodisiac by the Native American Indians. She graduated with a Masters Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. She never ceases to be amazed at how extremely effective acupuncture and herbs are for healing many health conditions without any negative side effects. She is licensed with the Texas Medical Board and is Certified through the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.
Either ejaculation soon quickly after the initiation of intercourse or before intercourse occurs. In the text – Record of Pattern Differentiation “ when a man has extreme seminal efflux, as soon as he arrives as a women’s gate”. As the spleen is responsible for the transformation of our post heaven qi such as food and drink, the depletion of spleen qi can lead to a depletion in kidney qi and the kidneys will be unable to keep the essence chamber gate closed.
It implies the inability of the person to get and sustain an erection, which is essential for a satisfactory sexual-intercourse. There is evidence to show that ginseng can increase the vitality and also protect the person from stress. Although the effectiveness of these herbs to cure impotence have not been proven clinically, ancient civilizations were found to use them as an aphrodisiac. It is believed to enhance the stamina, energy and sexual function similar to the herb Ginseng. However, no studies have investigated its effectiveness for the problem of erectile dysfunction in men. The extract obtained from the leaves of this herb increases the energy level and cures general fatigue.
The berries of this plant have a toning effect, especially in the reproductive system of men. Hence, they have been used for prostate and impotence problems. After graduation she completed a 7 month internship at the renowned Beijing University Hospital.

The ability to store and discharge essence at will depends on the coordination of the heart, liver and kidneys. There are natural remedies that can increase blood flow, reduce stress and restore potency and vigor in your sex-life.
The ‘Adrenal glands’ is one of the main organs that is responsible to deal with problems related to stress. These herbs must be taken in the following proportions: Powdered Ginger, cinnamon and cloves (a quarter – one gram) thrice a day.
Due to its role in regulating the disorders related to circulatory problems, Ginkgo Biloba can help in improving impotence. Mimi uses the ancient principles of Chinese Medicine to figure out the root cause for whatever issue you find that’s separating you from being healthy. When these vital organs are excited by sexual desire the fire of the heart can excite the fire within the liver and kidneys and rapid ejaculation can result.
Although it is not a critical problem, it can lead to serious impact on the life of the sufferers and their partners. Cortisol and Adrenaline are some of the hormones secreted by this gland, which play an important role in dealing with stress. A research conducted in Sweden has proved that the leaves have complex chemical substances known as flavonoids, which relax the blood vessels. The herb is considered to enhance the capacity of the body to manage physical and mental action by mopping up adrenaline and cortisol. Simultaneously, they improve the slow circulation that is a result of flaccid or paralyzed blood vessels.
Charlene developed her amazing skill of being able to quickly diagnose and treat difficult to treat pain conditions.
Her patients loved her warmth, understanding and empathetic nature and her ability to get them relief quickly. She regularly received the feedback that of out of everything, acupuncture was the treatment that was giving them the most effective pain relief.

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