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Papeles del Ministerio de Obras Publicas, sobre la celebracion por el Moto Club Manresa del II Rallye Montserrat de automoviles y motocicletas. All restaurants on our website serve Halal Meat to the best of our knowledge, you're still advised to call the restaurant and confirm. While our visit in Waterton, we decided to have breakfast at Vimy’s Lounge and Grill which was located in behind the hotel we were staying at.
I ordered the Vimy’s Breakfast which had 2 eggs, maple sausage with toast and hashbrowns. The other breakfast we ordered was their Eggs Benny Poutine which was poached eggs on hashbrowns, covered with cheese and hollandaise sauce.

We were driving through Nanton to get to Lethbridge one afternoon when we decided we wanted to stop at the Auditorium Hotel in Nanton and eat breakfast at the Auditorium Cafe which was a neat rustic little cafe!
We decided we would get 2 items, one small item and one larger item to split as we didn’t want to be too stuffed for a car ride! We also ordered Biscuits and Gravy which are items we don’t usually order – but there were other customers in the restaurant that looked like regulars ordering this!
To our shock, the food was amazing, the service was friendly and the location was historic.
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Encuadernacion nueva, plena tela, tejuelo (conserva la cubierta original, aunque algo sucia).

Lamina y 18 facsimiles Buena encuadernacion de epoca, plena piel, nervios, tejuelos, conservando las cubiertas originales. Encuadernacion nueva, plena tela, tejuelo (conserva la cubierta, aunque descolorida; en lo demas, buen ejemplar).
Bonito folleto publicitario de principios de siglo, con fotos del hotel y plano de habitaciones.

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