For me the posting of original student work makes public the learning that is happening in the classroom. And, anyway, I love being in a school where students from other grade levels, as they walk down the hall, stop to look at a project from another grade level. This entry was posted in Classroom, School and tagged classroom, fire code, rubric, student work. Laverne Cox shows how far trans representation has come in pop culture, and where it still needs to go. Netflix released its second season of its greatly acclaimed, top-watched television show a€?Orange Is the New Blacka€? Friday. As it did with the acceptance of gays and lesbians in society at large, pop culture a€“ film, TV, music and other media a€“ has an undeniably powerful role in introducing this group of people, often heavily discriminated against and deeply misunderstood, to mass audiences. A GLAAD study found that in the last 10 years, more than half of trans characters depicted on television were portrayed in a negative light, and even more were problematic in some sense.
He says when trans characters first started appearing in television shows a€“ like a€?The Love Boata€? and a€?WKRP in Cincinnatia€? -- they were often a trope to move forward the main charactera€™s storyline. While trans actors have shown up in underground cinema a€“ from Andy Warhol muses Candy Darling and Jayne County to experimental films like a€?Flaming Creaturesa€? a€“ trans representation in mainstream movies has also been susceptible to stereotyping, says Juliet Jacques, a journalist in the U.K. The issue critics took with Jared Leto playing a transgender woman in a€?Dallas Buyers Cluba€? was exacerbated by some of the remarks Leto made while on the awards show circuit that were deemed transphobic. Kane says that GLAAD is working with film studios and television networks to help correct some of the issues that have arisen in their portrayals. However the best panacea advocates says is to get trans people directly involved in the entertainment industry, which is why Cox a€“ a trans woman playing a trans character a€“ is being hailed as such a groundbreaking figure. As has been the case with the trend of LGBT representation at large, television is leading film in offering more nuanced depictions of trans characters.
However, for all the strides TV has made Kane says ita€™s important movies catch up, given the Hollywood film industrya€™s global reach.
Nevertheless, whata€™s interesting about the a€?Orange is the New Blacka€? case is that Sophia and the actress who plays her has made such an impact a€“ Kane calls her a a€?trailblazera€? a€“ given that the show is on Netflix, a pioneering channel on the new medium of Internet TV, where the audience is much smaller compared to the big four network landscape of yesteryear. Netflixa€™s chief Internet streaming competitor Amazon has picked up a show called a€?Transparent,a€? which among other things, follows the effect a trans womana€™s coming out has on her family. Buy from us and save money our sensory rivals squeeze your purse whilst we give you toys to squeeze for less. Annie Verret and Jordan Spieth are high school sweethearts who became household names after the 2015 Masters. Spieth pulled off a wire-to-wire victory at golf’s first major a year ago then celebrated with family and friends, one of which was Verret.
Annie attended the all-girls Ursuline Academy and Jordan went to the all-boys Jesuit College Preparatory School.

There she was a Dean’s list student, compiling a 4.0 GPA in four difference semesters as a business major, according to her LinkedIn profile. Annie is an Event Coordinator with The First Tee of Dallas, an organization devoted to mentoring young people through golf.
Ever since that celebration Sunday after Spieth’s historic Masters win in 2015, Annie Verret has mostly stayed out of the public eye. As mentioned above, her tender embrace with Spieth after the victory sent everyone to the internet trying to learn more about her. While Verret and Spieth have been successful at keeping their relationship private, the two did snap a photo together on a trip back from Hawaii in January 2016. Jordan dominated the Hyundai Tournament of Champions over that weekend, picking up where he left off in 2015.
WATCH: Vijay Singh Makes an Ace by Skipping Ball on WaterSeven years ago, Vijay Singh made an incredible hole-in-one by skipping the ball across the water at Augusta National. Spieth purchased a 16,655 square foot home for $7.1 near the end of the 2015 in the Dallas area. Smylie Kaufman: 5 Fast Facts You Need to KnowsSmylie Kaufman is making a name for himself at the 2016 Masters.
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In June I visited an elementary school in another state where the students had all filled out the same Xeroxed worksheet, the teacher had marked them, and then these sheets got plastered on the wall outside the classroom – just slightly different iterations of the same work, over and over and over again. Ideally it would be great to have drafts of that work with the final, so that its progression can be viewed.

Students know that there will be more eyes on that work than just those of the teacher, and as a classroom gets into the habit of posting and discussing that work, I have seen the quality of it improve and, more importantly to me, the conversation around just what makes for quality student work increase and become increasingly sophisticated – yes, even for elementary school kids. And with it, one of the most prominent depictions of a transgender figure in pop culture today returns.
The situation is worse in major films, as GLAAD has also been reporting on the film industry with its a€? Studio Responsibility Index.a€? Out of the 101 films released by major studios in 2012 that were included in last yeara€™s study, not a single one featured a transgender character.
A Public Religion Research Institute survey found that only 9 percent of Americans have a close friend or family member who is transgender. Part of what makes the portrayal powerful is that she is part of a large, diverse ensemble cast, and the story of her transition a€“ shown as a flashback in the episode a€?Lesbian Request Denieda€? a€“ is only one of the many stories her character is being used to tell. Kane had similar praise for the characters of Adam on a€?Degrassia€? and Unique on a€?Gleea€? (both characters made exits from their shows and are played by cis actors). The character is being played by a cis man a€“ Jeffrey Tambor, of a€?Arrested Developmenta€? a€“ in part because his character Mara hasna€™t fully transitioned at the start or the series. He shared a kiss with her that was caught on camera and since then, everyone has wanted to know more about her.
2 in the world as a golfer, Verret is just beginning her professional career, also in the field of golf. Annie might not make that much (how many of us do?), but she also works in the golf business. It features a golf-simulator, an indoor basketball court, a gym, pool, game room and 12-car underground garage with a mural of the Augusta National clubhouse on the wall.
Post the rubric used to measure the work (more on rubrics later), the state standards to which the work corresponds, and all work, not just the best.
Laverne Cox a€“ the trans actress who plays Sophia, one of the showa€™s many incarcerated characters and its prison's in-house hair dresser a€“ has become such a touchstone for the trans community that she claimed the cover of a recent Time Magazine story about the transgender civil rights movement. But their small numbers mean that their representation in pop culture is more important, not less, advocates say. Television has proved to be a more experimental ground in general a€“ there's a greater number of opportunities and TV tends to be cheaper than films to produce a€“ and also has a long-term narrative structure that offers a broader landscape to tell stories of its trans characters.
The post-tournament celebration was slightly tamer than the one at Augusta National, but still everyone was wondering where Verret was. Yes, a classroom culture needs to be created so that students are OK with posting their less-than-stellar work, but it has huge value.

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